When we just simply follow the commandments and do our best we can feel such a greater peace in our life.

Irn Bru has changed the recipe because something with tax and sugar but it’s still pretty much the same thing. No different.
Well we kind of did a Burns Supper at the Minchin’s but that was about it, the ward here didn’t do one. Other wards did but not here. This week has been a crazy wee! So Monday we were going to go to another beach and check some other places out with the sisters but it started raining a lot so we just hung around the mall around. We went in this PC Curry place with all the smart phones and stuff and I never knew what the phones can do now! It’s crazy. The hardest part was I couldn’t figure out how to turn on the phone. So P day was alright.
We then had our Scotland South Conference. We woke up pretty early then got a train to Edinburgh. I honestly like taking the train, I don’t really want a mission car. So we got to the conference and it was a pretty simple conference. We had some good instructions about the Atonement and a few other things about the New Year, and what the mission is hoping to do. We were told about our new mission President. I’ll have him as my mission President for about a week or 5 days. So not really two mission presidents. Then we had the fun time travelling back to Irvine. We were going to get a ride to the train station from the mission home because our zone leader said that the van would come back for my District. So we waited and waited, and they never came. The other AP came back and he called the missionaries that were driving the van and those missionaries thought they were done with giving rides, so they went and started street finding. Well we just gave up and walked. Got back pretty late but that’s okay.
So the rest of the week has been pretty crazy, we’ve been running from appointment to appointment. I mean we have been literally running. I need to do morning exercises more often. So we went and taught our investigator Nathan. The first lesson was terrible. We were all over the place, but we went back the next day and it was great! He wants to get baptized so badly. He is doing great. So Sunday morning we were going to walk with him to church and we were out on the street waiting for him, but he didn’t show up. So we ran over to his flat and buzzed his flat over and over and woke him up. Then he got dressed and off we were to church. So we got to Church and it was a pretty good service. Nathan just went around to everyone telling everyone about his baptism and how he loves reading the Book of Mormon. It’s been great! Then after church we sat down with him and went through the Baptismal questions. This guy had some really amazing answers. We’ve only been teaching him for a week. Then one of the questions was “what does it mean to you to repent?” And he answers with “To apply the Atonement of Christ” I have never heard any investigator give such a profound answer. Just completely blew me away. So I can say that this week I had a joyful heart!
Because of the miracles that have been happening in this area, Elder Palmer and I have been working really hard and we are starting to see the effects of working hard. When we just simply follow the commandments and do our best we can feel such a greater peace in our life. This is how this past week has been. So it’s going to be a great week this week as well! The Beith Elders came down for P day today and we’ll be on exchanges tomorrow. Then we should be having a baptism on Saturday. What a great week. I’ll get the t shirt pictures today don’t have any photos of the birthday so oh well. Maybe next year ha-ha. Then I did get the card so Thank you to everyone I loved it a lot!

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