What I love is the faith of these saints to keep coming every week even though there are so few of them.

I’m pretty sure I got down the days of the week, had a pretty good laugh with this one!
What a week full of the temple and other wonderful experiences for everyone back home. So this week not much has happened.

The Zone leaders came up on Monday and Tuesday to do exchanges with us and it was a great time. For P-day because it was raining so much here in Kirkwall, we spent most of the day inside playing ping pong and relaxing. Then we were out finding and the next day we had our District meeting. We could not get the Lerwick Elders onto Skype so it took forever, but we had an amazing breakfast. Sister Smith made so much food and it was really good. This week was their last week here in Orkney, they are now in Montrose. Tuesday was really great, we got to sit down with this person and we talked about the purpose of life with them and explained how this life is a time to find peace and happiness. Then we talked about how God can really be a part of that peace and happiness, and what he can do to help us with it. So the next few days there was a lot of finding and so forth.

Then we got to sit down with two less actives which they had us over for dinner and it was really good. We got to share our spiritual thought on the Restoration with them. On my mission I have really loved sharing the message of the restoration with everyone that I meet and with members as well, because we do need to be reminded of what really has been brought back to the earth. It was lost and when Christ died and the leaders of the Church were killed the Authority they had received was then gone. There was no one on the Earth saying “Thus sayth the lord” It was all “The Bible says this”. The Gospel was changed and lost. But through the prophet Joseph Smith it was restored! And as we share this message it always brings the spirit and it’s all centered on embracing the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon was written for our day. So we need to read it Daily. There cannot be a day where we don’t read from it. If there was anything that can help us in this day and age that is the Book of Mormon. It brings us closer to God and helps us to know that Jesus is the Christ. The message was great and we’ll be going back to their home to teach them again.
Then a funny short story. While chapping this neighborhood we usually take turns and switch back and forth with who gets to chap the door. This next door it was Elder Herr’s turn, so we go up to the door and *Knock*Knock*Knock* and this older woman comes to the door. “What do you want!” my companion answers “We are missionaries and we are sharing a message about…” and then he finishes and she stops and just stares. Then it felt like a good minute goes by and my companion goes on again “May we share this message with you?” and she looks closer and out of nowhere she starts to make like this grunting Indian sound, so my companion just kind of does like a good bye thing. As we walk away she is still making this sound and just watching us. I thought it was hilarious because it put my companion in the most awkward spot he had no idea what to do!

But it was good because as we kept chapping we were able to find some people that were interested in hearing from us! So looking forward to this next week!
Then Sunday was a great Sunday! Church was the smallest service I’ve ever seen. There was only 8 of us. But what I love is the faith of these saints to keep coming every week even though there are so few of them. The Orkney Branch is able to do a lot, we just need to get everyone on board and share the gospel with everyone by doing this it will help the branch grow. From what I’ve seen it’s coming down to the branches choice if they want to grow or not. As missionaries we are doing everything we can to find people to teach, but we really need the members to be one with us. So we’ll see how these next few weeks come along. I’m getting really excited.

Then before I forget Christmas the only thing that is wanted/ needed is “The Infinite Atonement” by Tad Callister. Don’t really need anything else but I’ll give it some thought this next week and let you know.

One thought on “What I love is the faith of these saints to keep coming every week even though there are so few of them.

  1. Oh Elder Augustine, we love and miss you you are a remarkable young man and a wonderful servant of The Lord , these missionary experiences will stay with you forever, not one moment is ever wasted, one day the blessings of this time will become clear. You can count the seeds in an apple, but you can’t count the apples in a seed. By the way that is someone else’s quote. Just keep planting. Some of those seeds are falling in the right place and will take time to root , grow and blossom. Stay strong, Sister Stronach 😉


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