Happy Birthday Elder Augustine!

Well it’s going to be a short email this week because I’ve been rushing around and not really up to much!
I was able to skype home for a bit on Christmas and it was great to speak to everyone! It’s weird to say that I’ll be coming home this year now. The last year was up and down, but full of great experiences. I’m really excited for these coming weeks and what will happen in the mission. We’ve been working pretty hard, so this next year will be something. I forgot my camera so no photos this week, sorry.

So it’s been really great here in Irvine, I’ve been so excited each day as we work. We’ve been meeting a lot of great people and setting up a lot of appointments, so it’s all really great. To be honest though I don’t know what to say in this email, it’s been just a lazy day with New Year’s so we’ve been sleeping and watching movies and just doing nothing. It’s nice to just sit down and do nothing for a bit, but it’s also really boring. So we’ll be getting back into work and just going to keep going when it’s all over. So I’m glad everything back home is well and everyone enjoyed the New Year! Thank you for the Birthday song and thank the Stronachs for the Birthday card! It’ll be a fun day. We’ll be on exchanges with the Beith Elders so we’ll have a great day of work and just enjoying being missionaries! So hope all is well speak to you next week!


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