We must learn to gain personal revelation if we are to go through the future and what it tells.

What a spirit filled week with General Conference. This past week for Elder Smith and I has been a bit interesting. We were in the city a lot, just out trying to find some new investigators and well we found a few! We have been able to teach a few new friends and set them on a date to be baptized. But because of some funny stories they are either a bit crazy or going on holiday for a few weeks or they are going home to England in a few weeks as well! So just trying to find the elect of God you could say. But every soul is important so we are doing our best. So a lot of our week is out walking around Union Street in the middle of Aberdeen. Thursday was pretty fun we did an exchange with the Seaton Elders, Elder Palmer (previous companion) and his trainee Elder Masulonis. I went with Elder Masulonis and it was pretty dang fun. There are so many new missionaries in the mission. It’s pretty crazy. Everyone I know has pretty much gone home and now I’m just meeting all these new trainees! They’ll do some really great things in this mission. So the whole day we were just out talking to everyone and we did a pretty good job by the end of the day. Then the rest of the week has just gone on by.


So far I have been able to watch all of General Conference but the Sunday Afternoon. However, I did see the announcements for the change in Home and Visiting teaching. There was a lot of announcements made at this conference. A lot of my thoughts are it just goes to show how the Lord is hastening the work. There was a lot of great things that were taught in the conference and I’ll be going back to watch them all again for sure in the coming weeks. I loved a lot of talks and I found each one very insightful and inspiring. When watching General Conference I like to think back to Elder Anderson’s talk about General Conference talks. He explained in a previous conference about the time and preparation that goes into each and every talk. Some talks take years to put together while others take only a few short weeks. But at any moment the Lord’s voice is with every speaker. I will have to say that my favorite talk so far was the warning voice of President Nelsen. He has taught us very simply how to gain personal revelation. What I got out of it was that we must learn to gain personal revelation if we are to go through the future and what it tells. Many things are happening in the world and I would say with each passing day we need a prophet’s voice more and more. In his instruction of gaining personal revelation he really put it down to a few simple steps of 1. Finding a place to be alone with the Lord 2. Humble yourself in prayer 3. Listen 4. Record your thoughts and feelings. If we do this then we will be more entitled to receive direction when we need it.

Well, what a week. So much is going on and it’s all hard to put down in an email. But tomorrow we are heading down to Edinburgh for an All Scotland Conference. So a fun-filled week of conferences! We have been having all the missionaries come down to Aberdeen so that we can then later today travel down to Dundee and Edinburgh.  Then the conference will be really fun. This will be really my second to the last conference on the mission. As the last one, I’ll be with the going home missionaries for some class thingy. But no worries I’m working hard!

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