The Priesthood Authority of God is real. It has been restored to the Earth by a loving God. If we have fallen look to our priesthood leaders. They can and will lift us.

The start of the week was pretty fun. We went over to Kilwinning to check out the Kilwinning Abbey. Nothing really exciting, it’s all just kind of fallen apart, then we went to the Irvine Beach and the Sisters just took a ton of photos so we were there awhile. Not exciting for a P-day but it was alright. The following day we had District meeting and we were on exchanges with the Beith Elders. The meeting was good, the zone leaders came really late because there was a bunch of snow in Paisley. So took them awhile to get out here.

So I was with Elder DeMille. Off we were to go do finding all day long in Irvine. Here in Irvine we have a few people that whenever they see us, they come up to us and they like to speak to us for a very very long time. We give them all nick names. We have Georgie Boy, Anti Doctor Man (Or Stretchy Pants Man), History Man, strange philosophy man, The Sweet Lady, The Big Issue, and The Neds. Well this exchange somehow, just somehow we ran into every single one of them. They are all good people but they aren’t interested and they interrupt us when we try to speak to other people so it was just all over the place for most of the afternoon on Tuesday.

Well in the evening Elder DeMille and I went out chapping. Which was really good because we spoke to a lot of people and got a lot of return appointments, we were able to teach one of those appointments just the other day. I’ll get to that in a min. Well the exchange was successful! So the following day comes around and we just go about the day in the morning. Well we had a lunch appointment all the way over on the other side of our area and it was really good but the bus back got stuck in traffic and we were on the bus a bit longer than we really wanted to be. Oh but before all of that because I’m too lazy right now and fix it, so this all makes sense. But Wednesday morning before the lunch we went and taught Linda! We had Brother Watson (He’s in the Bishopric) come with us to talk about the Word of Wisdom. We go in and sit down with Linda she has her coffee next to her. We start by asking if she has noticed a change in herself and her family with coming to church and what not. She said that she has. We have had a big focus with her with following the prophet. Went on to explain more about following the prophet she agreed and we continued how we need to be obedient to what the prophet asks. Once again she agreed said it was very important. Then the moment Elder Myers has been waiting for (as I asked him to teach the doctrine of the word of wisdom) He told her plainly and simple what the word of wisdom was. Oh the Horror that came to her face! I did my best not to laugh. As he read from the pamphlet she looked at her coffee and back to us and back to her coffee. So we spoke to her about it then the amazing joint teaching comes in. Not only does he explain why he follows the word of wisdom but he shares a story that grossed all us out about coffee and tea. This wise old man shared a story about disgusting coffee and tea. It went something as follows. (This is the simple version) “As a young man he worked as an civil engineer and he would go to work to this work site. There was coffee kettle and the workers would make coffee and tea with it. Well simply enough someone got dirt in the coffee and it became cold and he tried it. It was gross. Then someone made tea and then someone after that made coffee again and offered him some. But when they poured the coffee it still had all the tea and dirt stuff in it.” So kids don’t drink coffee or tea at a work site. He went on to share a story how the Elders when they were teaching him and his family this lesson, the Elders turned to his wife and asked for her fags (cigarettes) and she gave it to them. The Elders then took them all out of the box and smashed them all in front of her. The reaction you can probably guess wasn’t the best. But the Elders took the box with them and put it in there journals as a trophy. Well this was great lesson with Linda as you can tell already. Not only did we teach why we shouldn’t have that stuff and the blessings that come from it but we also got to share gross stories that freaked us all out about going anywhere near that stuff. (To be honest I just thought back to when I would go with Dad to drug court or hear all the stories about the people he has been working with). Well after this long day, we taught a new investigator it was kind of awkward but really cool the same time. She showed up and we spoke but she was just super quiet the whole time and she looked like she was uncomfortable but as the lesson went on she was fine by the end. Over the past few days she has sent us a text telling us how much she has read in the Book of Mormon. Which has been a lot. So that was really cool.

Well Thursday hits! We do a bunch of weekly planning stuff and what not. But one of the appointments that Elder DeMille and I set up was with this woman who had lost her son a few years ago. We meet with her and we asked her why she invited us back. She told us that it was what I said about a message about families. She told us that she wanted to know where her son is. She went on to say how she has searched in faiths and throughout the Bible and she has a minster lady that will come visit her every now and again. But she doesn’t know. Well we told her that we won’t be able to answer her questions but we can tell her where her son is. We shared with her the plan of salvation and how little children are alive in Christ (Moroni 8) her son was 6 when he passed away and wasn’t baptized so she was worried as to what has happened to him. But as we explained more and more her focus became more and more. She amazed by what we had shared with her. Her questions were answered and she just over whelmed with the whole plan. We’ll be going back this week to teach her the Restoration and how we know this. The day went on pretty normal. Meet some interesting people in the street but all was well.

Then Friday! We were all over the place once again running around but not a single person was holding to their appointments. In the evening time we were going to see a member and his family, but we got a text saying that he has to cancel. We also had a joint teach for that but we didn’t want to cancel with the joint teach because he set time aside to come with us. So alright we’ll go by Linda and see how she is doing with the Word of Wisdom. We went around knocked on the door. She looked pretty tired. Because this is the first time she has gone without any of that stuff. She just wanted to stop it all from when we taught her. But as we were speaking to her at the door she fell. Just straight to the floor. We rushed in to see if she was okay. After a few seconds she came to. We helped her to the couch and sat down with her and as we spoke to her we realized that she was having withdrawals. So we ran and got orange juice! Made her drink that and spoke to her a bit more. We left and a doctor came around to check on her. Before we left we gave her a priesthood blessing. We explained to her what it was and she was like alright I guess so. Elder Myers did the blessing and after she gave us this look like something happened and I’m not sure what. But we went back the following day and she was all well and no sign of being tired or anything. She told us how the doctor came around and told her that her blood pressure dropped and it was good thing that she has orange juice because with her sugar levels also being low that was the best thing she could have had at that moment. She told us how she knew this all happened because everything with smoking and coffee. She told us that she hates that stuff and never wants to touch it ever again. She also asked about the priesthood blessing. She told us that she didn’t understand how or why but after everything just seemed okay and she would be better. We told her more of the Authority that we held and of the spiritual and physical healing that comes from a blessing but even more so through the Atonement. We told her about that the power that comes from the Atonement and what it can do for her. This led well into our lesson on the Sabbath day. We taught the power and healing that coming from the sacrament. She was more than willing to keep the Sabbath Holy. As we ended the lesson Skye told us how she was getting more and more excited to get baptized. Then Katie came in and couldn’t understand why she wasn’t able to get baptized even though she was bigger than Skye. Tried to tell her that she has to be 8 but still didn’t click so we’ll teach her about child blessings and that is something that she can get. Well the day went on and Sunday came. We had a great day and it was just a pretty normal day.

Throughout the day I thought back often to the experience with Linda. It reminded me a lot of the story shared by Elder Holland about the boy playing football that got struck with lightening. Now this was nowhere near a flash of lightening. But there does come a time when someone around us will fall either physically OR most of the time spiritually. The door will be opened and our faith will be tested. Are we pure and worthy to step through that door to lift those that have fallen? Most of the time we think or tend to think that all is fine and nothing will happen with in our small world that we have placed ourselves in. However that is not the case. We all will be tested at some point. We need to stand ready at the door. For either one day the savior will knock and will we be ready for that knock? I’m grateful to have a companion such as Elder Myers that was ready to help. With all his heart and a simple phrase he was able to comfort and say you will be well. The Priesthood Authority of God is real. It has been restored to the Earth by a loving God. If we have fallen look to our priesthood leaders. They can and will lift us.
I think the topic can be priesthood.

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