Met Nashville Tribute Band

Well, what a fun week! Sounds like everyone back home is having a grand time. I guess it’s summer for everyone so that’s exciting. It’s almost summer here. Well actually it’s been pretty hot here in Scotland the last few days. So that’s been really nice. It’s more and more sunny like the sun comes up at 4:30 or something like that so that’s pretty fun. Yes, it is moves call this coming Saturday. The Last Moves Call. So where will Elder Augustine end up? Probably still in Aberdeen. Yeah, I’ll probably just end up here for the last month of my mission. To be honest.

Money was just for a few groceries to be honest. Didn’t need that much. Yep I have a cow. And the bookmark came from Sister Campbell in the Irvine Ward. The bagpipe reeds came and I’m just waiting for the pipes Sister Stronach said she would bring me them in a few weeks.

So, this week was pretty fun. P-day we went and hiked this tall hill. It wasn’t a mountain. But it was really tall. The guy that took us said it was the tallest point in Aberdeen Shire. So that was cool. Got to the top and got to see all of Aberdeen Shire. Got some cool photos of all of that. Then the rest of the week was pretty normal to be honest. We spent a lot of time out on the streets and knocking doors and trying to teach people. Taught a few people but not many. Friday, we had exchanges with the Seaton Elders and I was off with Elder Palmer so that was really great. We had a pretty fun time. They had their friend who is getting ready for Baptism, so I got to interview, and he is more than ready so that was really cool. Very smart man who has like two master’s degrees and is just ready to be baptized and go to the temple.

nashvile tribute band

Then Saturday was fun. All the Scotland missionaries got to drive down to Edinburgh for this concert from the Nashville Tribute Band. They played some songs and talked and actually one of them shared a cool teaching from his mission president. Where his mission president asked all the missionaries what their whole purpose of a mission is, and many of them yelled To Baptize! and the mission president said that’s a great purpose but that’s the second focus right now. The First is to learn how to gain personal revelation because without that you aren’t going to find anyone to baptize. It will also prepare you for the future of what to do when you have a huge choice to make. So, I thought that was really cool, gave me a few things to think about and a few songs to listen to. Church was pretty fun yesterday because it was the ward conference. So surprisingly a lot of people came. Like filled the whole place! It was crazy. I just sat there wondering why don’t all these people come every week? It would make such the difference in the growth of the church. The doctrine of Church is taught greatly in Moroni 6. But throughout the Book of Mormon whenever the people came together and prayed together. Not only did they prosper in temporal needs and but they all grew spiritual in ways of kindness and honesty faster than anything else could have done.

Well I look forward to telling you what happens this Saturday!

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