The best answer we can always give is Happiness! It’s a joyful message that improves the quality life. Because either I’m crazy and left my family and friends for two years or I actually found something that brings happiness.

Well what a week for everyone back home and here! We started off the week pretty alright with a lot of chapping and searching for people who want to hear the gospel! We didn’t have a District meeting at the start of the week because we lost a person in our District, but no worries we’ll be having a District meeting tomorrow. We are only going to be having two meetings this transfer, because next week we’ll be having a combined meeting with the Inverness District and President should be there. Then the following week will be All Scotland, but wait it gets better, the following week after that we’ll be heading down to Aberdeen to send Elder Herr off. So going to be a lot of traveling in the next few weeks.

Well back to the week, Tuesday evening we were out knocking those doors. We had a lot of “not interested” but we had a few “come backs” as well…and we went back! I think it sometimes surprises people when we come back. One of the doors we knocked was a younger mom with some kids. We went back the following Thursday as she didn’t give us a time so we figured somewhere around the later afternoon. Knocked on door and it opened to the young mom. She invited us in and told us how she had a conversation with the last missionaries here, but they never came back around to visit her. We continued the conversation and like many people in the world she expressed her concern if there was such thing as God why does he let all these bad things happen in the world. It’s a fair question, one that I get asked many, many times. So we expressed to her our simple answer about agency and how we are to act for ourselves and sometimes people use their agency to hurt others. But the bad things that do happen in life are lessons that we can learn from and apply into the rest of our lives. Most times it’s a simple answer but the person wants a solid answer as in God showing up in person and just to tell them everything. The good thing is that she accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon and said that she would read it and write down her questions. She was a really nice woman and we look forward to going back.

Then the rest of the time we were out finding. We then had a pretty funny experience later on in the week. We were along the high street and I stop this older gentleman with a dog and before we could even say anything he starts to go off about something about God. But it was a pretty good conversation and he got talking about the Trinity and I told him we actually believe them to be separate persons but one in purpose. He didn’t like that statement and before I know it he has now shouted at this other man walking by and asked him to join us. This old man then asks him, “What faith do you have?” The other man responds in a really nice way that he Muslim. This old man then informs him that he is Catholic and that we (pointing to Elder Herr and I) are a part of the true faith because we believe in Jesus, and before we know it this old man and this nice Muslim man are in a little bit of conflict, not yelling but just a little tension. The conversation was just hilarious. Elder Herr could not keep from laughing at what was happening. Then as fast as he called this man over to talk with us, the older man sets up an appointment to meet with this other man later next week. From our attempt at setting up appointments here was this man that just set up an appointment in front of us! But after the nice Muslim man walked away the older man said that he wants to continue our conversation. So we’ll be going over to his home tonight for some water. As that is the drink he would like to offer. I’m rather excited to see what happens. There are going to disagreements but most we can do is to invite someone to look at it from our point of view and just be kind.

After that whole evening we proceeded to just run into the funniest people here on Orkney or we had some really great conversations with people on the street about the gospel and what it can do for us. Today’s world is a very self-centered place so when we share things with people it’s always “What’s in it for me?” What do I get out of it? And the best answer we can always give is Happiness! It’s a joyful message that improves the quality life. Because either I’m crazy and left my family and friends for two years or I actually found something that brings happiness. So that was mostly our week. We weren’t able to see William at Church yesterday but we are hoping to see him later this week. He has been reading in the Book of Mormon so that’s really good. Proud of him to take a few moments out of his busy day to read.

So that was mostly our week. The same all around and we’ll be really busy in the next few weeks. Our mission is coming close to our goal of 450 baptisms each team in the mission just needs to find one more person and we’ll be able to get there! We’ve been putting a lot into our planning to get there. So we are going to need to really step up and just keep going and working.

So I’ll find out what I can do about the baptism and if I can skype in. If not I’ll write out a letter that can be read for it. Then I should get that camera this week hopefully, we had to call the shipping company and we’ll see when they can get it to me. The last thing I wanted to share is my favorite quote from Gordon B. Hinckley. Have a great week I’ll talk to you next week.

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