Well moral of the story… mom was right with Family History!



Scotland/Ireland Mission Leadership Council


Well, what a week! I can say that I have the official day of my return will be *Drum roll* July 16! 12 weeks to go and I’m not counting.

The start of the week was pretty dang crazy and I’ll get to some stuff later on in the email that mom will love to hear about. So at the start of the week, because it was stake conference here, we had the whole Islands District living with us! We had all 8 Elders in our flat for a few days and what mess it was. But it’s all clean now. So Monday we were running around dropping missionaries off at the train station and picking them up later in the evening time, so just a bit all over the place and trying to get some other stuff done. But that was pretty much it. Then the following day we were out and about again with a few missionaries and we went to our Islands District meeting. Which was pretty fun. But after all the missionaries left we are out finding and later on in the day we went and did some service for some members. They needed help moving some dirt. So good thing they had the right missionary with the right kind of skills with dirt! I do have to say after the geo lab I’m very skilled in the ways of moving dirt. So we did that for an hour or two. The Sisters came along to help. It was all good stuff. Had some fun and then had some dinner. The members that we had dinner with were super cool they were telling us all about the missionary stuff that they are doing and handing out copies of the Book of Mormon and teaching all their friends about the church. It was pretty great. Well while dinner is going on I get a text from the Shetland Elders, they were supposed to be on the ferry back to Shetland but turns out the ferry left sooner than they thought and missed it. So we call them up and get out the door to go pick them up. The got to spend another day in the Deen.



Scotland/Ireland Mission Zone Leaders

Well in the evening time we went around to this lady that we had found a few days again. We knock on the door and she opens. She is from Slovakia and so we got to teach her and her English is pretty good. But just a few days ago we gave her a Book of Mormon in her language and she has been reading it and she told us that she believes it’s true! And she believes in that Joseph Smith was a prophet! It was so great to sit down and teach her all about the Restoration. I think the Restoration is one of my favorite lessons just because how much it makes sense and how much it helps people understand that God still speaks to us today. So we had a great lesson. Then the following day really turned in a lot of finding. Just kind of out and about, the Shetland Elders got their ferry. Thursday rocks around and we had our Mission Leadership Council. We were all still speaking about what President Nelson told all the missionaries here in the U.K. and Ireland. He spoke about when we first meet people and what to talk about. Then he told us to go up to people and tell them who you are and ask them who they are. Then tell them about your family and ask about their family. Ask them if they can name their parents, their grandparents. Can they name all 8 of their great-grandparents? Not very many people can do that. So tell them that we want to help them find their ancestors. Tell them we want to help them find their story. So during MLC we spoke a lot about different things. About Love, and Meekness and Lowliness of heart. We discussed the future of the mission and where it’s going. Then we got to Family History. Written on the board was the blessings that come from Family History from Elder Renlund’s talk in General Conference. So we shared experiences and I raised my hand and shared about the hobby of my mother in family history. So this went on for a while. Then the following day we went out to find. I then recommitted myself to the work for these final few months and to help as a missionary to find success. So going out with this in mind to share family history of course, I’m still going to talk about other things but I was on the lookout to introduce family history. Well we spoke to a few people, got a few appointments during this time, I spoke to one man and the time came. He started to tell me about his ancestors from Norway. I asked if he could share any stories from his grandparents, he shared a few. I then asked what about your great-grandparents? Only one could be named. I then told him how we can help find his family and learn more of his story. He got pretty excited and before I could set anything up he was asking for my number and times to meet.  So after this nice chat we were then heading back to the car to go somewhere. Well we stopped people along the way. I then spoke to this one girl and almost the same thing happened. It actually started with speaking about Sisters and hair color. Hmm sounds familiar? Well she asked for a number and time to help her find her family. Well moral of the story… mom was right with Family History! We are now just waiting to meet up with them and get them to the family history center. Well Sunday did come around and it was pretty nice. We didn’t have any investigators there, but we did get one of our recent converts that went less active there. He had a great experience with conference and managed to get Sundays off from work so he can get to church. He shared a great story about it with us. Then we had an American dinner with the Zimmerman’s! Oh how I miss American BBQ!! Don’t get me wrong Scottish food is great but it’s ruined my diet. So much fat. So I look forward to my simple meals back home again. But it was all good. They had a family friend whose son just called to this mission and they were on the phone with them when we came so this nice family asked us a bunch of questions about the mission and it was pretty fun.  So what a week eh? So to Annukkah, I have been doing my best to be an example to other missionaries in my leadership calling. My mission president was having a good laugh with me the other day about it. Then early this week I’ve been studying leadership actually in our missionary handbook and it spoke a lot about how to be an example and what I’m really supposed to do as a leader. Also I heard from a few other missionaries in my past areas that some people that I found have now been baptized and are active in the church with their families. In the past there have been 3 families that I have found and now they are going to the temple. So pretty cool stuff!

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