We will be looking for places to serve and to help.

Well this week has been something. Monday evening we had this older man invite us around to his home to talk about God. So we went, he let us in and we sat down with him. He was very nice, and likes to talk that’s for sure. He had a ton of religious paintings around his home. Just all over the place so he really loves his faith. Well we asked a few questions and he said he would be willing to hear what we had to share and I don’t even think we even got to speak very much. We would say one thing and the next thing we know he is going on and on and we just could not say anything. So he was totally confused by the end from his speaking and our one sentence teaching. But he said he would read the Book of Mormon and tell us what he thinks. We’ll be going back tonight to see what happens.

So the rest of the week went by really fast we’ve been out finding a lot in the rain and hail. It just kept raining every day. We haven’t had a dry day at all and I’ve only seen the sun maybe for about 2-3 hours in the whole week. But it’s been pretty fun. William is doing great and we are going to seeing him on Tuesday along with another investigator of ours. So we should be pretty busy along with our District Cluster meeting on Wednesday down in Inverness.

So our Thanksgiving to be honest was celebrated with Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches. Which I thought were made very well. We didn’t really do anything for Thanksgiving. I’m the only American around so it wasn’t much point to it, but it was still a pretty good day. We did have lunch with a member and she always makes a lot of food so that was very nice of her to have us around. So it sounds like everyone back home had a great time and is all ready for Christmas!

So the Light The World we have been preparing for it. We have all the calendar’s and pass a long cards ready. So one way that we are going to help with that is to send out a text to the members on each day informing them of what the daily service is and what scripture to think about. So when everyone does this service share it with a friend or a family member. So I’m really excited to start it up and see what happens this season. We have an invite from Elder Ballard for the Christmas season as well. We will be looking for places to serve and to help.
It’s a short email today not too much has happened, but I’m looking forward to the coming week with all the excitement about Christmas and serving others.

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