I got flashed by a homeless man and worshipped as a Saint.

Well, what a fun week. So this email will be a bit short because we are heading up to Inverness today and we want an early start so we can check out all the cool things along the way!
Well, the start of the week was pretty fun with P-day we had a bunch of Elders at our flat. The whole islands district came down and we just kinda had a fun sporty day and then we went on exchange with the Elders from Stornoway the following day so like on Tuesday. That was alright. We all went to this Mexican place and it wasn’t that bad. Like it was pretty alright. It wasn’t the best or was it right but it was close. So that was all fun stuff. So the night came and we ended up with 16 Elders in our flat. So what a night that was. I don’t think much more needs to be said of that. Then the following morning we had our Scotland North Conference! So we had the Aberdeen Zone and the Dundee Zone all together and we got to hear about a lot of stuff that we covered in MLC but it all still really good. I really enjoyed it. We talked about love and meekness and the future of the mission which was great. President gave some really good advice about the new mission president and that is this the opportunity for us to start over and really become something else or become what we really want to be. And I think that really goes with myself in a few months and that is. This is my chance to become something better than I was and to show that. So the conference ended and we got everyone back to their areas and we started work again the following day. So a few days later after a lot of finding and normal missionary stuff we got to sit down with Tunde. And she is doing great! We got talking and she told us how she felt about church and how she wants that good feeling with her all the time. Well, we told her that she could once she is baptized and confirmed a member of the church. Then we spoke about Prophets today and what they are able to do for us and teach us and how we can follow them. She loved it. But then she asked the question about coffee. So it fit well into the lesson. And we taught her the Word of Wisdom and why it was so important to follow. At first, she was a bit unsure but she knew that the prophet was speaking for God so she agreed to follow it. She said she would have no problem living it so that was good. Then we just kinda of kept going for the week, to be honest. I got flashed by a homeless man and worshiped as a saint. Not sure if that has anything to do with Saint Augustine. But oh well. Then Sunday comes and I was able to call home and speak to everyone! Which was great! I think it’s weirder to say that the next time I see everyone it will be at the airport.
Also driving through the national park today so going to get a lot of photos! Don’t worry it won’t all be car photos!

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