My thoughts in the evening time has been going to my plan for home. I’ll sit there and ponder how I’m going to continue the habits of my mission and use it in my daily life.


Well, first thing first. My friend Richard Coffey has received his mission call! He has been called to the Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Mission!!!! I’m very excited for him to go and serve the people there. However, my friend leaves July 11th, five days before I get home. I’ll miss my friend for another 2 years. So I’ll get to see him after 4 years.

So the start of the week was pretty fun. We’ve been working on this video for incoming missionaries so we went to a castle to go get some shots. We aren’t done with it yet so we’ll get to finish that today and then I’ll send it to everyone so we can all have a laugh. So I will be honest with this week. We have been just out finding on the street and chapping doors this whole time.

We were able to teach our friend Tunde, We brought Bro. Zimmerman along and we sat down with her and she loves the Book of Mormon but still wants to go to her church. Which is fine but we want her to come and experience what has been restored so we had a great lesson about scripture study and church and really just what it is all about. So after that, we have just been out and about really.

Another funny story from this week. We were out chapping and we chap this one door. This young kid comes to the door. “Hey there, are your parents’ home?” and then answer “Yeah one sec”. Shuts the doors “MOM! MORMONS!” We just had to have a bit of laugh. Then we hear some chatting and then the door opens and this other kid about the same age opens the door then in a deep voice says “I’m Stephens Father” We all just had a laugh together it was pretty funny. Then the rest of the time we’ve just run into some normal people. We talked to one guy that was telling us about weed and how that has been curing his skin cancer for like a couple of years. So pretty normal stuff. To be honest that’s about it. We haven’t been able to get out to that house but we will.

I’ll probably have more exciting stories for next week. Because we have a lot planned for this coming week with exchanges and meetings and out talking to people.


Well, I guess to go from our monthly topic to the next. From an example to Joseph Smith. I had a day this week where my companion sadly felt ill for the whole day. So that left me with a whole day with the Book of Mormon and some church videos. But more so the Book of Mormon. Well of course at this time in my mission my thoughts in the evening time has been going to my plan for home. I’ll sit there and ponder how I’m going to continue the habits of my mission and use it in my daily life. What are the simple things I need to do? Well, President Nelson gave me the answer in conference talk on Revelation. For the Heavens to be opened in my life. There are 4 things I need to do. 1. Have increased Purity 2. Exact Obedience to the Commandments 3. Daily Feasting on the Book of Mormon 4. Temple and Family History Work. These are the focuses to have that will help not only myself but all of us. So an early morning in the Book of Mormon can set the course of a day with what the Lord would want us to do. It helps us become an example and look to the example of others to know what to do.

And so an example to us on this topic of planning for the future and searching for answers is Joseph Smith. “The Prophet Joseph Smith set a pattern for us to follow in resolving our questions. Drawn to the promise of James that if we lack wisdom we may ask of God, the boy Joseph took his question directly to Heavenly Father. He sought personal revelation, and his seeking opened this last dispensation.” (From President Nelsons talk)

So I have put into practice the example of Joseph Smith and have spiritual planned the simple things to do in the coming days. The promise from President Nelson is if I do this I will grow into the principle of Revelation. The same is for anyone else that follows this counsel from the prophet.

Well, hope all goes with the teeth! I expect a video.


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