So we do something called the Model Area

July 3, 2017

P-day was a pretty crazy day today. This morning we got up and just started to clean up and then we went out and did some shopping. The Elders from Thurso were coming down so we went to Invergordon to go and email. Following emailing we just went back to Inverness we got lunch at this Chinese buffet which wasn’t the best but it was okay. Then we spent the rest of the day just looking around in all the shops and man stuff here is really expense. So not going to be spending any money here. Then the rest of the day went by pretty fast. The Zone Leaders came up from Aberdeen and we spent the evening just street contacting around town and we talked to some good people but not too much came from it.

July 4, 2017

Well this morning we all got up super early and went out running and it was a lot of fun but I’m so out of shape. So going to be hitting the gym a lot when I go home.

After all the running exercise we had District meeting and it was a lot of fun. It was Elder Parsons last district meeting so we all had pie. Later Elder Wood and I went out and just got going on the day. We spent afternoon GQing didn’t find too much out of it but we did go and stop by a less active and talked to her and hopefully she will be coming around to Church this Sunday. Then the rest of the day went by really fast not really sure where it all went. But we did end the night with going around to go and see Stacey. We had a great talk about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I really enjoyed the lesson a lot. Elder Wood shared some really great stuff that I really liked. And then that was about it.

Also forgot that it was the 4th of July. There was no fireworks here…

July 6, 2017

Today was an alright day again nothing to exciting mostly because I’m forgetting about the day already. We did street contacting this morning and in the afternoon and it was alright we talked to a lot of good people. I ran into this guy from England who was up visiting the highlands with his son. And he told me about he was a really bad alcoholic and it wasn’t until he came back to church that things started to improve and that he was able to find a recovery program. It was really cool but then he told me he didn’t really agree with the churches in today’s world and in fact he didn’t even agree with his own church. So I was a bit curious and I asked him why not. He told me about he thinks the trinity is wrong and that he doesn’t think they are all the same person because he can’t find anywhere that really explains it. He also talked about how he doesn’t think God is talking to himself in the Garden of Eden in the Book Genesis. It was pretty interesting. So we had a great chat about that and I did end up giving him the Book of Mormon in my hand and he thanked me for it and said that he will for sure read it cause he wants to find out the truth out there. Then the rest of the day was going great then I had a Korihor moment. This man was talking to us and really trying to get us to say that God doesn’t exist it’s kind of weird because everything he said was everything that Korihor said in Alma 30. But he didn’t get struck dumb so yeah.

Then we saw Abi! Not Abby. She read my blog the other day and said that I spelled her name wrong so I’m fixing it just in case if she reads my blog again. But it was a great chat with her! She is really awesome and doing great to learn more! We talked about the plan of salvation and it was awesome. It’s one of my favorite things to share with people just because it answers so many questions about life. Then that was the night.


July 7, 2017

Today was the day I was attacked by flying rats. Seagull’s are just down right annoying. Well we get to the church this morning and this seagull is just going crazy and is flying at us over and over but it doesn’t really hit us it’s more just trying to scare us away. Because it turns out its baby or something is running around in the grass next to the church. So going in and out of the church was just having this Seagull come flying at us every time.

But the day went by really well nothing exciting happened at all. We were just mostly out finding Inverness before heading out to Invergordon to do some try byes.

The try byes were good, we got a lot of appointments set up for Sunday night. We ran into some Utah Mormons. They were on a cruise that was stopping in Invergordon. It was pretty funny, and we had some kebabs for Dinner because tomorrow is Moves call, so we’ll find out what happens. I think we are both staying but I honestly never know with moves. So should be exciting.




July 13, 2017

Well a lot has happened the last few days which has been really crazy. So pretty much Monday we drove down to Aberdeen stayed the night there. Tuesday we took the car into a garage to get serviced and that took like the whole day and we were going to take the ferry that day but we had to move it to Wednesday. So after we got the car back after hours of waiting we drove to Inverness and spent the night there. The next morning we picked up the Thurso Elders, Elder Wood and his Trainee. We then drove all the way to Thurso and that was a long drive and really great landscapes. So we got to Thurso and we dropped the Elders off at their flat and we then went and got the Ferry to Orkney. It was about an hour and half ride, we got to see a lot on that ride as well, it was really cool. So checking out the ferry and then we got to Orkney and we got to the flat and it is a nice flat. One of the nicest flats I’ve seen, super clean and just great. Then we got going on street contacting and talking to people. We meet a girl named Natilie and we are going to see her in the future hopefully. So we then had a dinner with the Smiths and they are awesome! So that was the first night, we also had to do some shopping.

DSC01561 (2)

So today! Woke up and had a killer work out and got ready for the day. Did a lot of planning for the next week and there are a lot of people to teach in this area which is crazy but we’ll do great! Had Dinner with the Smiths and Sister Flet (I hope I spelled that right) which was filling. Really great food up here in Orkney. After wards we went and did some service in a charity shop for the Red Cross here in Kirkwall. That was cool because we were able to talk to people and show them that we were missionaries and what not. It was a lot of fun. Then after that we had to do some studies and dinner. We were going to go and teach a lesson but that fell through so we went around to go and visit people. Trying to see everyone in the branch and meet all the investigators as soon as possible so that we can just get going and get people progressing.

So all this and I got a fun talk that I’m preparing for Sunday and I need to email a report to the home ward about my mission. I think. So got a lot to do.


Picture by Sister Juanita Smith, “Our missionaries are home. Ready for chapping after a nice dinner.”


July 14-16, 2017

Alright so the days have just gone by so fast the last couple of days of just figuring everything out. We’ve been all over the place. So yesterday it was raining a lot and we were just out talking to people and it was alright nothing to exciting we went around and tried by a few people but didn’t get to much success out of that so the day ended and nothing seemed to come from it. But today! The 16 was pretty awesome.

Today was church which we have in the high school here in Kirkwall. This is the smallest church meeting I’ve ever been to. It was a real eye opener. I was asked to conduct the music during the meeting and that was alight and I also gave a talk and my talk was about Matt 5:14 Let your light shine. Really Matt 5:14-16 is really good. I loved it and really enjoyed talking. Probably could have done a better job because only about 30 mins to prepare for a talk isn’t always enough time to sit and think about what to say, but it was good. So after church we went around to this lovely older women named Audrey. We were able to give her the sacrament and see her with the Smiths. Oh the Smiths are just amazing I love them both so much already! So after the visit we went around to go and see an Investigator named Roy. Roy is an interesting guy he doesn’t feel ready to really do anything he is a great guy but there is something that is holding him back so hopefully we will help him out so that he can feel better and more ready to come to church.

Then we went around,  here is the awesome part of the day so we do something called the Model Area. Where we cut up the area into small bits and we have the Bishop or Branch President pray about an area and we start chapping out that area and really do a lot of finding in that area and keep a record of it. So Pres Scollie prayed about an area and off we went and already we have 3 lessons planned for the next week! It was really cool, l I’m super excited to get all the work done.

So we email at the Library and the branch is very very little. Add we do get to Island hop every now and again. For P-day really. We were going to go today but we just have had a lot to do and won’t have enough time to get back from the other islands. Elder Chapple is a funny guy from West Jordan Utah. He has pretty much read every book ever, so he loves to read. That’s what he loves to talk about.  I got to get going here so talk to you next week!


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