With the guidance that we get from the Prophet today, we can navigate the most difficult trials in life.

What a week! So the start of the week was New Years. We had a bunch of movies and we sat in our flat all day doing nothing. Which was really nice to just sit back and relax. We had the whole Avatar series the cartoon and we watched that all day. So it was actually pretty fun. Tuesday we got back to work. We did a bit of P-day stuff in the morning but then the rest of the day we were out and about. We had a meeting with the Bishop and talked about people that we could start to visit and others we could have the chance to find a baptism. We are looking for a soul to bring to Christ this Transfer.

Well then you guessed it, the following day was another day like any other. We went on exchanges with the Beith Elders. So I was off with Elder Gregory and Elder Palmer went off with Elder Sazaki. It was a bit weird because they are all 18 and still really new in the mission field. I felt so old around them all, but it was good. We had a big lunch together, the Sisters came and joined us also. Sorry, I forget to get photos. But it was good. They all gave me card telling me how old I was. We then went to the Minchin’s and had a great dinner with them for my birthday.

The rest of the week has just flown on by, we’ve been so busy with visiting people and finding that we are getting really busy, which is really good! We almost had to cancel some dinner appointments because how busy we were this week, we did have a pretty funny experience with finding. We were out on the high street and here comes walking a woman and I start to talk to her and as I start she puts in her headphones and I’m like oh she probably just going to listen to some music but she answers the phone! Then just walks away. Elder Palmer noticed so we were just kind of laughing at the awkward moment. But then she turns around and walks back and apologized that it was her mother and asked us what we were doing. So that started the conversation, and she said she would be interested in coming to church. We then asked if we could come by to visit her and her family which she responded with “Why not”. Probably our most solid appointment. It was just a nice small miracle for us. So during the rest of the week we were just out and about. Then there was one day we received a text from our zone leader asking if I could give an instruction the next day, however there were no meetings to my knowledge. So I answered back and well it turns out we had our leadership meeting in the morning and they never informed me and now I have just a few hours left of the day to come up with a half hour instruction, but we got the instruction all planned out. Usually the companions to the District leader don’t stay for the meetings but I had Elder Palmer stay he didn’t want to but it was fun. So not too much to talk about this week, just that we are becoming more and busier which is good. I’m excited for the next month.

Then President Donaldson sent out a very interesting email this week. As with the passing of President Monson, he will be missed but I’m grateful for the leadership in the church that we will never be without a prophet in the church today. Just an interesting thought from President Donaldson but he shared with us what happens when the Prophet passes away.
When the president of the Church passes away, the following events take place:
1. The First Presidency is automatically dissolved.
2. The two counselors in the First Presidency revert to their places of seniority in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Seniority is determined by the date on which a person was ordained to the Twelve, not by age.
3. The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, now numbering 14 and headed by the senior apostle, assumes Church leadership.
4. The senior apostle presides at a meeting of the Quorum of the Twelve to consider two alternative propositions:
i. Should the First Presidency be reorganized at this time?
ii. Should the Church continue to function with the Quorum of the Twelve presiding?
5. After discussion, a formal motion is made and accepted by the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.
6. If a motion to reorganize the First Presidency is passed, the Quorum of the Twelve unanimously selects the new president of the Church. The new president chooses two counselors and the three of them become the new First Presidency. Throughout the history of the Church, the longest-serving apostle has always become the president of the Church when the First Presidency has been re-organized.
7. Following the reorganization of the First Presidency, the apostle who has served the second longest is sustained as the president of the Quorum of the Twelve. When the second-longest-serving apostle has also been called into the First Presidency as a counselor, the third-longest-serving apostle becomes acting president of the Twelve.
8. The president of the Quorum of the Twelve, along with the rest of the apostles, sets apart the new president of the Church through a formal laying on of hands.

Our Heavenly Father is a God of order and direction. He wants us to have as many blessings as we can receive and even more. The Presidents of the Church are the successors to the Prophet Joseph Smith and they by Direct Revelation lead and guide the Kingdom of God on Earth. Every 6 months we have the chance to hear council from these inspired men. After that conference we should have those talks next to our scriptures for the next 6 months. That is our modern scripture for this day and age. With the guidance that we get from the Prophet today, we can navigate the most difficult trials in life. How grateful we should be for our Prophet. I will never have to rely on wisdom of men to interpret scripture into what they want. I will never attend Church anywhere in the world and have it be different. We are a part of the living Church that is the same everywhere which is the only Church that holds the authority of God and holds the answers to eternal life. Make sure we spend time pondering on the messages that we receive from our Prophet.

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