Yes this is practice for the future, I know so listen up.

Hey that is great to hear about the family history thing! I would have loved to go but that’s okay. I’m good with staying in Scotland for a bit longer.
Well what a week we had here in Irvine. So at the start of the week we had a pretty normal P-day nothing to exciting really happened just went around to a few stores with the Sisters. Then the following day was our Scotland South Conference. So we woke up early and went off to the train station to catch the train for Edinburgh. The Sisters joined us on the train at the next stop. So off we all went, none of us awake and really wanting to do anything. But we got to all the train stations fine as well as the church in Edinburgh. I saw a few Elders that I knew, however I have no idea who anyone is in this mission, there are so many new faces. I think I was on the Islands to long because it seems like everyone has gone home. I feel old by age and mission wise with all these new missionaries because they are all 18! Very few are older. Well the conference was good. Spoke a lot about the Book of Mormon and using it in the mission. It was a lot of good stuff. I do have to have laugh because this was the same conference just over a year ago and it was great to hear it all again. I got to speak to Elder Foster and I got a photo with him and Elder Spendlove because that’s my trainee line! The conference ended, all the going home missionaries cried, we laughed, and it was good. So once again the herd of missionaries like awkward walruses went off to the train station to get back to their areas. Somehow among this herd of missionaries Elder Myers and I end up with all the sister missionaries going to dinner in Glasgow. Well after eating food in Glasgow we were once again off to Irvine. The night was long but good.

Tuesday morning all was well. We wake up happy as a tired missionary could be. We planned for the day and got ready. In the morning we went to the church to do some “Missionary business stuff” and enjoying the day, when we hear the ringtone “Anymore” Go off on the phone. It was the Zone Leaders. “Hello this is Elder Augustine” “Hey Elder so there is a red alert for Scotland with this storm and you need to go to your flat” *I then look outside to bright sunny weather* “Ahh alright” “Cool tell your teams!” Phone call ends. (I shortened the call it was longer but that’s pretty much what happened) SO, we were all grounded to our flats. Well after an hour we walk back to our flat in the sun and it was so horrible…FOR THE NEXT TWO DAYS we were told not to go outside. And for THOSE TWO DAYS we had NO SNOW and nothing hit Irvine. We were fine it was just cold. No snow, no rain, the sun actually came out a bit and yet I had to sit around the flat. Towards the end of the second day I called the zone leaders and had them call President so Elder Myers and I could go out and work. Which we did! So we went to work while the rest of the mission sat indoors. Everywhere but Irvine was hit with snow. But the freezing cold wind reminded me a lot of Orkney. Well going to work was great. We spoke to people and the town went crazy though. Everyone went crazy. Everyone was running around like it was the end of the world and that the zombies were coming. People flipped out and started to mass buy everything. The stores went empty because people thought they were going to starve. All the veggies, fruit, bread, milk, and everything else was gone. But they all left the canned and frozen food. So the stuff you need for a food storage no one bought. Well as time went on we set appointments and met some cool people. Found a new investigator that has been just going through the Book of Mormon, she doesn’t believe in God but we told her that the evidence lies in the Book of Mormon so she is searching.

Sunday was a funny day. SUNDAY! We went around to Linda to walk with her and the girls to church. We show up and the girls had a friend over for the night. So when the door opens Linda tells us that Katie (the 6yr old) won’t get up. We asked her to go back up to her and tell Katie that we are here to take her to church. So Linda is like, right I’ll try but it won’t work. She goes up the stairs and in a matter of seconds comes bouncing down the stairs is Katie! Excited to come to church with us! Linda was confused because just minutes before she refused to get up. But hey power of the spirit eh? So Linda gets them all ready and off we were to church! A bit late because we had a third wheel this time. But they all loved it. But not the third wheel she doesn’t like people so that was awkward… But Katie and Skye loved church! So now last time we had a problem with keeping Katie distracted for sacrament. So I came prepared. Yes this is practice for the future I know so listen up. I sat next to Katie, who sat next to Skye, who sat next to Rebecca, who sat next to Linda. I brought snacks, I brought paper, and I brought the color green! We had this coloring kit but it was only in the color green. I had them all hooked on coloring for about 30mins. It was going great till Katie started to get bored. Skye was fine. So from my quick wits I started to make them all origami stuff. It is a useful skill after all! But they wanted more so for the next 25 minutes I was a mad man with paper. But I will admit I had a great time. They were all distracted and Linda got to listen to the testimonies. But in the final minutes just the last 3. Katie was once again bored. SO she stood up tall and made a run for it! All while making pig sounds. So her mom ran her down and it was hilarious. But it was all good! Our plan next time is to get all the primary teachers to help with Katie and what not. So great thing is later that night we gave them a short visit and they are stilling planning on coming to church, and Linda and Skye are looking forward to Baptism. So we’ll be getting the ward more involved so we can just hand them to the ward and the ward will take them in.

So what a week eh? I’m glad everyone back home had a good week. Oh before I forget yes I did visit Jean Fawcett. She was funny and very nice. We spoke to her got to know her a bit. She gave us some cheesy toast. We spoke to her about family Search. She didn’t have a laptop or anything but we told her about the website and I told her that my mom can help her with it as well as the missionaries here in Ayr. So she liked that and it was a good visit.

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