We have found ourselves just getting more busier.

20180130_115015 (1)
Well Happy Birthday to Alex! I sent a card but not sure when it’ll get there.
Well, the start of the week was pretty cool. The last P-day we actually didn’t get around to anything, we didn’t go out to that store so I’ll try again next week. But it was a pretty normal day. Then Tuesday came around and we had a really cool District Meeting. I invited Bishop Yates to come around and speak to all the missionaries. That guy knows a lot about the gospel. It was pretty crazy but really cool. He spoke about the challenges of working with less actives and recent converts. Then the zone leaders gave a short instruction about the difference between a full-time missionary and a fill time missionary. Then last of all, I spoke to the district about using the Book of Mormon to answer questions and objectives. It was pretty cool. Then we were off for the day and it really just got busy. That evening we got invited to the young men’s activity at the church where we spoke to the youth about baptisms. They are going to be doing a youth temple trip soon so we were helping all the priests get ready to help with the baptisms in the temple because they can do that now. Which will be really cool for all them.
So as the week goes on by, we have found ourselves just getting more and more busy. Then I think the great part about the week was running into these two potential investigators. The guy we had a great chat about religion and really just getting away from the world and finding joy or trying to find God. We were then able to set a time to meet with him and I’m really looking forward to that. Then I ran into this woman and she was really nice. She had actually come to the church once before and she loved the idea of temples and that’s what she told me so we had a great chat and I’m hoping to see her again tomorrow. Then we ran into this interesting man. The guy told us he was taught by missionaries in the past and we sat down with him and he told us that he could read minds. Well he wanted to hear what we had to share and he said he enjoyed it and that God was telling him in his mind to get baptized. It was a really good lesson I will admit that, but the guy later texted us and said no thanks doesn’t want to get baptized but thanked us for the book. So that was odd and funny.
Then came moves call on Saturday. We didn’t get too much done because we were thinking about the call all day. We tried to keep ourselves busy but that didn’t work out so well. Well it was getting late we hadn’t had the call yet so we for some food from a kebab shop and came back to the flat to have dinner. Elder Palmer was thinking more and more that he was going to stay, but the call came and Elder Palmer is off to Livingstone. I’m staying here in Irvine and I’ll be with Elder Myers who I just picked up.
This morning we went to Paisley and we get to the train station and Sister Kearns got a new companion as well. Well Elder Myers and Sister Kotter (Sister Kearns new companion) were on the train together coming to Paisley. Well for a while no one knew where Elder Myers went to. He was lost but then found and got on this train. So Sister Kotter was going to stay on the train and Sister Kearns would get on and go to Stevenson with them. Elder Myers would get off and we would get the next train because the train with the Sisters doesn’t go to Irvine. Well the train comes and we see them and Sister Kearns gets on but Elder Myers doesn’t get off and then I see him getting his bags and running to the door but it’s too late the door shuts and the trains starts off again. We all just look as Elder Myers wave’s good bye on the train. It was pretty funny. So lucky the sisters with him had a phone so we call and have him get off at a stop, and then I got onto the next train and then meet him at the stop we told him to get off at. So that was a fun start! The rest of week will be really good though. I’m excited to see what happens. I’ll see if I can skype into the baptism and let you know.

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