Out finding and enjoying a nice sunny Sunday


Well the start of the week was alright not much really happened. Most of the days was spent out finding. Talking to a lot of people. The sun believe it or not has started to come out and stay out. Which has been very nice. Living in Scotland you tend to miss the sun for a few months out of the year. So that has made people a bit more talkative which is always good. Well I think it was about Wednesday I ran into this guy on the street and we had a brief conversation but he said he would be interested in meeting up. So we set a time to meet the following day. The rest of the day was pretty alright.

A few appointments fell through but oh well. Well the next day comes and we do a bit of service in the morning for a member. Then we meet with the guy that I spoke to yesterday. Well he is from Greek and he loves the Book of Mormon. It was actually a pretty great lesson. He has had questions about Christianity for a long time. He himself is a Christian but he still has had these questions and we answered them for him and he loved it. So that was just a great first lesson that we had him and we are hoping to see him the next week and get him to church. Friday came around, which was May the 4th. So that was a pretty great day. I just enjoyed the day overall.

We went on exchanges with the Inverness Elders and I was with Elder Barlow. Pretty cool guy. So we had a great time out finding on the street. We meet this one girl in the morning and was chatting then out of nowhere she just says “Ah screw it, we’ll just go sit down now and have a chat.” So we sit down and to be honest it really didn’t go anywhere. It was funny though. She did want to learn more of like the overall beliefs but didn’t want to do anything with it. So we kept on finding. It wasn’t until the evening time where we ran into the woman from Maine that we set up a really great appointment. She’s pretty honest and has read all the religious texts, well I think most of them and she asked for a Book of Mormon. Because I guess she has never heard of us before. So that was interesting. Hoping to meet with her later today.

Then the weekend came around and we were out finding again. Sat down with a few people but over it all it was pretty normal. During the day there was some trade union march thingy, not too sure exactly but that was interesting. Then Elder Palmer and Elder Masulonis came with us to this Mexican place for Cinco de Mayo. So I think after my many travels this place was the closest in getting it right. It was very good. So I did have to tell them well done. Because there are no good Mexican food places in Scotland. Then Sunday came around! We had a great time because our friend Tunde came and is looking to be baptized. We had a few other… interesting people come as well. Didn’t invite them but they were nice just a bit odd. Not really sure what to think. But it was great and the rest of the day was out finding and enjoying a nice sunny Sunday.

So I believe next Sunday, May 13th is mother’s day. So I should be calling home and chatting with everyone again.

One thought on “Out finding and enjoying a nice sunny Sunday

  1. It has been great been able to follow you on your mission. Not long now till you are home. We are all doing good here in Arbroath. Lewis is still coming to church. We have 2 wonderful Sisters but Lewis misses having Elders in the ward. Wishing you well for the future. Live from the Craibs and MacLeods Montrose ward


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