When everything seems to fall apart around us, when we hold to our simple and strong testimony of the Savior, we can withstand all things.

Well sounds like an exciting week back home. A lot seems to have happened! So that’s all good. Well what a week to tell you about mine. So last Sunday night Elder Myers and I were out chapping some doors and we were getting a few people to tell us that we could come back. So alright pretty normal stuff. We go back the following night and the first door. Go up *Chap*Chap* lady opens the door. “Hey it’s us again!” then “Oh no sorry we already know everything” Then the door shuts. Well alright, we still got two more to go by. Go to the next house. Go up to the door, this time it’s Elder Myers *Chap*Chap* “Hey it’s us again!” door shuts. Well third time is a charm. Then walking all the way to the end of the street we get to the last house. We go up and chap and the woman who answered the other day opens. Then she says that we can come in! At this point we are both like yeah we’ll come in. She was a nice woman with two kids. The younger one has autism and was super hilarious. She would come up to us and yell “I’m crazy” Then run into the door. She had non-stop energy that seemed to flow from some kind of endless battery with no off switch. So surprisingly we did teach the Restoration. I have no idea how but we did! And the mom said out of her whole life of going to Sunday school this makes sense. She told us that it freaked her out a little because it just seemed to click. Her many bible questions were answered and we all felt the spirit.

Well, Elder Myers and I walked away with a fist bump because it was an amazing lesson and she invited us back. So right after this we, had planned to go and see our friend Alex but it was getting late and we were unsure if we would be able to get the bus back to the flat on time. So we prayed and felt that we needed to go anyways. So we got on the bus having no idea what was going to happen. We run to Alex’s house and the lights were on so there was hope that he was in. We chap the door and it wasn’t Alex but a bunch of his friends. They told us that Alex had run off somewhere. Well dang we, tell them to let him know that we came by and then they shut the door. Standing there I had the thought well if we didn’t come here for Alex maybe we came here for them. So we knock on the door again. They all answer and I tell them we are missionaries and we are sharing a message of the Restored Gospel may we share that with you. They all said yes and we set a time to go around tomorrow. The following day we had a district cluster with the Ayr Elders and the Pollock Elders. All the Sisters were gone to some Sisters conference or something. I’m not really sure. But all the Elders got together for a great meeting. We spoke about a lot of different things but really 3 many things. Which were one using the Book of Mormon in the work, two getting our friends to church, and three getting the members involved. So it was really good stuff then from there the rest of the day was pretty normal. We would go out and talk to people and then in the evening time we went back to Alex’s house. Alex was there, we spoke to him about the things he needs to get baptized. Then we invited all his friends into the room and we taught 4 of them the Restoration. Gave each of them a copy of the Book of Mormon and invited them to read it. I know they felt the power of the message. I’m not sure really what will happen with them or if we’ll even be able to sit down with them again but at least I can I say I declared the truth of our message. We walked away feeling calm and that we did our part.

Then the following day was another great story. We were going through the whole day and not much was really happening. Just the day before I had set a lesson up with this girl on the high street and she didn’t really seem like she would show up. But low and behold she came. She only had a few mins before going to work. So while standing there on the street we taught and testified of the Restoration and gave her a Book of Mormon an invited her to read it. She knew that what we shared with her was true and she didn’t really know how to take it in. She didn’t want to set another time to meet because she wanted to think about we shared with her so we said okay. I know we’ll see her again.

For the next few days things seemed to really calm down and we were going around and doing the best we could. I had the Bieth Elders come over for exchange so that I could get to know them a bit better. It was a pretty short exchange, but it was good. Then Saturday came around. The whole day was pretty normal, out finding and talking to people on the street. Then it came to the evening time. We went around to the woman with the two daughters. Knocked the door and there was the young one “You came back!” Once again and hour of radio-active energy was poured into that girl and the off button was nowhere in sight. Like the time before we taught a lesson, have no idea how but we did and it made sense. However this time the mom was completely blown away. We taught the plan of salvation. She was a little unsure about a few things but when we shared the scriptures that taught the doctrine from the Bible and the Book of Mormon she was amazed. We invited her to baptism and she agreed. We’ll be going back tonight for a third lesson. She was unable to come to church because they all slept in. We woke them all up and she couldn’t get the youngest one up.
Sunday was pretty good. It seems to be the Augustine week in Church because you can guess it, I also gave a talk in sacrament. Never saw that one coming did you? I had the opportunity to speak about how we can develop a powerful and strong testimony and share that with others. I wrote the talk the day before but didn’t pull it out to read from during the talk. I shared that a simple testimony is powerful. I used the same scripture that I sent to you from last week in Mormon chapter 8 and showed how Moroni shared his simple testimony in Moroni chapter 1 that he will not deny the Christ. His example is that even when everything seems to fall apart around us when we hold to our simple and strong testimony of the Savior, we can withstand all things. I then reminded everyone of the teachings of Helaman to his son in chapter 5 verse 12. Then bore my testimony of the Gospel. I do enjoy speaking in church.

Then the rest of the day was food and try byes and that was really about it to be honest. So I’ll type up a talk for Alex to read and you can send me photos and I’ll call my mission president to see if I can go down there next Monday for P-day and visit her.

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