I love the Book of Mormon and what it teaches

Well what a week. We got the T-shirts and we’ll be getting the photos today at some point.
Well to let you guys know about this week, so Monday was a pretty dull day. We mostly spent the day cleaning and what not and then the rest of the week went by pretty slow. Normaly we would have District meeting on Tuesday but because people in our district were moving around we didn’t have a meeting, but we will tomorrow. So that should be a lot of fun. I always enjoy the District meetings because it’s usually a big help to get motivated for the week. So really the only highlight is we’ve been out chapping a lot and really doing a bit more to get to talk to more people. Because it’s starting to get colder and darker, there is less people out on the streets so we’ve been out chapping. We have been having a lot more success, we just have to see if all the people will hold their appointments. Got some interesting people that we’ll be meeting up with. But a lot of families which will be awesome! I haven’t had the chance to really sit down with a family and teach them but we are still looking. Well later on in the week we did get invited back to a home. We went back and they let us in. So we sit down with this Man and his wife. The man is a religious teacher here at the high school. So we’re like alright that’s pretty cool. His wife is a physical therapist and we get chatting, they had the missionaries around like years ago and they were taught a bit from the missionaries. So they’ll have us around so we are going back to have dinner with them tonight. It should be an interesting time. So that was some new people that we found and then again the rest of the time has been going around chapping doors and we have quite a lot of people that have invited us back for next week. So we’ll see what happens! I’m rather excited because it should be a great week.
Another great thing was these past few weeks Elder Herr and I decided to sit down and read through the whole Book of Mormon and really go through it for our studies and focus on the uplifting message that it brings. This past week we finished that goal and it was really great because even though we spent just about an hour or two in the book every day we still finished it in about 2-3 weeks. I would have to say reading through the Book of Mormon each time is so uplifting and inspiring.
I loved the talks that were given this past general conference that were about the Book of Mormon and about the council that President Thomas S. Monson gave about reading the Book of Mormon every day. It’s interesting as a missionary because all you really want people to do is to read this book, just to read it. Haven’t asked them to change their life or to leave everything be hide but just to exercise just a bit of faith and read the book and ask God if it’s true. I love the Book of Mormon and what it teaches. So it hasn’t been the most exciting week but that’ll change this next week. We are going to have a great week and I plan on seeing miracles.
Well Alex is taller than me so I don’t think there isn’t anything else you can do. Speak to you next week!

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