Last transfer, staying in Aberdeen

For your information, I will be staying in Aberdeen for my last 6 weeks of my mission. Today is moves so everything is pretty crazy with moving missionaries around. My new companion will be Elder McLeish. I believe he is from Idaho. He is just coming from Ayr actually so that’ll be fun to chat about. Well, it’s wonderful to hear all about the stuff that is happening back home. I’m glad that everything went well.

It’s been a fun week. Monday was odd. That’s all you need to know. Then the rest of the week was alright we were out on the street a lot. It was pretty fun because we found some new investigators and we were hoping for them to come to church but they didn’t show up sadly. So hopefully next time. So overall too really sum up the week we were out finding and some more finding. Taught a few first lessons and that was really about it. So not too much happened. But I’m excited about these last few weeks and I feel like It’s going to be a really great transfer, we’ll be able to get a lot done and just work hard really.


So yes I did get a set of bagpipes to play and I was trying to get them all together, but I think I got it now. So no worries I just need to practice a bit more and I think I’ll be able to manage a few songs for the Missionary Conference. I’ll be doing that in the morning so I hope my new companion doesn’t mind. But it was very nice of President Brown to let me borrow them and for the Stronarchs to bring them to me! I need to get going here to pick up my new companion so I might be able to send another email before the day is over. But I guess for now just count your many blessings! I’m grateful for the time that I have served and for the last few weeks I have left to serve! I love missionary work and the blessings that come from it!

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