If someone joins the church here in Orkney we baptize them in the ocean

August 3, 2017
So the last few days have just flown on by it was pretty crazy. But also the last few days haven’t been the best either but oh well. We’ve had a lot of rejection the last two days so that wasn’t really fun but we can’t change if people will accept the message or not. So it mostly spent chapping and finding and going around to teach people. Yesterday we taught Grahame we talked about the Plan of Salvation and it was pretty cool. He had a lot of questions around the purpose of this earth life and really the question came down to if God had directly interfered at the moment the bad things were happening would he be the man he is today? So we were just helping him answer that question. Then we today we were teaching Mark and that was a pretty fun lesson again we taught about the Plan of Salvation and it was pretty interesting to talk about with him. I hope he could come to church because it would be really awesome for him to come along. He has been thinking more about it which is good. Which I know is the spirit really trying to work on him cause that’s one way the spirit works is by those thoughts. Well just praying that he will come along. So that has really been the last few days.

Aug 6, 2017
Well again it’s been a really busy last few days have no idea where the time has gone off to. It’s been a pretty crazy time here. So it’s really been just a lot of finding. Thursday we spent most of the day just finding. Oh we did go over to the Smiths for lunch and while we over there we were helping Sister Heyward with her computer cause it’s just a mess. So we got it all cleaned up and then we were trying to get her LDS account works and getting her family history stuff up and running. But no one could remember the passwords that was set up for her. So we spent so much time just trying to figuring it out. Then because we kept trying so much we got locked out of the website that we were using so we had to put it off till the next day but we did get it then so that was good! And now Sister Heyward is doing family history and finding all her family which is just wonderful.
So then following all that the rest of the time was just finding. But we were able to find some cool people! So yesterday while we were chapping there was this one house that we kept walking by we’ve already knocked it like twice and there was no answer. So we are like okay they seem like they are home. So we go up to the door and just as we are about to chap the door, the door opens! But there was this guy leaving and this little girl with him. So as they were walking away another lady was behind them and we were just like hello there. But it was this ladies son and granddaughter and she just watches the little girl while the parents go off to work. So we go talking about family and about her family. Well do get around to the Well we’re missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. And she is like I know you guys. So it turns out she was meeting with missionaries like over the past 20yrs and the last ones to come around was about a few years ago. But she remembers the first two missionaries she meet about 20yrs ago. Elder Winkle and someone else. But that was really cool so she took a Book of Mormon and we’ll be going back next week go and talk to her.
Then following that we were chapping and we chapped into this other women who doesn’t really know what to believe in but she was willing to sit down with us but next week as well.
So over it all it was a really good week.

Aug 7, 2017
Well woke up at 4:30 this morning to get ready. Elder Chapple took a while in the shower so I only had a few mins to get ready but we got ready and then we picked up the Smiths and off we were to the ferry. So I’m on the ferry now typing this all up. Everyone was going to sleep but it doesn’t seem like they are going to. Elder Smith is talking to Elder Chapple about Australia it’s a pretty funny conversation. So today we are on the ferry all the way down to Thurso and there the Smiths will do a flat check for Thurso and we’ll get some breakfast and then we’ll go to Lidl for some breakfast! And off we are again down to Elgin for a district lunch. The sisters and other senior couple from Stornaway will be meeting us in Elgin for the lunch. Not sure if our district leader from Shetland will be meeting us there or not. Be cool if he was. So after that we should go down to Aberdeen and spend the rest of P-day doing something down there and street contacting for the last part of the day. Then tomorrow we will be having the conference following the meeting I’m not sure what we’ll do. But it’ll be something and then we’ll spend the night again and then drive up the next morning to get our ferry. So should be a fun time.
So it sounds like a fun week!
That’s okay that I don’t have a room anymore the Smiths says that I’m a man now because we sleep on the floor when we go to conferences like today. That’s pretty cool that you went around to the MTC it looks like a fun place but I’ll always love the Preston England MTC. It’s wonderful to hear about everything else and all about Annukkah and Alex.
So the work in Orkney is going great and moving forward still a lot to do but it’s getting there. I loved the package I’ve already started using the book marks to try it out. SO if someone joins the church here in Orkney we baptize them in the ocean! So I’m working on getting a baptism! All other than that it’s been really great and already a long day!
Oh so I have photos but no way to send them so you’ll have to wait till next week!
*Here is a video of Elder Augustine’s last 6 months

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