There has been so many wonderful things happening more and more

What a week for you it sounds like it has been all over the place but it does sound like a good week. The temple is just a wonderful place and I really do miss it. When you go around and teach people about it for a year, you really want to go there yourself after awhile. I did hear all about Alex and winning the tournament which is really awesome! I’m really proud of him and what he has been able to do.

So the past few days have been really crazy for myself and the next week will be even more so. The past week we had the conference down in Aberdeen and being down there was really great. I love going to the conferences mostly because it’s always what I need to hear every 6 weeks. So this past conference we really talked a lot about inviting others to come to Christ. How pretty much that’s our whole purpose as missionaries is to invite, if we don’t invite then we are not

following the commandments which have been given to us. The funny thing is, is that I was thinking of that same scripture that you shared with me 1 Nephi 3:7. There are a lot of people that think we are being pushy when we invite them to baptism but no one will ever change unless we ask them to. And it’s a

commandment for everyone to get baptized and to also invite those that have not yet have had the chance to hear the gospel on this side as well. So there is a way prepared for both sides to accomplish that, which is very comforting. So we had the conference and we were down there in Aberdeen for about 3 days. The

first day was just a lot of travel and that was long. The second day was the conference were we just learned a lot of great things. The following day we drove with the Smiths to a castle because that is where the Parks were going to pick them up for their temple trip. So we to the meeting place and the Parks

came we were off back home. We drove through the national park because that’s where the GPS took us. Got to see the beautiful hills of Scotland on the back to Orkney. So we spent the rest of the day traveling all the way back to the top of Scotland and got the ferry to the islands. We didn’t get home till right at 9:30 I think. But we made it!

Then the next few days went by fast. We are pretty much finished with are a little chapping area and it’s time to move on to the next. We were able to find a few more people that are interesting in learning more so praying that we will be able to see them again. So just the other day yesterday. We had church and it

went pretty well. We had an interesting investigator show up. He said it would probably be his last Sunday in Orkney so he thought he would just come around. So after church as we were walking around town trying to talk to people and we ran into this one lady. And we got talking and she told us a question that she

has had for a long time and we told her that we have an answer. So she told us to wait and she’ll be back in 30 mins. So we waiting and she came back. So we were looking for a place to sit and she kept saying the pub. And we weren’t really wanting to go into a pub to have a gospel conversation. So she said that was fine but she wanted a drink. So she went into the pub and came back with her

drink and we found a bench and we started to teach her or give her the answer to her questions which were why bad things do happen and where is my child that died when it was born? So we started to explain and we got through part of the answer and she stopped us and asked do you really believe that. So we of course

said “We know that” and then we started talking again and then out of nowhere she gets up leaves. She said she would be right back. So we wait 10-15mins not coming back. So we do companion study for an hour. And still she hasn’t come back and well we couldn’t keep waiting and so we ended up leaving and it was just interesting for it to happen. I don’t think I’ve ever had someone just get

up and leave. So I’m still reflecting on the experience and praying that we will see her again and explain more to her. So we went chapping to finish that night off and we found 2 really great guys that wanted to read the Book of Mormon and learn more about it. We are going back this next week to go and teach them.
So this next week will be crazy because the Elders from Shetland are coming down for a few days. We are having a 2-3 day exchange so should be a lot of fun. We’ve been doing really well and I’ve been getting really excited cause we have been finding more and more people here on this tiny island that want to learn more. Oh also this past week we got a wonderful new investigator named Dan and we played the Restoration movie for him which I have never really done before but we were able to talk about it and what it means and we invited him to baptism and he said yes! And that he is wanting to learn more! We are going places on this Island!

There has been so many wonderful things happening more and more. It really has been a blessing and really because we have been doing our best. It’s one thing I love about being a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints, is that it is the true church and it has the fullness of the Gospel so we are going to see the miracles. Just the other day I was listening to a talk called the Blue Prints of the True Church. It was a BYU devotional and the speaker talks all about what Christ’s church was like found in the Bible. And the only church that matches that same blue print is the Church of Jesus of Latter day saints. So all those wonderful blessings that we gain from the temple are real and then do happen. I love that a lot. So it’s wonderful to hear about your past week and the wonderful things that you were able to learn about in the temple. I’m happy for Alex and what he is doing and for Annukkah and Dad in being the wonderful family that they are. So I hope this next week goes well and I look forward to hearing from you next week.

Love you all I’m heading off now! To go and get some twin photos! Have a great week and I’ll hear from you next week!

*The above pictures of from Braemar Castle in Aberdeen, Scotland. For more information about Braemar please visit this site:

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