This mortal life is to have joy and joy comes from unity not disharmony.

I’m staying in Orkney for another 5 weeks! And with Elder Herr. In fact the only person that changed in my District was just Sister Fisher everyone else stayed! This will be Elder Herr’s last 5 weeks in the mission so we’ll make it fun and then send him off back home!

Well we had a pretty interesting week. The majority of the days we spent out finding people or just attempting to talk to the people. It’s been getting colder and colder, so less people out and about and more people in their homes. So it’s been pretty fun we’ve run into some interesting people. But earlier in the week we meet this guy named William who is from Italy and he has been Orkney for a couple of years. He is studying at the college and has never ran into the Mormon Missionaries before. We actually set a time to meet with him on Sunday.
So as the week was going we were getting more annoyed because Saturday would be moves call and you never know what will happen with moves call, it’s always so random. So when Saturday finally came around we were on high alert watching the phone and just waiting to see if it would ring. We went the whole morning and nothing. Then in the afternoon nothing. Then just before dinner we get a call and it’s the Zone Leaders telling us that we are both staying. So then we are alright well we know what is happening for the next couple of weeks. So we got chapping and talking to some nice people.

Then Sunday comes around and we have Church, everyone is mostly back from their trips so we had a few people. Nice Church service and then we went out to visit an older woman who can’t leave her home. Gave her the sacrament and then get going for the day. Then we get over to the high street to see if our friend William will come and he did! He got to sit down and have a great chat with him and he asked questions and we explained and taught the message of the Restoration. It was a really great lesson. He told us that as we were talking to him that he could feel something! And that he wants to learn more! So we’ll be seeing him Sunday again and we’ll see if he comes to church! Which would be really awesome! He was a super awesome guy.

Then some other news, I saw that Abi from Inverness got baptized! I am so happy for her and really excited to hear more about the amazing miracles that are happening all around Scotland of the wonderful men and woman that are able to find the Gospel and to have the joy that comes from it!

Then from my understanding of chapter 20 is about fellowshipping those who are not of our faith. That’s what we do as missionaries. President Hinckley said it best in the interview “To anyone who is not of this church, I say we recognize all the virtues and good that you have. Bring it with you and see if we might add to it”. Consider the truths that everyone treasures so dearly, we are here to build it and strengthen it, uplift and inspire. Now there is going to be debates and arguments from time to time, but why have enemies when you can have friends? To fellowship those who are not of our faith is to see the good in them and be the friend that you want someone to be to yourself. This mortal life is to have joy and joy comes from unity not disharmony. So my thoughts go to what the center of the message of the Restored Gospel is about… Having a question, asking for help, then looking at what matters most. Because what matters most is the people around us. Never should we let a problem become too big than a person to be loved. (Phrasing it from Thomas S. Monson) The problems that we face could be from distractions of the phone, to even a grudge, just don’t forget the purpose of this life.

Sorry, yes I did receive the postcards from everyone! I got them, they were great! Tell them all thank you.

So I look forward to the next couple of weeks. Tell Kevin Hi for me and Grandma! Talk to you next week!

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