Freedom comes because of the Atonement and the effort on our part to accept that sacrifice.


Well, what a week it has been! Don’t worry I got photos but I forgot about the suit photo so just have to wait another week. I’ll get it eventually.

The start of the week we were off on exchanges. I was with Elder Sazaki and we were also running around everywhere, but it was a good finding day in the heavy rain. Whenever I seem to plan any exchange with the other Elders, it’s always raining really bad and then it’s just not the best exchange.

So the rest of week was just a blur of meeting with people. We were all over the place, again running from appointment to appointment. We’ve been meeting with a lot of less-actives. Most have been coming back to church, so that’s been great! We just have a few more to get back and we’ll be going places.

A funny story, we went around to a member’s home for dinner Fiona Soden and it turns out she grew up with the Cummings from Airdrie. So we had a good chat about that, it was just interesting how everyone here pretty much knows each other. Following the dinner appointment as it was on Wednesday we had Nathan Baptismal interview and he passed so that was great.

The following day we went with Nathan to institute to help him get there and see what it is like and he loved it! So he’ll be going back each week now. It was a small class but it was good. Not the same as Utah where the classes for institute are just full all the time.

Then Saturday we had Nathans baptism! We were at the church early to get the font full. No worries we cleaned it that morning so it was all nice and clean for him. We had his baptism at 6 and quite a few members from the ward came to support him which was really cool. The service started with a talk from Brother Watson about Baptism and then Ruth Peden and she spoke about the Holy Ghost. Then we had Nathans baptism. It was really good. Elder Palmer performed the ordinance. So while they were changing we watched some Mormon messages. They came back and Bishop Yates gave him the welcome to the ward. The following day during sacrament I confirmed him a member of the church and that was a great experience.

So I was able to think a bit about the baptism and really what it does for each and every one of us. I found it interesting just now how Alex wanted to talk about Freedom (February family topic). Whereas baptism is the opening gate to Freedom from a sinful life to a life filled with the spirit and a straight and narrow path back to God. Repentance is the life freeing ability to walk with a clean life. Countless Prophets have always expressed the message of repentance. One such scripture found in the 6th chapter of Jacob which reminds us this message of repentance and joy. Verse 6 “Wherefore, my beloved brethren, I beseech of you in words of soberness that ye would repent, and come with full purpose of heart, and cleave unto God as he cleaveth unto you. And while his arm of mercy is extended towards you in the light of the day, harden not your hearts”. We come to the throne of God to lay our sins at the feet of the Savior. He has already paid the price with his prefect Atonement which came about through an eternal love for all of us. He cleaves to us because he wants us to trust him. He extends his nailed scared hands towards us every day as a reminder that we are never alone. The Atonement allows us to change and become a new even when we sin again and again. Baptism is just the step into the kingdom of God, However Enduring to the End is the pathway to Eternal life with our heavenly king. Freedom comes because of the Atonement and the effort on our part to accept that sacrifice. A bit all over the place but the simple truth is how repentance is real and it available to all. Nathan has been able to experience that freedom from sin now. He is now on the path way to return to his Heavenly Father and enjoy the blessings that come from the Gospel. In my studies I have found it interesting how the Doctrine of the Atonement is most accepted truth by all Christians but the least understood by them. Where others teach that he simply paid the price of sin so we may be saved. But it’s more than that. We understand that the Atonement was prepared from the foundation of the world. He overcame Physical and Spiritual Death. Through his atonement we are all saved from physical death that is a free gift to all and does not depend on what we have done in life. All of us will be resurrected. However the effects of spiritual death depend on us. Jesus Christ has already paid the price but it is up to us to accept that or not. Just as Jacob encourages us to not harden our hearts, we take a step with a broken heart and give it to that Great Carpenter. Through ordinances by correct priesthood authority we can find safety in the arms of the Savior. No matter who we are or where we are he will always be right there waiting for us.

So we will be having moves call on Saturday and I’m not sure what will happen, but I think I might stay.

Also where you bought my bagpipes the McCallum place. It’s in my area! We are going to get a bus out to it today and go give it a look.

So to end, this week will be another crazy week, but we are seeing miracles!

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