It’s been a sick week.

All Scotland Final
Photo is the All-Scotland Conference with Elder Dale C. Renlund of the Quorum of the Twelve. Elder Augustine is the 2nd row behind President Donaldson.

Well it hasn’t been a really exciting week I’ll admit that. Elder Herr was pretty sick at the beginning of the week so we stayed in the flat for most of the week. We then had the Shetland Elders come down for exchanges then during the exchange I started to feel pretty sick, so I’ve been all sick and what not for the last few days now. So it’s been a sick week.

But while on exchange I was with Elder Arenas and we were out walking around the town trying to stop and talk to people. Well we end up stopping this younger guy and he found our message so interesting that he asked if we could meet up with him later and talk to him. Because he is looking for something to believe in and he is pretty curious to hear what we share, so that was a pretty cool miracle out of our sick week!

So its moves call this Saturday we’ll find out what happens. I think I might stay in Orkney, but you never know, so it’s going to be fun to find out. We didn’t get around to our family home evening activity but we might be doing it this Tuesday.

So it’s going to be a short email because I don’t have too much from this past week besides the sick bug! But it’s great to hear that everyone had a great time in Moab and that it was really successful highland games! The Highland games are a lot of fun, but sadly I haven’t been able to see any here in Scotland! Just get so caught up in the missionary work don’t really have much time for other things. Tell Susan hi for me! I’ll speak to you next week!

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