He is there and is helping, but you have to look for him.

Well it sounds like a fun filled week. I would have to say not much has really happened here. I haven’t had a chance to watch all of conference, because of the time difference and really nowhere to go to watch it. I’ve only been able to watch the Saturday Morning part, so I got a lot of catching up to do!
But I have loved the talks that where given then. Over this past week building up to moves call it always gets a bit harder than any other week because we never know what will happen. But to let you know I’ll be in Orkney for another 6 weeks with Elder Herr. So it should be a fun time.

It has been a bit of a rough week with not much happening. Winter is really starting to come in and so the weather in Orkney is always changing now. It gets really, really, cold at night here and then it just dumps rain in the morning and most of the time by the afternoon it’s sunny before it’s gets windy and rainy in the evening time. Just can’t keep up with this weather! It’s just been all over the place! So we are about to give up on the high street of Orkney because now everyone is hiding in their homes from the weather. Also all the cruise ships have stopped till next year. So no more tourist.

So with the weather and all that going on it’s been an interesting week.
To really highlight the week that would be moving a shed. I didn’t take any photos but we went around to the Park’s this past week because they had bought a new shed and we were helping them move it. They wanted the shed in the back garden. So Elder Herr and I got to work on leveling out the ground to place the shed on because they had a really hilly garden. Oh I wish the ground was this soft back home and I was digging those holes for those trees in our back garden. So we got it cleared out and got all the earth moved. Then came the shed part. They had this same fence that was in the way so we had two ways of doing this, we either cut down the fence or put it back or we lift the shed over the fence. And this shed was not a light shed, it was solid wood and pretty heavy. But we went for lifting the shed! So we gathered some neighbors and we got to work. That was so heavy and we could not get the shed up. So after spinning it around we lifted one side of the shed up onto the fence and took a break. Then we all got around and lifted again to get it to balance the shed on the fence and that was a sturdy fence. Because if not, the shed would have smashed that fence. Then we slid the shed over the fence and braced for the impact of when it left the fence and got it to place where we needed it. Oh that was a lot. But I did learn the lesson to never give up even if the problem seems bigger than you can handle. So after this shed moving we went back around to the flat and got cleaned up before heading over to Donna’s for some dinner and FHE! Which was really fun. So Elder Herr and I were trying to think of something we could do that would be really fun. The Armor of God! So we watched the Armor of God from the Bible Videos and read Eph chapter 6 I believe. Then early we went and got a bunch of newspaper and we made Armor for James! It was a blast and we all really enjoyed it and had a good laugh as well. Even though it was just paper the time was spent laughing and having a great time. It really was what family home evening was about and that was bringing a family closer together.

There are lot of things that are happening in the world right now that are causing a lot of questions to be asked and one of them that I hear most often is “Where is God in all this?”. It’s a simple answer but one that not a lot people like and that is He is there and is helping, but you have to look for him. Because he allows men to have choices, which men make the wrong choices a lot of the time, but if we listen hard enough we can find where God is. I often like to refer back to 3 Nephi 11:3 “ And it came to pass that while they were thus conversing one with another, they heard a voice as if it came out of heaven; and they cast their eyes round about, for they understood not the voice which they heard; and it was not a harsh voice, neither was it a loud voice; nevertheless, and notwithstanding it being a small voice it did pierce them that did hear to the center, insomuch that there was no part of their frame that it did not cause to quake; yea, it did pierce them to the very soul, and did cause their hearts to burn.
4 And it came to pass that again they heard the voice, and they understood it not.
5 And again the third time they did hear the voice, and did open their ears to hear it; and their eyes were towards the sound thereof; and they did look steadfastly towards heaven, from whence the sound came.
6 And behold, the third time they did understand the voice which they heard; and it said unto them:
7 Behold my Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased, in whom I have glorified my name—hear ye him.”

Often we hear something and do not understand it. The wonderful message that was shared from you and how long it took you to hear a simple answer is a message to never be forgotten. During this time of family home evening I saw where God was and He was in the love of this small family and the love they have for each other. Will take us time and time again to hear sweet whisperings of the Holy Ghost, and when that happens we can not forget it. The feelings and impressions that are left from hearing the word of God are needed to uplift and inspire us to keep going. We need them to become a part of who we are. None of this makes a difference unless it actually gets into us. With this in mind the rest of the week was really good. We went back over to the Parks and did a fun little fireside about the Temples. We talked a lot and we had a great time learning more about the temples and what a blessing they are. I miss the temple, it is a place where all the stress in the world goes away. And just for a few moments that we have in there we are in Heaven.
Well I look forward to hearing the rest of conference and learning more and feeling more inspired. During this time I would also like to express how much Elder Robert D. Hales will be missed.
Well it should be a fun week this time around. We’ll be doing our best to stay busy with all this rain and weird weather.
But I’ll keep going because people need this gospel. Just how President Dieter F. Uchtdorf put it, “It will make your life Better and God will use you to make other people’s lives Better.”

Had an investigator from Inverness send me these.

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