Staying in Orkney

So I’ll have to be fast because I’m in Aberdeen! To give you a hint…

I’m not moving. Elder Chapple will be moving down near Edinburgh and my new companion will be Elder Herr who was up in Shetland, so he just really moved in the district. So Shetland is being white washed by Elder Kroes and Elder Arenas. The moves call really surprised me this time. We were just walking around, then noon the phone went off and usually the AP’s don’t call till around 6 or 8 in the evening. But the call wasn’t coming from the AP’s it was coming from the President! So I answered and he started to tell me my moves and then he said you’re staying but we want to extend your call to District Leader. So that was pretty fun.

So this whole week I’m going to be in Aberdeen and Edinburgh for some leadership training. So won’t be back in Orkney till Friday night.

I did get the letter I think. I’ll have to check when I get back to the flat.
So yeah this week has been a bit crazy we had exchanges and the Shetland Elders came down to Orkney (Elder Herr and Elder Devainas) for a few days. So we were just all over the place doing things. But it was just getting more and crazier towards moves. We all figured that Elder Chapple would move because he has been here for a while.

So overall I really don’t have a lot of time to email but I’ll print those two talks off and give them a read love you!

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