Families are Forever

Well this has been a pretty good week for us. I’m glad to hear that the baptism all went well and it was really good. So at the start of the week we went to Dundonald Castle with the Sisters. It was pretty cool I got a few photos of that. Then the rest of the week went by pretty slow, the work kind of slowed down for us this week and we were just out finding a lot, just looking for people. All in all there isn’t much to share at the start of the week. We were just out there looking for people. So of course we did speak to a lot of good people but didn’t set to many appointments for the week.

Later in the week we went on exchange with the Zone Leaders. Now the zone leader that I went with hasn’t been out very long and his name is Elder Spendlove. Now Elder Spendlove was trained by Elder Foster who I trained, so yes this is my grandson trainee. It was pretty funny. But we went out to Paisley and had a really good time. I meet a lady from Greece she had an interesting name like Andromeda or something it was pretty interesting. But gave a bunch of copies of the Book of Mormon and one of the guys we met we set an appointment with for later that day.

So in the evening time we go around out in the sketchy part of Paisley and we find the flat with broken glasses and beer bottles along the sidewalks. So what we do? We knock on the door of course! Gotta share the Gospel! The door opens and this drunk man screams something along the lines of “Oh no!” but with a few different words and he is just yelling and then comes the guy that we spoke to, he goes up to his friend and was like “I told them to come you blasted idiot!” So we go on in. We sit down and the one friend is drunk, but we are talking to the other guy and boy they could talk. They kept telling us about this and that, just all over the place and the drunk guy is totally against listening to us. But then he hears that we are from America and that changes him because it takes a lot to be far from home to come here. So we finally get around to talking about the Restoration and it is going terrible. Tried to play a video and it’s not going well with this drunk guy, the other guy is loving it though. We get to the part where its talking about families and the sober man just jumps up yelling “That’s all me! That’s all me!” He then rips off his shirt to show us his tattoo on his chest that said “Families are Forever”. So after this circus of something with a small dog and the drunk guy inviting us to his court case, I sit up straight and talk a bit louder and pretty much don’t stop talking and tell them the whole Restoration all the way through Joseph Smith and invite them to be Baptized. This was good because they stayed quiet till the end. But the message had been shared! The drunk man was like “I feel something! I feel something!” The other guy thought it was very nice and said he would come to church. So that was our fun teaching moment.

So after a fun exchange we head back to Irvine and the following day things are still a bit slow but then in the evening time we go around to go see our friend Linda and her two daughters. It was the funniest lesson. Her 6 yr. old with autism makes everything just great. But the 6yr old comes around and screams “I’ve missed you guys!” Then goes on to tell us about a million different things. I’m still not sure how we really teach them but we do! During the lesson my companion turns to the 6yr old and told her that she could come to church with us and she flipped out about this. Called someone and was yelling into the phone how she gets to go to church with her two friends. So early the next morning we go around knock the door to see if they are ready for church. Well they are all up just not ready. But the 6 yr. old would not stop talking about church all night long and how excited she was to go. So Linda got the two ready and the kept running up to the window to ask us which clothes they should wear. So we take them church and it was really great. They all really enjoyed it or I hope they did which she said they would be coming back.

So the rest of the day went by pretty good with a dinner with Sister Campbell and then out chapping doors…however, a nice surprise by the Stronach’s who came for a visit to the Irvine Ward and brought them a treat!

So today I’ll be going down to Ayr and visit Jean. I called her the other day and had a nice chat. Got permission from President Donaldson so we’ll head on down there. Some members will be driving us down and we’ll have a look around Ayr while I’m down there.

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