Off to the Orkney Islands

Okay so I don’t have my keyboard because it’s all packed away! I am moving from Inverness to the Orkney Islands! To serve with Elder Chappel. So much has happened this past week. I’m not even sure where to start. So really this whole week has just flown by it almost seems like yesterday I was emailing, but to sum up the week (No worries when I email again I will send all the journal entries I did this past week).  We had a pretty great district meeting on Tuesday and we went on exchanges as well, so I went off with Elder Wood and we did a lot of finding that day and we got to see Stacey in the evening. Then the rest of the week just went by super-fast.  We were traveling around to Invergordon some evenings to go and do some finding there, and of course we were seeing our friends during the week as well. Abi is doing awesome! She is learning a lot and really doing her best to progress in the Gospel! She’s not very scared of baptism anymore which is awesome. I also told her this past week about your baptism and what happened and yeah I’ll send her that talk for her to read as I won’t be here anymore. Then as the days went by things just all blurred together now really. Sunday was just great, Stacey and Abi came along and I got to say good bye to the ward and what not. It was pretty good.

So I’ll print off those talks and read through them. So everything you’ve asked me about from last week is typed out but I don’t have it, so you’ll have to wait just one more week. We got moves call on Saturday night and all day Sunday we were pretty busy, so just running around.

I won’t get to my area till around Tuesday afternoon or evening. We are going to be driving up to Thurso and getting a ferry across to the islands. Going to be a long trip.

Oh sorry it’s Elder Chapple and he is from West Jordan Utah. Going to be a lot of fun. He just finished training so I’ll be his second companion and it should be great! I’ll be hitting my year mark with him this transfer! Elder Ryan will be staying in Inverness and don’t know too much about the area. It’s in the Aberdeen Zone still so I won’t be leaving the zone. I’ll have a car and it’s just the Orkney Islands.

Squire first year

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