I’ve now traveled by car, train, boat, bicycle, and plane on my mission.

So Orkney is an interesting place and it’s really fun. A lot of the locals pretty much know each other, so it’s pretty funny when we run into someone because, we’ll run into their cousin or friends in the next few minutes. Also everyone on this whole island is pretty much related it’s pretty funny. I haven’t been out to Skara Brae, it’s been pretty crazy the last few P-days so haven’t had any time to go up there and it’s not really fun to go out to see the sights in a rain storm.

Then Shetland was really cool. It’s a beautiful place with tons of attractions. It’s small and I mean it’s so small you can walk from one side of the island to pretty much the other side. But the Elders there are doing some good work.
We flew up to Shetland Monday night and had a wonderful dinner with some members up there. Then the next day we had our district meeting and I went on exchanges with Elder Kroes from Germany. He is in my MTC group, so it was interesting to see how we’ve changed over this last year of our missions.

We had a good time finding around Lerwick, met some funny people. The people really do know the missionaries there. The following day I went off with Elder Arenas from the Philippines, he is funny! I loved the day with him so much. He is still working on his English, he has only been out for about 4 months now, but he is learning the language really well and I loved how he would talk to people.
Then in the evening we had a bit more fun with Chapping. So we decided that we would just run up and down the streets and knock on the doors that we felt we should knock on, and we found a lot of people that were interested! It was a great time and really fun! It really made the missionary work really fun and something new to do.

The next morning we flew back to Orkney. The plane ride was a lot faster than I thought. It was only about 30 minutes. So much better than a 6-7 hour ferry ride! But the sights were great and the people fun.

I’ve now traveled by car, train, boat, bicycle, and plane on my mission. It’s been really crazy of how much I’ve seen of Scotland. There are very few places where I haven’t been.

So got back to Orkney and we have spent the last few days really trying to find some new investigators. So we are trying more than anything to get more involved with the members and see what we can do to be more a part of the branch rather than the missionaries that just come and go and everyone just sees another Elder or something. So we got some fun things planned and hopefully it’s all going to go well and we’ll enjoy it.

So I haven’t seen the northern lights yet, but it is getting darker in the evening which is nice because now there isn’t sun light in our window at 3am!
Oh then only got one shirt so far. Just waiting for the other one.
Then yeah that was pretty much our week and it was really good and the rest of the time we’ve been out chapping doors and just inviting people to hear our message!

So I have heard about everything that is going on back home. I heard about the storms and yesterday I heard more about the rest and it’s just been really crazy. I have no idea what the world is going to be like when I come back. It’s just seems to be getting worse and worse and really it’s only going to be this gospel that can really help people and bring them back together. So it’s going to be a really fun week because I’m back in my area and we are going to see Miracles! So next week expect to hear a lot!

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