What an undeniable witness one receives when he or she reads the Book of Mormon with real intent.

Sounds like a lot has been happening back home and will be very different when I come home.

Well what a week aye! Our last P-day we went with the Sisters over to a beach and just had some fun and took some fun photos. Elder Palmer and I were wearing the shirts, but it was so cold that we didn’t want to take off the coats to take a photo, but we got some other photos. Then we were out and about again for the evening knocking doors. We went around to someone who had invited us around a couple of weeks ago. They were in and we were able to teach a lesson and they are reading through the Book of Mormon! We were going to see them yesterday but they sent us a text that they had a massive hang over. We laughed and said we’ll come back later on in the week.

So the hours went on. We had our first District meeting of the transfer! What a great meeting! We learned about praying with faith and having expectations for miracles! We talked about some teaching skills, we read Alma 29 and compared it to missionary work, followed with talking about the Atonement and how it applies to us as missionaries and those we are teaching.

Well after the meeting we got back to work. Then really the next 3 days just kind of blurred together really. Because of all the visits we have been doing for the Bishop and all the people we are running into, I’ve never been so busy before which has been great! We are working with a ton of people and just trying to get them to Church. We did have a less active come which was really good! So out of all the appointments I don’t know how, but we were still able to set up appointments to teach new people. What a miracle!
Saturday we went out on exchanges with the zone leaders in Paisley. The first man I tried to speak to wasn’t very nice. He kept going off how evil I was and what we believe and that we don’t believe in the real Jesus. So being me, I held out my arms and offered this man a hug. He wasn’t very keen on receiving a hug, but the invitation was there. It’s sad that a lot of people in the world won’t stop and listen to something that is kind and meaningful from another person. So we kept going and we spoke to some nice people, it was an all finding day so not always the most fun, but it was interesting.
I also spoke to another woman who was going to Mass but she doesn’t know if Jesus is really the Son of God or not. In fact she didn’t really know if anything was true about the gospel, but she was fine with just how she was not knowing. I could not understand this woman at all, to continue to go to church because that is what her family did but never wanting to know. I think that is the biggest difference between those that read the Book of Mormon and those who don’t. Why not receive the most powerful witness that Jesus is the very Christ that he professed to be? Why not such a strong belief that you can say that he have was the great Jehovah of the Old Testament, The Messiah of the New, and that he lives! He is eternal and everlasting and brings us peace. What an undeniable witness one receives when he or she reads the Book of Mormon with real intent and humbly asks the Father in the name of Christ if it is true. I think was the biggest thing that I learned that we can know God. We can know because that is one of the purposes of life to know the Father. When we know him and we know that he knows us we can receive so much more out of life.
So after the exchanges we came back to Irvine, it was late as the children were making a mess in the street. Then we received a text from a young man asking if he could come to Church tomorrow. So we sent a time and a place to meet then we would walk to church. The following morning there he was and we walked to church. Probably the nicest kid I’ve ever met, but also terrible with social skills. However, he came and just started talking to everyone and we went through the whole day which he really enjoyed it. The best part was at the very end, he turned to us and asked if we do baptisms. We responded of course with a yes! Then looking very intently he asked if he could get baptized today. Took us both back, was not expecting that, but he will be getting baptized very soon. So we had a really good week! Working hard and loving it.

With the guidance that we get from the Prophet today, we can navigate the most difficult trials in life.

What a week! So the start of the week was New Years. We had a bunch of movies and we sat in our flat all day doing nothing. Which was really nice to just sit back and relax. We had the whole Avatar series the cartoon and we watched that all day. So it was actually pretty fun. Tuesday we got back to work. We did a bit of P-day stuff in the morning but then the rest of the day we were out and about. We had a meeting with the Bishop and talked about people that we could start to visit and others we could have the chance to find a baptism. We are looking for a soul to bring to Christ this Transfer.

Well then you guessed it, the following day was another day like any other. We went on exchanges with the Beith Elders. So I was off with Elder Gregory and Elder Palmer went off with Elder Sazaki. It was a bit weird because they are all 18 and still really new in the mission field. I felt so old around them all, but it was good. We had a big lunch together, the Sisters came and joined us also. Sorry, I forget to get photos. But it was good. They all gave me card telling me how old I was. We then went to the Minchin’s and had a great dinner with them for my birthday.

The rest of the week has just flown on by, we’ve been so busy with visiting people and finding that we are getting really busy, which is really good! We almost had to cancel some dinner appointments because how busy we were this week, we did have a pretty funny experience with finding. We were out on the high street and here comes walking a woman and I start to talk to her and as I start she puts in her headphones and I’m like oh she probably just going to listen to some music but she answers the phone! Then just walks away. Elder Palmer noticed so we were just kind of laughing at the awkward moment. But then she turns around and walks back and apologized that it was her mother and asked us what we were doing. So that started the conversation, and she said she would be interested in coming to church. We then asked if we could come by to visit her and her family which she responded with “Why not”. Probably our most solid appointment. It was just a nice small miracle for us. So during the rest of the week we were just out and about. Then there was one day we received a text from our zone leader asking if I could give an instruction the next day, however there were no meetings to my knowledge. So I answered back and well it turns out we had our leadership meeting in the morning and they never informed me and now I have just a few hours left of the day to come up with a half hour instruction, but we got the instruction all planned out. Usually the companions to the District leader don’t stay for the meetings but I had Elder Palmer stay he didn’t want to but it was fun. So not too much to talk about this week, just that we are becoming more and busier which is good. I’m excited for the next month.

Then President Donaldson sent out a very interesting email this week. As with the passing of President Monson, he will be missed but I’m grateful for the leadership in the church that we will never be without a prophet in the church today. Just an interesting thought from President Donaldson but he shared with us what happens when the Prophet passes away.
When the president of the Church passes away, the following events take place:
1. The First Presidency is automatically dissolved.
2. The two counselors in the First Presidency revert to their places of seniority in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Seniority is determined by the date on which a person was ordained to the Twelve, not by age.
3. The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, now numbering 14 and headed by the senior apostle, assumes Church leadership.
4. The senior apostle presides at a meeting of the Quorum of the Twelve to consider two alternative propositions:
i. Should the First Presidency be reorganized at this time?
ii. Should the Church continue to function with the Quorum of the Twelve presiding?
5. After discussion, a formal motion is made and accepted by the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.
6. If a motion to reorganize the First Presidency is passed, the Quorum of the Twelve unanimously selects the new president of the Church. The new president chooses two counselors and the three of them become the new First Presidency. Throughout the history of the Church, the longest-serving apostle has always become the president of the Church when the First Presidency has been re-organized.
7. Following the reorganization of the First Presidency, the apostle who has served the second longest is sustained as the president of the Quorum of the Twelve. When the second-longest-serving apostle has also been called into the First Presidency as a counselor, the third-longest-serving apostle becomes acting president of the Twelve.
8. The president of the Quorum of the Twelve, along with the rest of the apostles, sets apart the new president of the Church through a formal laying on of hands.

Our Heavenly Father is a God of order and direction. He wants us to have as many blessings as we can receive and even more. The Presidents of the Church are the successors to the Prophet Joseph Smith and they by Direct Revelation lead and guide the Kingdom of God on Earth. Every 6 months we have the chance to hear council from these inspired men. After that conference we should have those talks next to our scriptures for the next 6 months. That is our modern scripture for this day and age. With the guidance that we get from the Prophet today, we can navigate the most difficult trials in life. How grateful we should be for our Prophet. I will never have to rely on wisdom of men to interpret scripture into what they want. I will never attend Church anywhere in the world and have it be different. We are a part of the living Church that is the same everywhere which is the only Church that holds the authority of God and holds the answers to eternal life. Make sure we spend time pondering on the messages that we receive from our Prophet.

Happy Birthday Elder Augustine!

Well it’s going to be a short email this week because I’ve been rushing around and not really up to much!
I was able to skype home for a bit on Christmas and it was great to speak to everyone! It’s weird to say that I’ll be coming home this year now. The last year was up and down, but full of great experiences. I’m really excited for these coming weeks and what will happen in the mission. We’ve been working pretty hard, so this next year will be something. I forgot my camera so no photos this week, sorry.

So it’s been really great here in Irvine, I’ve been so excited each day as we work. We’ve been meeting a lot of great people and setting up a lot of appointments, so it’s all really great. To be honest though I don’t know what to say in this email, it’s been just a lazy day with New Year’s so we’ve been sleeping and watching movies and just doing nothing. It’s nice to just sit down and do nothing for a bit, but it’s also really boring. So we’ll be getting back into work and just going to keep going when it’s all over. So I’m glad everything back home is well and everyone enjoyed the New Year! Thank you for the Birthday song and thank the Stronachs for the Birthday card! It’ll be a fun day. We’ll be on exchanges with the Beith Elders so we’ll have a great day of work and just enjoying being missionaries! So hope all is well speak to you next week!


Transferred to Irvine, Ayrshire

Alright well this is going to be a short email because it’s been a super busy day and it’s been a busy few days. So last week was a pretty good week we were out seeing people and saying our good byes as we were really unsure of what would be happening. Thursday we went around to see the Thomson family. While we were there is when I received the moves call, because Friday we would be leaving in the morning to drop off Elder Herr to go home for Monday. So the call came and I’ve been moved to Irvine. I’m back in the Paisley Zone at the exact same time last year. I’ve been to Irvine a lot when I was in Kilmarnock so it’s a bit odd to be here. This was the zone leader’s area when I was here.

Well the hardest part about the call though was that they were shutting down the islands for the winter. Missionaries will be back in the spring, but it was pretty sad to hear that. Still not sure what I think about it. After the phone call we said our good byes and off we were to get packing and cleaning the flat.

That was a pretty long night. We woke up early the following morning, dropped off one last Book of Mormon for a man along the way before catching the ferry and then the long travel down to Aberdeen.

I said good bye to Elder Herr on Saturday and he was off. I was then with the zone leaders for the next few days. Sunday was an interesting day because I went to Church in Aberdeen and everyone kept coming up to me and asking if I was the new Elder and I would say no, then they would walk off. So it was pretty funny.
The days were pretty long as I was waiting to get moving to my new area. Monday was just crazy! I ended up with one of the zone leaders because the other one was moved, however we were rushing back and forth all around Aberdeen moving missionaries here and there. Then we had to pack all of our things and pick up another Elder and drive all the way to Edinburgh, which was not a fun car ride.
Once in Edinburgh I met my companion and we then packed all the stuff into another car and that was way too much stuff. We then arrived to Irvine and that was a pretty good ride. I do miss the trains, mostly because I get to talk to a variety of people, you don’t get to do that in the car. We arrived to the Irvine flat around 8-ish. Opened the door to the flat and it was just a mess. I honestly think President sends me to areas so I clean up after some missionaries. Just on Sunday I helped to clean the zone leader flat because that was gross. So last night and pretty all day today so far we’ve been cleaning it up and making it nice again, because a clean life is a happy life. So far here in Irvine it’s been great, I have a great new companion Elder Palmer who is an amazing missionary and will be a great leader in the mission soon. We are going to be doing some great things here in Irvine! I will miss the Orkney Islands as there are some of the greatest people there that I got to know really well.
So sorry for the short email again, but I don’t have much time to email today! But I will be speaking to you soon!


I may leave the Orkney Islands with no converts, but I can say I left the Islands with a lot of friends.

Sounds like a good week for everyone back home. Elder Herr and I after Monday, well let’s say it wasn’t the most exciting of weeks… So Monday after the field incident we got the ferry down to Thurso and we continued to drive to Aberdeen, we arrived pretty late. So we got there and just went straight to sleep, we didn’t have much sleep because within about 4 hours we were up again getting ready to drive down to Edinburgh. We picked up a few other missionaries and got started on the journey. We got to the mission home early and then had the All-Scotland Conference. The Conference was filled with departing testimonies and incoming testimonies. It’s always fun to see the difference between the missionaries that are going home and the ones coming in. The ones coming in have no idea what is going to happen in the next couple of months. We continued the conference with a short instruction on teaching using power statements and really being simple and clear. We want to achieve our purpose of inviting others to baptism and explaining the joy that comes from being baptized, it was well put together. The rest of the conference was filled with singing, games, and Moana the new Disney movie. It was a fun conference, I got to see Elder Foster and Elder Chapple. They are both doing well. Elder Firstbrook who I lived with for a while in Montrose is now in my greenie area Airdrie! At the end of the conference, Sister Donaldson read a story about a missionary and his first Christmas. This missionary had accidentally booked two families to be with on Christmas. One a big family and the other an old widowed woman and her daughter. He didn’t want to cancel on the families so they made up their minds to go to the old widows home for a short time and then run to the other family to spend the night there. Well like any good story the missionary was touched by how much the old widow had put into the dinner and the night to make their first Christmas away from home something special. They spent the night with the old widow and never made it to the other family. So Sister Donaldson invited us to find the one that needs the Christmas spirit and share something special with them.
So following the conference we gathered some missionaries together and got driving back to Aberdeen. It was a long night, but it was a good day. I was so tired by the time we got back to the flat in Aberdeen which I was able to sleep well. We got up in the morning said a few goodbyes to other missionaries then we had our exchange with the Zone Leaders. I was with Elder Butler. So in the morning we went down to the church to do studies and plan for the day, then we get a call from the Mission Home that we needed to leave today to get a ferry back to Orkney or wait until this storm passes and we get the ferry either Saturday or Sunday. Well, it was Wednesday and we did not want to be out of the area that long. So after lunch, we got in the car and started our way back to Orkney. We got held up in traffic before Inverness and there was no way we would make the ferry in time. So we called the ferry services and they told us that there will be a ferry early in the morning that would take us. They were hoping to do it early enough to miss the massive storm that was coming down north. The Sisters over on Stornaway had to wait till Saturday night to get back, the ferries over there all canceled.

So back to us, we got to Thurso and spent the night there and early Thursday morning we headed off to the ferry dock. The problem that we faced was that the storm had now arrived, however, the ferry was late but they let us board anyways and we, of course, got on. Once on board, they waited a bit to see if the wind would calm down, which it didn’t, before heading off to Orkney. The wind was fierce and strong and the waves were massive. So we set sail! Oh my goodness, I hated that boat. I thought we would tip over for sure but luckily we never did, it took 2 hours, but we made it to Stromness.

They had this tug boat come along to help, but we were unable to dock. The wind was too strong and the waves kept us from getting close to the dock. About an hour of trying and then we started to head back away from the dock. We were a bit confused on what is happening when the Captain came on the loudspeaker and told us that the weather is keeping us from docking and that we will need to wait until morning to try again. It was one in the afternoon, we had to spend the night on this boat. Well lucky for us they took the boat to a place where the Islands broke the waves up, so it wasn’t that bad. We got a free cabin and free food for lunch, dinner, and breakfast the next morning. That was a long time to be on a boat! And in the morning we were able to dock safely which was good.

On the way back to the flat I was able to pick up my Christmas package that you sent, so all is well. We were both so tired from the trip and neither of us wants to make it again. But oh well we will be repeating this next week.
So we had a great Sunday service as well. We got to watch the Christmas Devotional from the First Presidency which was super good! If you haven’t watched it… Watch it! I loved it. We then spent the night with the Thomson’s, what an amazing family. Everyone is looking forward to Christmas. Donna Thomson’s husband James actually has the same birthday as me, so we were talking about what we would do if I’m still here.

I’m not sure if I’ll leave or stay. It’s really iffy but I’ll go where ever I get called to go (over mountain or plain or sea). 

Also this week I finished reading the Book of Mormon again. How grateful I am to have this sacred writing. As I finished it again like many times before, I love Moroni’s promise and without fail every time it is a peaceful feeling. With the peace that Christ offers us, it always amazes me how we have the chance to do the same for others. I’ve been able to reflect on how not only I want a Christ-centered mission but a Christ-centered life. These past few months on the Orkney Islands has been something different, the people here are close together and rooted deep in their traditions. It’s taught me a lot of what it means to rely on the Savior and to look to him in every thought. The atoning sacrifice of the Son has the power to change even the hardest of hearts and heal the deepest of scars. I may leave the Orkney Islands with no converts, but I can say I left the Islands with a lot of friends. I know half the people on this Island, it’s always nice to walk down the street and the people say hello to us first or they stop us and talk. So I look forward to this next week and what it has in store.


Rough day…

Well to be honest I don’t think I want this email on the blog. Because my mind is just scattered everywhere at the moment while typing this up. We have not had a good day so far. We were supposed to get this ferry this morning at 6:30 a.m. and we had to wake up at 4:30 a.m. to get ready and drive. Well the mission home got somethings mixed up and we didn’t have tickets… So my companion was very angry and it’s not good to drive while you’re angry. So we went flying off the road into a nearby field. It took us about an hour and half of phone calls and waiting to get the local farmer to pull us out with his tractor. Nothing is broken everything is fine but I am so tired and we have to get a ferry at 5 p.m. now and get to Aberdeen around midnight, then tomorrow morning we have to get up at 4 a.m. again to make it down to Edinburgh. I want this month to be over really soon, because we have just had problem after problem here in Orkney.

So it’s good that you’ve had a great week. We have had a not so exciting week. I’ll be honest nothing has really happened. We did have one good thing though our investigator William came to Church and he really loved it which was great. We’ll be seeing him later on in the week and we’ll be hoping to get him with a baptismal date. So we’ll see what happens there. We’ve been sending out the light the world texts so we’ll see if we get some good things coming from them. So like this morning after the incident we went to a members home Dona and James. Dona is amazing member up here. We’ve been over there for a bit this week and she’s been doing some light the world stuff so that was really cool. So that’s all I got for now from what I can think of about the week. It’s kind of like back home how every December something just has to happen! Well it’s been happening here! So it’s going to be a good Christmas hopefully.

We will be looking for places to serve and to help.

Well this week has been something. Monday evening we had this older man invite us around to his home to talk about God. So we went, he let us in and we sat down with him. He was very nice, and likes to talk that’s for sure. He had a ton of religious paintings around his home. Just all over the place so he really loves his faith. Well we asked a few questions and he said he would be willing to hear what we had to share and I don’t even think we even got to speak very much. We would say one thing and the next thing we know he is going on and on and we just could not say anything. So he was totally confused by the end from his speaking and our one sentence teaching. But he said he would read the Book of Mormon and tell us what he thinks. We’ll be going back tonight to see what happens.

So the rest of the week went by really fast we’ve been out finding a lot in the rain and hail. It just kept raining every day. We haven’t had a dry day at all and I’ve only seen the sun maybe for about 2-3 hours in the whole week. But it’s been pretty fun. William is doing great and we are going to seeing him on Tuesday along with another investigator of ours. So we should be pretty busy along with our District Cluster meeting on Wednesday down in Inverness.

So our Thanksgiving to be honest was celebrated with Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches. Which I thought were made very well. We didn’t really do anything for Thanksgiving. I’m the only American around so it wasn’t much point to it, but it was still a pretty good day. We did have lunch with a member and she always makes a lot of food so that was very nice of her to have us around. So it sounds like everyone back home had a great time and is all ready for Christmas!

So the Light The World we have been preparing for it. We have all the calendar’s and pass a long cards ready. So one way that we are going to help with that is to send out a text to the members on each day informing them of what the daily service is and what scripture to think about. So when everyone does this service share it with a friend or a family member. So I’m really excited to start it up and see what happens this season. We have an invite from Elder Ballard for the Christmas season as well. We will be looking for places to serve and to help.
It’s a short email today not too much has happened, but I’m looking forward to the coming week with all the excitement about Christmas and serving others.

The best answer we can always give is Happiness! It’s a joyful message that improves the quality life. Because either I’m crazy and left my family and friends for two years or I actually found something that brings happiness.

Well what a week for everyone back home and here! We started off the week pretty alright with a lot of chapping and searching for people who want to hear the gospel! We didn’t have a District meeting at the start of the week because we lost a person in our District, but no worries we’ll be having a District meeting tomorrow. We are only going to be having two meetings this transfer, because next week we’ll be having a combined meeting with the Inverness District and President should be there. Then the following week will be All Scotland, but wait it gets better, the following week after that we’ll be heading down to Aberdeen to send Elder Herr off. So going to be a lot of traveling in the next few weeks.

Well back to the week, Tuesday evening we were out knocking those doors. We had a lot of “not interested” but we had a few “come backs” as well…and we went back! I think it sometimes surprises people when we come back. One of the doors we knocked was a younger mom with some kids. We went back the following Thursday as she didn’t give us a time so we figured somewhere around the later afternoon. Knocked on door and it opened to the young mom. She invited us in and told us how she had a conversation with the last missionaries here, but they never came back around to visit her. We continued the conversation and like many people in the world she expressed her concern if there was such thing as God why does he let all these bad things happen in the world. It’s a fair question, one that I get asked many, many times. So we expressed to her our simple answer about agency and how we are to act for ourselves and sometimes people use their agency to hurt others. But the bad things that do happen in life are lessons that we can learn from and apply into the rest of our lives. Most times it’s a simple answer but the person wants a solid answer as in God showing up in person and just to tell them everything. The good thing is that she accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon and said that she would read it and write down her questions. She was a really nice woman and we look forward to going back.

Then the rest of the time we were out finding. We then had a pretty funny experience later on in the week. We were along the high street and I stop this older gentleman with a dog and before we could even say anything he starts to go off about something about God. But it was a pretty good conversation and he got talking about the Trinity and I told him we actually believe them to be separate persons but one in purpose. He didn’t like that statement and before I know it he has now shouted at this other man walking by and asked him to join us. This old man then asks him, “What faith do you have?” The other man responds in a really nice way that he Muslim. This old man then informs him that he is Catholic and that we (pointing to Elder Herr and I) are a part of the true faith because we believe in Jesus, and before we know it this old man and this nice Muslim man are in a little bit of conflict, not yelling but just a little tension. The conversation was just hilarious. Elder Herr could not keep from laughing at what was happening. Then as fast as he called this man over to talk with us, the older man sets up an appointment to meet with this other man later next week. From our attempt at setting up appointments here was this man that just set up an appointment in front of us! But after the nice Muslim man walked away the older man said that he wants to continue our conversation. So we’ll be going over to his home tonight for some water. As that is the drink he would like to offer. I’m rather excited to see what happens. There are going to disagreements but most we can do is to invite someone to look at it from our point of view and just be kind.

After that whole evening we proceeded to just run into the funniest people here on Orkney or we had some really great conversations with people on the street about the gospel and what it can do for us. Today’s world is a very self-centered place so when we share things with people it’s always “What’s in it for me?” What do I get out of it? And the best answer we can always give is Happiness! It’s a joyful message that improves the quality life. Because either I’m crazy and left my family and friends for two years or I actually found something that brings happiness. So that was mostly our week. We weren’t able to see William at Church yesterday but we are hoping to see him later this week. He has been reading in the Book of Mormon so that’s really good. Proud of him to take a few moments out of his busy day to read.

So that was mostly our week. The same all around and we’ll be really busy in the next few weeks. Our mission is coming close to our goal of 450 baptisms each team in the mission just needs to find one more person and we’ll be able to get there! We’ve been putting a lot into our planning to get there. So we are going to need to really step up and just keep going and working.

So I’ll find out what I can do about the baptism and if I can skype in. If not I’ll write out a letter that can be read for it. Then I should get that camera this week hopefully, we had to call the shipping company and we’ll see when they can get it to me. The last thing I wanted to share is my favorite quote from Gordon B. Hinckley. Have a great week I’ll talk to you next week.

This mortal life is to have joy and joy comes from unity not disharmony.

I’m staying in Orkney for another 5 weeks! And with Elder Herr. In fact the only person that changed in my District was just Sister Fisher everyone else stayed! This will be Elder Herr’s last 5 weeks in the mission so we’ll make it fun and then send him off back home!

Well we had a pretty interesting week. The majority of the days we spent out finding people or just attempting to talk to the people. It’s been getting colder and colder, so less people out and about and more people in their homes. So it’s been pretty fun we’ve run into some interesting people. But earlier in the week we meet this guy named William who is from Italy and he has been Orkney for a couple of years. He is studying at the college and has never ran into the Mormon Missionaries before. We actually set a time to meet with him on Sunday.
So as the week was going we were getting more annoyed because Saturday would be moves call and you never know what will happen with moves call, it’s always so random. So when Saturday finally came around we were on high alert watching the phone and just waiting to see if it would ring. We went the whole morning and nothing. Then in the afternoon nothing. Then just before dinner we get a call and it’s the Zone Leaders telling us that we are both staying. So then we are alright well we know what is happening for the next couple of weeks. So we got chapping and talking to some nice people.

Then Sunday comes around and we have Church, everyone is mostly back from their trips so we had a few people. Nice Church service and then we went out to visit an older woman who can’t leave her home. Gave her the sacrament and then get going for the day. Then we get over to the high street to see if our friend William will come and he did! He got to sit down and have a great chat with him and he asked questions and we explained and taught the message of the Restoration. It was a really great lesson. He told us that as we were talking to him that he could feel something! And that he wants to learn more! So we’ll be seeing him Sunday again and we’ll see if he comes to church! Which would be really awesome! He was a super awesome guy.

Then some other news, I saw that Abi from Inverness got baptized! I am so happy for her and really excited to hear more about the amazing miracles that are happening all around Scotland of the wonderful men and woman that are able to find the Gospel and to have the joy that comes from it!

Then from my understanding of chapter 20 is about fellowshipping those who are not of our faith. That’s what we do as missionaries. President Hinckley said it best in the interview “To anyone who is not of this church, I say we recognize all the virtues and good that you have. Bring it with you and see if we might add to it”. Consider the truths that everyone treasures so dearly, we are here to build it and strengthen it, uplift and inspire. Now there is going to be debates and arguments from time to time, but why have enemies when you can have friends? To fellowship those who are not of our faith is to see the good in them and be the friend that you want someone to be to yourself. This mortal life is to have joy and joy comes from unity not disharmony. So my thoughts go to what the center of the message of the Restored Gospel is about… Having a question, asking for help, then looking at what matters most. Because what matters most is the people around us. Never should we let a problem become too big than a person to be loved. (Phrasing it from Thomas S. Monson) The problems that we face could be from distractions of the phone, to even a grudge, just don’t forget the purpose of this life.

Sorry, yes I did receive the postcards from everyone! I got them, they were great! Tell them all thank you.

So I look forward to the next couple of weeks. Tell Kevin Hi for me and Grandma! Talk to you next week!

It’s been a sick week.

All Scotland Final
Photo is the All-Scotland Conference with Elder Dale C. Renlund of the Quorum of the Twelve. Elder Augustine is the 2nd row behind President Donaldson.

Well it hasn’t been a really exciting week I’ll admit that. Elder Herr was pretty sick at the beginning of the week so we stayed in the flat for most of the week. We then had the Shetland Elders come down for exchanges then during the exchange I started to feel pretty sick, so I’ve been all sick and what not for the last few days now. So it’s been a sick week.

But while on exchange I was with Elder Arenas and we were out walking around the town trying to stop and talk to people. Well we end up stopping this younger guy and he found our message so interesting that he asked if we could meet up with him later and talk to him. Because he is looking for something to believe in and he is pretty curious to hear what we share, so that was a pretty cool miracle out of our sick week!

So its moves call this Saturday we’ll find out what happens. I think I might stay in Orkney, but you never know, so it’s going to be fun to find out. We didn’t get around to our family home evening activity but we might be doing it this Tuesday.

So it’s going to be a short email because I don’t have too much from this past week besides the sick bug! But it’s great to hear that everyone had a great time in Moab and that it was really successful highland games! The Highland games are a lot of fun, but sadly I haven’t been able to see any here in Scotland! Just get so caught up in the missionary work don’t really have much time for other things. Tell Susan hi for me! I’ll speak to you next week!