Transferred to Irvine, Ayrshire

Alright well this is going to be a short email because it’s been a super busy day and it’s been a busy few days. So last week was a pretty good week we were out seeing people and saying our good byes as we were really unsure of what would be happening. Thursday we went around to see the Thomson family. While we were there is when I received the moves call, because Friday we would be leaving in the morning to drop off Elder Herr to go home for Monday. So the call came and I’ve been moved to Irvine. I’m back in the Paisley Zone at the exact same time last year. I’ve been to Irvine a lot when I was in Kilmarnock so it’s a bit odd to be here. This was the zone leader’s area when I was here.

Well the hardest part about the call though was that they were shutting down the islands for the winter. Missionaries will be back in the spring, but it was pretty sad to hear that. Still not sure what I think about it. After the phone call we said our good byes and off we were to get packing and cleaning the flat.

That was a pretty long night. We woke up early the following morning, dropped off one last Book of Mormon for a man along the way before catching the ferry and then the long travel down to Aberdeen.

I said good bye to Elder Herr on Saturday and he was off. I was then with the zone leaders for the next few days. Sunday was an interesting day because I went to Church in Aberdeen and everyone kept coming up to me and asking if I was the new Elder and I would say no, then they would walk off. So it was pretty funny.
The days were pretty long as I was waiting to get moving to my new area. Monday was just crazy! I ended up with one of the zone leaders because the other one was moved, however we were rushing back and forth all around Aberdeen moving missionaries here and there. Then we had to pack all of our things and pick up another Elder and drive all the way to Edinburgh, which was not a fun car ride.
Once in Edinburgh I met my companion and we then packed all the stuff into another car and that was way too much stuff. We then arrived to Irvine and that was a pretty good ride. I do miss the trains, mostly because I get to talk to a variety of people, you don’t get to do that in the car. We arrived to the Irvine flat around 8-ish. Opened the door to the flat and it was just a mess. I honestly think President sends me to areas so I clean up after some missionaries. Just on Sunday I helped to clean the zone leader flat because that was gross. So last night and pretty all day today so far we’ve been cleaning it up and making it nice again, because a clean life is a happy life. So far here in Irvine it’s been great, I have a great new companion Elder Palmer who is an amazing missionary and will be a great leader in the mission soon. We are going to be doing some great things here in Irvine! I will miss the Orkney Islands as there are some of the greatest people there that I got to know really well.
So sorry for the short email again, but I don’t have much time to email today! But I will be speaking to you soon!


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