After two years, I can say that our teaching skills have improved. 

Well, it’s been a crazy few weeks, to be honest, but it’s been pretty great. So last Monday I got to Aberdeen and the day was a bit all over the place, we had to help missionaries get to their areas. But we got them all back. The islands took a while but I got a story about that in a second. So from Tuesday to Wednesday we were out finding, actually just speaking to people out on the street. I do and don’t like the cities because yes there are a lot of people and we set up a lot of appointments, but not everyone shows up for their appointments. So it’s just kind of a different way for me and missionary work. I’m really used to going out and knocking on doors. I have been on exchanges in the cities, but really only for the day or two. So this has been a bit interesting for me, but all is good. We have had a number of lessons hold and it was really great to teach them. Well, then Thursday we had our MLC or Mission Leadership Council. So Wednesday night we went down to Dundee to spend the night there and then the following morning we got a lift with the Dundee Zone Leaders to Edinburgh. The meeting was really great, It was pretty much all day. So a very long meeting, but had all the good stuff. We went over policies and a bunch of other things that are trying to help the mission, so it was really good. Then we had the long, long drive back to Aberdeen. All good stuff. The next two days went by pretty fast. Saturday Elder Smith actually woke up really sick and so did another missionary in the Aberdeen area. So we did splits with them, and I was off with Elder McDaniel my MTC companion and we did get to teach a lesson together to this guy named Josh. So after two years, I can say that our teaching skills have improved.

20180312_172216 (1)

So just before this, before I forget, the zone leaders before me had made a mistake and that mistake was that they lost the flat key to the Orkney flat. So we sent them up there with a bunch of keys that we were hoping would work. But around 11:30 I get a phone call and they can’t get into their flat. Took a while but I did get a hold of Donna up there and they got to spend the night at her home. But the next day they got in all good. So that was a pretty funny story. So really it’s just been busy and I’ve been all over the place, so I honestly can’t remember anything. But just know it was a good week!

I’ll try my best to check out all those places and next week I’ll have a better email about everything that has happened!

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