As we turn back to Christ and continue to press forward with faith in Christ we can grow our testimony upon his bedrock of foundation.

The Hurricane is coming to Orkney! No worries we got a call from Sister Donaldson yesterday about the storm. We’ll be fine I’m not really worried about it, but it should be fun! Just need to stay away from the cliffs!

But this is a great teaching chance! Elder Anderson gave a wonderful talk about Spiritual Whirlwinds and how we need to build our foundation upon Christ. The Mormon message which I attached is what I’m talking about (see video below). The Tree grows stronger in the wind and prepares itself by growing roots fast and deeper into the soil and the cells in the branches grow fast to become stronger to with stand the forces of the wind. I love how Elder Anderson speaks that sometimes without noticing we are moved from our foundation. We don’t always notice, but it happens. The way back is repentance. As we turn back to Christ and continue to press forward with faith in Christ we can grow our testimony upon his bedrock of foundation. We must become deeply rooted within his commandments so that when we stand we are not moved, because our branches have become stronger. But we need both strong roots and strong branches. As we learn from Jacob about the lord of the vineyard (Jacob 5), Even though this is a metaphor for the world and the restoration, the olive tree itself can teach us about what it means to have strong roots and strong branches. When the roots grow strong but the branches do not, the fruit is bitter and not good because the branches will break and not withstand the winds. The same is when the roots are not deeply rooted the tree can easily be up-rooted. So how the lord so diligently worked on his Olive Tree, so must we work on ours and not give up. I also like how the Lord of the Vine yard is about ready to give up but the servant who loves his master encourages him to go one last time to work and he follows the counsel of the servant to leading him to save his Olive Tree. Even though we are the masters of our own vineyard we may from time to time need the encouraging words of others to up lift and inspire us to keep working.
So this past week has been full of challenges and pressing forward with faith in Christ.

We had a great District meeting to start the week and get us ready on finding those new people that are searching for something. We had a lot of appointments set for the week and many did fall through, but we had one that sort of held! So Elder Herr and I chapped into this wonderful mother named Stephanie. We spoke to her at the door, she told us that she had already spoken to us on the street. Well I’m not taking that answer as not to come back. So “We share a message how families can be together forever!” We got invited back. Went back the next day her small daughter was poking her head out the window, but sadly no one was answering. We couldn’t keep waiting so off we went again to get back to chapping. We chapped into a few other people that invited us back so feeling alright. Then the next day we go around and those people didn’t answer so walking about a little discouraged, the thought came to mind to try by Stephanie. So we did and we came to the door and knocked. Waited, Door opens! And “Come in”! So we sit down with Stephanie and she had her children with her, funny kids. We were then able to say the wonderful news of the Restoration and how that because of this Restoration her family can be together forever. I think I love it most being able to share and testify of this wonder message to the world. Even though there was a lot of challenges this week. I always find the simple times when you find just one person that has a willing heart to hear the message it uplifts your spirit more than anything. So we’ve been all over the place this week. Just out chapping and talking to people on the street. It’s been pretty crazy. But this next week I’m excited because we are going to do a bit more member teaching, we are going to teach the members how to be missionaries, and share the Book of Mormon with others! Because it’s always the last person you expected to accept the Restored Gospel… Always happens.
Then yes Elder Renlund will be speaking to us at our mission conference next week! I’m really excited we have to prepare ourselves to learn as well so it’s going to really great.

I’m doing great! Just keep on going!

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