Elder Ryan and I just wanted to like jump in the air and be like yeah spirit power!!

June 26, 2017

P-day we had the Thurso Elders come down because we were going off to Aberdeen for the day so we were in Invergordon and then right after we went off to Aberdeen. That was a long car drive, but not really. So we got to Aberdeen and there were a few other Elders that were at the church and we just kind of did a sport P-day with the zone. So we played a bit of basketball but then we played Football in the gym and it was a lot of fun. So when it came to the evening Elder Ryan and I went out to the streets of Aberdeen to go and street contact people. Talked to a few people, gave away a Book of Mormon and then we went to the Bridge of Don Elders flat for the night. There ended up being 10 Elders all in this little flat! I got to see Elder McDaniel again and a few other Elders as well it was just a really fun time.

June 27, 2017

Oh man so much happened today. The Conference went on for a while. Like a long while, but it was really good. We had some testimonies of incoming and departing missionaries and then there were some business. We received a lot of great instructions as well. STL’s talked about Christ’s original church. Then President and Sister Donaldson talked about the Great Apostasy and it was amazing. It reminded me of a talk that is called “Why 1820” amazing talk. Following them the AP’s gave instruction on the Book of Mormon. It was all really cool and I learned a lot. Then there was some lunch and then more instruction, but more for our Zone and what not, it was really great. So after the conference we were waiting for our interviews with President, Elder Ryan and I were the last ones and we didn’t get ours till late. So after interviews we had to go back to the Bridge of Don Elders flat.

June 28, 2017

So again in Aberdeen. I went off with Elder Wood for most of the day and we really just spent the day just street contacting around. Not to exciting, but it was really cool. Then we had some stuff to do in the city and then we were off back to Inverness. On the way back though, we drove through the National Park because it was just about the same time of travel. So I have a lot of photos from that.

So to be honest I didn’t get a chance to sit down and type up the rest of my journal for this week so I think I’m mostly going to tell you about one really cool experience from this past week. So Wednesday night Elder Ryan and I got back to the flat and we were just getting ready for bed, some nightly calls and so forth well I get a text. It was this random number saying that they talked to a friend that met us a while ago and that they would like to meet up with us and they said their name was AJ. So of course we were like yes let’s meet up. So we set up a time for the next day. Thursday now and it was a pretty alright day nothing to exciting and we are talking about this AJ and we are like is this a guy or a girl? Well we are waiting at the church and here comes this girl so I’m like oh it’s a girl. So we sit down with her and her name isn’t AJ its Abby. She doesn’t like to give out her full name to people. So we sit down and start to talk to her and it turns out that the guy from last week Shawn is her boyfriend, and she found us kind of interesting so she wanted to know more. It was pretty cool, we talked about a few things, answered a few questions and then set up a time to meet her the next day and to talk more about the Book of Mormon and so on. The next day comes around and in the morning we went off to Duncan McKay who lives out on the Black Isle. I didn’t get any photos sadly but we did some service for him. He pretty much owns a small ranch and at first we were picking up horse poop, but then we got to go and do a bunch of stuff for him and help him clean up his land a bit that was really cool. So the day goes on and we go and meet Abby at the church. By now she has read some of the missionary hand book and a few other things and we get talking to her about the restoration of the gospel and it was a really cool discussion. I really enjoyed it.  So we invited her to go and pray about the things we were sharing with her and so on. All went well. Later that evening we saw Calum an investigator of ours and we taught him the Plan of Salvation and that was a really great talk. We had a discussion mostly around the pre-mortal life and the atonement of Jesus Christ. So that ended the day and then the next day comes around Saturday. In the morning we meet up with a guy named Alec and this guy is really great. He has felt like he has been missing out on something his whole life and just the other week he ran into some missionaries in Aberdeen and was willing to meet up with us. So we sat down with him and taught the Restoration with him and talked about it and invited him to church (He came to church with his Wife!) Then that evening we went to a baptism over in Elgin it was really great to be a part of that. We and the Sisters did a musical item so that was fun. It was just so wonderful to see this man make such a wonderful promise in his life. To be clean and be able to start again. That ended the night and here goes to Sunday or yesterday. Church was starting and we were early and just waiting for people to come in and so on. Alec and his wife came which was awesome and so did Stacey! And it was fast and Testimony meeting. This was just great! It was just the moment as a missionary where you have your investigators at church and the whole ward is just being amazing and inviting such a strong spirit to the meeting! They’ll be back! So as the day went on we had some planning and studies to do. Then in the evening we got to sit down with Abby. So just the night before Abby sent us a text saying that she has something she would like to talk to us about, so we asked if we could get a spoiler. She texted back that she had cryptic dream, and so when we sat down with her we asked what is this dream? She told us that she did as we asked. After reading over a few things she prayed to ask God where now? What do I do? and then she had the same dream two nights in a row. In the dream, she told us that she was underwater (She also said that she has a fear of going under water) but she felt really peaceful and it was wonderful. When she woke up she also felt really peaceful. So we asked her what do you think it means? And she said this, “I need to get baptized.” Elder Ryan and I just wanted to like jump in the air and be like yeah spirit power!! But we didn’t jump and we controlled ourselves, we had a great talk with her about it. We were able to answer a few other questions regarding a few other things, but we’ll be seeing her soon again and she wants to keep learning so I’m really excited.

It sounds like you’ve had a fun week! I’ll write another email for him here. I have an extra name tag I think that I can send to Alex or I can just order another one they don’t cost much but it will be a wait. It’s great to hear how much Alex has grown! Getting big, tell him to email me.

Alright I’ll take on the challenge and I’ll write about them in my journal tonight as I think about them.  You will get a longer email this next week I’m out of time but I’ve written down the things to email you about the next week!


**This is a email that Elder Augustine sent to a young primary boy back in his home ward.

Hello there Kaiden G!

This is Elder Augustine all the way over in Scotland right now and I’ve been a missionary for the church for the past year! I love being a missionary I get to help others and share a wonderful gift with everyone! I’m so glad that you love missionary work and that you want to be a missionary one day. As a missionary we get to go out every day and talk to all kinds of people in the street and at their homes. We also get to sit down and teach them more about Heavenly Fathers plan for us and what they can do to find the truth. There are a lot of people in the world that don’t know where to go, so it’s up to us to show them the way and help them so that they can live with God again.
We do get to have a lot of fun on a mission as well. Just the other week I got to travel down to a big city where I got to meet other missionaries that are serving in other areas in Scotland. In this meeting we have a Mission President that talks to us and helps us to learn and grow, so that we can then turn around to help others do the same. We also get a lot of food! A mission is wonderful and special. You make a lot of new friends and they just become apart of your family, because we are all apart of Gods family. If you have any questions about Missionaries you can just let me know and I’ll tell you all about it!

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