We’ve just become so busy with everything, but it’s been really great!

So first off Aunt Ann sent me a wonderful letter that was really, really nice! Now I need her email address. I’ve been gone the whole past week and will be gone for pretty much the next two weeks. We got a call last night that there is an All Scotland Conference this Thursday. So we are probably going to be leaving tomorrow or the next day and I have a leadership meeting on Friday and won’t get back to the Orkney’s till Saturday. Then next week I’ll be traveling up to Shetland on Monday and won’t get back until about Thursday or so. SO if I could Ann’s email so that I could send her a thank you because I’m traveling so much it’s hard to send a letter! And I won’t be able to write a letter till next Monday as I will be traveling quite a bit.

Oh then Elder Herr is hilarious. I love him so much. It is pretty funny that we are companions now. But I was thinking of X-Men t-shirts for us. You would have to do like the X-Men costume shirts.

So as District leader I am pretty limited on time. I get to plan a lot of stuff for the district and doing nightly calls with everyone which takes up a lot of time, but it’s good because it helps us to do better as missionaries.

So this past week was pretty crazy with all travel and stuff. I had a great leadership meeting on Thursday over Skype and then got back to Orkney that night and then started working Friday. We had a bit do that Friday because we’ve been gone for so long. But we got going and was running around to pretty much everyone and trying to set up as many appointments as we could for the following week.

There was a moment where Elder Herr and I were walking back to the flat and there was this car that was coming down the road and the next thing we know, the car is pretty much on the side walk heading right at us! So we jump off to the side and the door opens and the people in the car say that they are members but they haven’t been to church in a long time and they want us to come around and visit them and they’ll even give us food! It was pretty cool how they found us. But that appointment will have to change because we are gone again for a few days. Then the rest of the past few days have just gone by so fast. We have done a lot of planning for this next transfer, because for the last few months nothing has really been happening in this area, so we are going to start to try some different things, but it probably won’t happen for like another two weeks.
It sounds like everything back home is going well. The eclipse sounded really fun. Abi sent me an awesome picture of the temple with the eclipse it looked really awesome and I loved it!
So it’s been going really well but nothing new has happened besides all this travel. We’ve just become so busy with everything, but it’s been really great!

So we are teaching a few people and you asked about the young man, so we haven’t gotten with them as we have been traveling in order to set a date yet, but hopefully tonight we will be able set a date with him for his baptism.
Love you all hope you have an awesome week with back to School and work. I will let you know how the conference goes with all the travel, so no worries!

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