It is when we have a positive attitude and we are putting in a positive effort that we start to see miracles.

Well a lot has happened this week. The start of the week was pretty cool. We got to meet with the woman that we found and she was really great! We sat down and we started talking and it lead us sharing the whole Plan of Salvation and talking about how she can find out if it is true or not. We were able to answer her questions and I believe that she enjoyed it. We ran out of time but her last question was really about the need of the Book of Mormon. I’m not surprised by this question any more, but to be honest there are times I wonder how many people actually question and try to search for answers. Not very many. I love the quote from Preach My Gospel where a convert to the church had said that “He discovered the path he didn’t even know he was looking for!” There are so many people that searching for the truth but know not where to find it. I finally understand that scripture. So we had a wonderful lesson and I’m looking forward to teaching her again. Following this the fun starts. Wednesday at 5 in the morning rolls around we get up and head out the door for our small little adventure down to Aberdeen and Dundee. We get to Thurso about 8am and we pick up the Thurso Elders and we get driving down to Aberdeen. It was a long car ride. It takes a while because the roads here just toss and turn all the time. So what would maybe take an hour or two trip in the U.S. ends up being 4-6 hour drive in Scotland. Well we get to Aberdeen in the later afternoon so Elder Herr and I go out on the streets to go and find. We talked to a lot of interesting people that is for sure. There was this massive costume party going on in the city. Not very many people have high standards like us so there was a lot of awkward costumes. But it was all really fun. I enjoyed the night that we went out talking to the few people that we did. The following day I went out on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. I was with Elder Divianis my previous District Leader. That was a lot of fun. We gave out a few copies of the Book of Mormon, we had a funny first lesson with a woman from Hungry. She has been pretty home sick so running into the missionaries was an answer to her prayer. We sat down and she would start to tell us her beliefs and then say we believed in something different, but nope she actually had the same beliefs as us they just weren’t so organized. So it was pretty hilarious to watch her face as we agreed with a lot of the things she was saying. Even more so when we showed her the scriptures from the Book of Mormon that went along with what we were talking about. We had a great day on the exchange.

So the following day Friday was the big conference. We woke up at 5 again to get down to Dundee to make sure that everyone was there. The car ride down was pretty funny. We had these two sisters and this one other Elder in the car with us and they were just funny. Well we got to the Dundee stake building and we get into the chapel. President Donaldson and everyone else was then instructing us on making sure we were all ready for the apostle. So they had us all go in to the gym area and get all set up for a photo with Elder Renlund. It was pretty crazy. But we got everyone in and we had to wait a long time for Elder Renlund. But when he finally came it was silent. He walked right up to everyone and said “I’ve arranged for this photo to be photo shopped to make me look skinnier and younger.” He is a pretty funny guy. So we all get back into the chapel and Sister Donaldson speaks to us first about Humility followed by President Donaldson who spoke about rejection. Then Sister Renlund did a discussion with us about the talks that we were supposed to read for the conference. Then Followed Elder Dale G. Renlund a message to deliver to us. The First to thank us from the Lord and the Church for our Service. Second that our Mission President has been called of God by prophecy and revelation. Third that we have been called of God by prophecy and revelation. He spoke about a lot and where our focus should be. He then drew out this grid about Attitude and Effort. The top right is the miracle quadrant. It is when we have a positive attitude and we are putting in positive effort that we start to see miracles. I want to be in that place. So there are some simple things that we can do and help our members do as well. After Elder Renlund bore a powerful and inspiring testimony of the Gospel and the Prophet Thomas S. Monson we had lunch. Following lunch we learned some more things from our leaders and what we can do to help with our goals for the mission. One thing that I like was teaching members to do missionary work over Facebook. One thing that we can do is that when we learn something inspiring we should share it! So scroll through that Facebook friends list till a name stands out and reach out to them! Tell them that you were thinking of them when you heard this message! That’s a simple way to do missionary work. Another one is to have a group chat with a members and the investigators of missionaries. When you have a few members in a group chat and maybe one or two other none members not only does it help them find friends but it allows you to do missionary work by answering their questions. So we had a very uplifting conference. We then had the long drive all the way back home. Wasn’t too bad. But the boat was pretty bad. The waves were tossing the ferry just back and forth. We were in the lounge and there was the Orkney Football team and they were all drinking. When all the sudden the boat just leans to one side and we watched them all go sliding across the room. Just imagine the movie Wall-E when all the people slide on the ship that is exactly what happened on this boat.

Well it’s great to hear about the dancing and I look forward to seeing photos from Moab it should be a fun time! We are hoping for miracles here in Orkney! Then in fact Elder Herr are doing a FHE night with one of the members and this next one we plan on doing a family history activity. We are going to be making family trees! Going to be a lot of fun. So it’s going to go great with Elder Nelsons talk you sent. Tomorrow is Halloween so I’ll get some pictures from that, I hope to see pictures from everyone back home as well!

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