What an undeniable witness one receives when he or she reads the Book of Mormon with real intent.

Sounds like a lot has been happening back home and will be very different when I come home.

Well what a week aye! Our last P-day we went with the Sisters over to a beach and just had some fun and took some fun photos. Elder Palmer and I were wearing the shirts, but it was so cold that we didn’t want to take off the coats to take a photo, but we got some other photos. Then we were out and about again for the evening knocking doors. We went around to someone who had invited us around a couple of weeks ago. They were in and we were able to teach a lesson and they are reading through the Book of Mormon! We were going to see them yesterday but they sent us a text that they had a massive hang over. We laughed and said we’ll come back later on in the week.

So the hours went on. We had our first District meeting of the transfer! What a great meeting! We learned about praying with faith and having expectations for miracles! We talked about some teaching skills, we read Alma 29 and compared it to missionary work, followed with talking about the Atonement and how it applies to us as missionaries and those we are teaching.

Well after the meeting we got back to work. Then really the next 3 days just kind of blurred together really. Because of all the visits we have been doing for the Bishop and all the people we are running into, I’ve never been so busy before which has been great! We are working with a ton of people and just trying to get them to Church. We did have a less active come which was really good! So out of all the appointments I don’t know how, but we were still able to set up appointments to teach new people. What a miracle!
Saturday we went out on exchanges with the zone leaders in Paisley. The first man I tried to speak to wasn’t very nice. He kept going off how evil I was and what we believe and that we don’t believe in the real Jesus. So being me, I held out my arms and offered this man a hug. He wasn’t very keen on receiving a hug, but the invitation was there. It’s sad that a lot of people in the world won’t stop and listen to something that is kind and meaningful from another person. So we kept going and we spoke to some nice people, it was an all finding day so not always the most fun, but it was interesting.
I also spoke to another woman who was going to Mass but she doesn’t know if Jesus is really the Son of God or not. In fact she didn’t really know if anything was true about the gospel, but she was fine with just how she was not knowing. I could not understand this woman at all, to continue to go to church because that is what her family did but never wanting to know. I think that is the biggest difference between those that read the Book of Mormon and those who don’t. Why not receive the most powerful witness that Jesus is the very Christ that he professed to be? Why not such a strong belief that you can say that he have was the great Jehovah of the Old Testament, The Messiah of the New, and that he lives! He is eternal and everlasting and brings us peace. What an undeniable witness one receives when he or she reads the Book of Mormon with real intent and humbly asks the Father in the name of Christ if it is true. I think was the biggest thing that I learned that we can know God. We can know because that is one of the purposes of life to know the Father. When we know him and we know that he knows us we can receive so much more out of life.
So after the exchanges we came back to Irvine, it was late as the children were making a mess in the street. Then we received a text from a young man asking if he could come to Church tomorrow. So we sent a time and a place to meet then we would walk to church. The following morning there he was and we walked to church. Probably the nicest kid I’ve ever met, but also terrible with social skills. However, he came and just started talking to everyone and we went through the whole day which he really enjoyed it. The best part was at the very end, he turned to us and asked if we do baptisms. We responded of course with a yes! Then looking very intently he asked if he could get baptized today. Took us both back, was not expecting that, but he will be getting baptized very soon. So we had a really good week! Working hard and loving it.

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