Off to the Aberdeen Zone


Well, it’s great to hear from you. So yes it was transfers and I got moved back to the Aberdeen Zone again for a third time. However, I don’t have much time to email so this will be short. So back in Aberdeen and I’m the new Zone leader with Elder Smith. So it should be a fun time. Elder Smith is from Australia he has blonde hair and he has a surfboard according to Elder Foster. He worked as a lifeguard saving Elder Kroes from sharks. He likes to talk in a dark voice. A year of Uni as well. Worked at a fruit and veggie shop and he loves bath bombs. He enjoys yoga. That’s about it.


Elder Myers, Skye, Katie, Linda, Elder Augustine

So a lot has happened this past week with teaching Linda, Skye, and Katie. We were all over the place just running around teaching and finding and it was great. And to be honest I can’t remember anything from the past week. But moves call came on Saturday and it was from President. So Church was great, Linda came with the girls and they are all excited for their baptism! Then Monday I was on the train early and I just got to Aberdeen and now I’m running missionaries around for moves.


So I’ll have more to say next week.
So I think I’ll be home July 16? We’ll just go with that.




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