Happy One Year Mission Birthday to me!

July 24, 2017
Well today was a pretty great day. We did emails this morning and got to see what was happening with everyone back home so that was great. Then we went off to go see Dave Scott. He has all the budgies or parakeets.

He had like a hundred of them. So we went around and went out to his shed where he has them all and he told us all about them and man there were a ton! Got to see them all and Dave takes them to bird shows and he gets all these prizes for them. It was really cool. So we got to talk to Dave and he said that we could come back anytime to chat and so we will! Well he had a friend or something coming over so we went off to go and do some shopping.

We got back to the flat and off we were again and we went with the Smiths to another Island.

Some of the Islands you can drive to because they have bridges built so it makes it a bit easier, but the rest you do need to take the ferry. So we went to this really cool cliff place, and we walked along this path which was really cool. Got to go right up to the edge and it was just a drop off. Elder Smith wouldn’t go near the edge, oh he hates the edge of cliffs. So we would get really close and just lean over and freak him out.

So we got some great photos and there came a point on the path where he had to jump the barb wire fence. They had built like a ladder/ steps for you to just climb over the fence and continue along this path. It was really fun. Then during the walk we just started to hear ‘MOOOOOO!’ this heard of cattle was just making so much noise. I took a video of it and in the video you see the top of the hill and the cattle are on the other side! So loud! So we kept going and get roughly to top of the hike and we did had to turn back to get dinner.

We had dinner with the Smiths which was great I love the Smiths they are an amazing missionary couple and just great. So after having dinner with the Smiths we went off chapping for the night. We got chapping the doors and had some good conversions and we chapped one door and this was a bed and breakfast place. I really didn’t want to chap the house because it’s a bed and breakfast but Elder Chapple did. So we chapped it and we did talk to a really nice older women and we did give her a Book of Mormon which she said she would have a look at it and that we can come back when the place isn’t as busy and we’ll have a chat. So that was pretty cool. So we went on. We had a lesson kind of planned with someone we ran into a while ago but they didn’t answer. So we went around to an investigator and we knocked on his door and no answer. Knocked a bit louder the next time. Greoger came to the door and we had freaked him out. He was watching a movie and we made him jump knocking the door. But we set up a better time to go around in a few days. So thus we go on chapping for the night. We get chapping this really long street. So pretty much its last hour of the day and like every missionary moment of the last hour you always find the person at the end of the street. This always happens. SO take a guess what happened we start chapping this really long street having no success until we come to about the last door and a guy named Paul answers. We gave him a Book of Mormon and asked him to read a bit of it and we’ll come back and he can tell us what he thinks of it and he was just like yeah I’ll do that far enough. So we are going to go back to hear what he thinks. I’m really praying that we will be able to talk to him and teach him, because I really want to find people to teach because everything we have to share with people is just so amazing and will help people either find their faith or it will strengthen their faith. I find that interesting with some people here in Scotland they are just so comfortable with where they are at that they aren’t willing to strengthen that belief and make it stronger.

July 25, 2017
So today was a really good day. This morning we went off to the Smiths and had some breakfast and had a great district meeting. We talked a lot about things we can do to improve our efforts and what we hope to achieve this week. It was really good and pretty motivating. So I took a lot of notes and I got a lot to think about which is really good. So after the meeting we went and got some lunch then we went around talking to people. Today we did something a bit different we went around showing people a picture of the temple and asking them about it and then explaining it which was really good we got two families that want to learn more and we are going to be seeing another guy on Thursday. It was really cool. So we went and did a companion study and we talked about the Holy Ghost and what it does and how we know if it’s the spirit prompting us to do something. Well after the study went over to Stromness and as we get down to the high street this guy see’s us and yells ‘Mormon missionaries!’ and he says good bye to one of his friends and comes over to us. So we get talking to him and he starts to tell us how we knows about the church and really soon he really starts to open up and explain that he left the church because of these reasons. He said that he would only come back if he felt the spirit again. He then informed us that he has now joined the Church of Scotland but from being a part of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints no other church is the same. Nothing can be the same. So he started again to state his concerns and we just listened. We got to a point though in the discussion where we asked him if he wanted to feel the spirit again, and he said he did and we testified of the Book of Mormon and reading it is how we can feel the spirit which we shared with him. He just starts to cry. He simply says that he is feeling the spirit again. I felt the spirit and so did my companion, and it was just one of the sweetest moments where the lord just brings a feeling of peace or in other words the Holy Ghost fell upon us. It was wonderful. So we gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon and he said he would read it because he hasn’t and he had never really read it before. Then he took us on a small hike up a hill to show us what he saw the other day, and we got a few photos. It was really great and I hope that he will read the Book of Mormon and feel the joy that it brings again in his life, because if any man or women wants to get closer or to know Heavenly Father, then they will want to read the Book of Mormon. So the rest of the night went alright nothing to exciting besides a cat that followed us from door to door while we chapped doors.

July 26, 2017
What a day of miracles I would say. So this morning we met up with Anthony and we saw his cool little boat that he lives on and travels around on. So we met him and he told us that he had read 10 chapters of the Book of Mormon last night then 7 this morning, and he is doing great it will be awhile for him to get everything back together but he is starting to do it which is great! It was so wonderful to talk to him and to help him out. We even had a good lesson with him and talked about life and the church. More than anything what he is going to do now to come back. It was an uplifting moment for all of us. Following him we went back to Kirkwall because we went out to Stromness to meet up with him. We had lunch and then got on our way street contacting for a while before we had another appointment. The appointment was with this younger guy but he didn’t answer his door. So as we walked back Elder Chapple said that he hadn’t chapped the next door neighbor’s house because Elder Smith was always scared of the dog. So we go up to this door and knock, and this bigger man opens the door and we say Hello. Then we pretty much got talking to him and then he just stepped to one side and told us to come on in. Oh man this is one of the best feelings as a missionary. Well it turns out he had been meeting with Missionaries about 10 years ago and that he did have a copy of the Book of Mormon. So his name is Grahame and his dogs name is Sofie. Grahame is just an amazing man he loves the Titanic which is pretty cool, and he just had all this stuff all about it. Well we were able to talk to him about the Restoration and why we had the Book of Mormon and the importance of it, and he told us that he really wanted to read it. That was really cool. So we’ll be seeing him soon and going back to teach him more hopefully and to help him out anyway that we can. So following him, the day didn’t get as exciting. Just kind of finding and dinner.

We had an awesome dinner of homemade Mac and cheese and mashed potatoes and some chicken. It was well put together if I do say so myself. Then we just spent the night going around trying by people and finding. We talked to our one investigator Mark. He is a pretty cool guy and I can’t wait to teach him again and share some more stuff with him.

July 27, 2017
Well Happy One Year Mission Birthday to me!
Today was a pretty alright day we found a pretty cool girl this morning and had a great lunch over with Sister Flett.
Well it’s been a full year on a mission, so I guess I should reflect on this whole past year. But I don’t think I have anything profound or exciting to say about it. I would have to say that I have changed a lot in the past year, which is good it’s been great. I have loved my mission and I still don’t know everything but I do know that I love the Gospel and I never want to be without it. So the last year has been up and down for sure but it has helped me to become the person I am now. I guess that would be the biggest thing that I have learned in the past year, is just how the Restored Gospel can change someone into something even greater. I would say that is due to the fact that this is the true church of God and the only Church on Earth that has the fullness of the Everlasting Gospel. From reading and pondering the Book of Mormon my whole life seems to have changed.

July 28, 2017
Well today was an interesting day for sure. So this morning it started off not so well. We were out Gqing and it wasn’t the best but we did keep going. There was just so many tourist and it was making it hard to find people to talk to. There was this really big cruise ship that came in and it had like 4,000 people on it which just made it really hard to talk to people, because that is like the same population as Kirkwall. So after going around this morning for a while we just kind of gave up and went and had some lunch. We were feeling a bit low so we did companion study to lift our spirits and we had a really good study. We practiced setting up appointments with people on the street. So we are like okay we are really going to do everything we can to follow these steps so that we can find some people that are willing to learn. So we get out of the flat and we set up two appointments with people that live in Orkney among this massive crowd of tourist. (We also ran into some of our members, which reminds me we ran into some other members from New Jersey which were from the Moores Town Ward so if you could give that ward a shout out for being awesome and having great members please do!). So we set up the appointments with these two awesome people that I’m looking forward to meeting tomorrow. Then we went and saw Audrey who is an older woman and was less active for a really long time but she is now coming back and she loves it. We went around and we were reading the Book of Mormon with her and it was just so wonderful. Then towards the end I think I had something happen which I will never forget. She said that she wanted to ask a question, but she didn’t want anyone to answer it and she pointed at me and she said that she wanted me to answer and no one else was allowed to answer. So the spot light was on me and I was a bit nervous and I have heard the question before but this is something I will never forget. She looked right at me with those young eyes and just the look of yearning for an answer said ‘I had a baby once, a very long time ago. She died two days after she was born. Is it true that I will see her again and she will be mine?’ I knew the answer long before she asked the question. I will remember the question but I will never forget the look she had. She truly wanted to know if she would hold the child she never had the chance to hold. I said ‘Yes I know you will see her again’. Which is true. Then Elder and Sister Smith jumped into the conversation. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone so happy. She wanted to go to the temple so that she could be sealed to her husband and have his work done as well. It was an amazing moment.
So following the visit we went around to say hello to our friend Grahme Nelson. Great man just real great. We had a small talk and then we asked if we could come back around Monday evening. Then we back around town to go and GQ for the rest of the time before dinner. Dinner of course was well done because it was done by two amazing chefs in Orkney – ha-ha. Following a wonderful meal we went out chapping. We didn’t have too much success tonight but something cool did happen. So we got talking to this one older woman and we asked before leaving if there was anything we could do for her. Then she said ‘OH there is something’ and she took us around her house to the garage and she opened the door. In this garage was this massive collection of rocks from all over the world. She just asks people to send her rocks from all over the world because she just loves Geology. So we got her address and I’m going to give it to guys back home and I need everyone’s help here. If you could send her rocks and she said to surprise her, but if you do send something tell her where it is from and what you think it is. So if you could do that but also for fun you could go around to all the historical church sites and send a rock or two from around there and send that. So find a rock that is same rock that used to build the Salt Lake Temple or something. But what would be really cool if you could get somewhere on Facebook and tell people to just send anything to her and it doesn’t have to be anything big just a surprise and where the rock is from that would be awesome!

July 29, 2017
Well today wasn’t the best of days our appointments didn’t hold but we did have crab rolls! Seafood for the win! So the day pretty much went from going to appointment to appointment just waiting for people to show up that never did. Then it just started raining and raining so that was fun to talk to people in the rain. We did talk to a lot of nice people but nothing really came from it. There was this blackening that we saw. Which is a weird tradition here on the Island for when someone is getting married they get them really drunk and throw all kinds of stuff on them (food, mud, junk) and then they tied them to the town mast. That was pretty funny. I’m glad I’m not getting married in Orkney! So then the rest of the night was spent chapping!

Well it sounds like you’ve had a fun week with family history and the leak in the bathroom! Pretty crazy stuff, but I really enjoyed the email thank you so much. In fact just on Sunday we had a pretty great lesson about family history work and talking a lot about it and what is our part and he brought up D&C 128: 18 Which would be a good one for you to read and to think about.
So I do have a name tag for Alex I just have to send it. Hopefully this next week. Funds I am a bit low because I did have to use some of it for Food a while ago because of way too much traveling and all that stuff so yeah, but I should be fine. So I have been to a few other Islands but we don’t really go to the other islands because we have to get the ferry and that would be for P-day and would use personal funds for that. Then I am waiting on the package but hopefully it will get here this next week and I did get the shirts so we are just pondering a way to do the photo ha-ha. I didn’t expect this one but it will be pretty funny.

I didn’t see him as just another person, but saw him as a Son of God

All right so a lot has happened this last week and to be honest, I have just spaced out on writing in the journal till about Saturday/Sunday night. So I’m going to go through the week and tell you all about it!

So the start of the week was pretty great just having P-day and I don’t remember what we did for P-day besides just go looking around Orkney. It was a lot of fun though.

Tuesday we had District meeting and we had an awesome breakfast at the Smiths, we did our District meeting over Skype. I really look forward to District meetings, because they are always what I need to hear that week to improve myself for the coming week. So this past District meeting we talked a lot about faith and why we should teach it to people. So this was a lot of fun to think about. Faith is a gift from God and it can do so much for us. As we help our faith to grow we are able to reach higher goals then we thought we ever could. Just as Alma talked about faith in Alma 32 “How it is that seed and that it does live and die depending on how we nourish it”. So later on Tuesday night we went and taught this to one of our investigators here, and he is an interesting guy. He has a lot of questions and I mean a lot. We have given him the answers but he doesn’t accept, then he goes on with some more questions. I know the answer to all his questions and all his questions can be answered by the Book of Mormon. The interesting thing with questions and the Book of Mormon is when we apply the faith, so we search with the expectation of receiving the answer then we will find it. It might not be right away, but the answer will come and when it involves the Book of Mormon then you will receive the answer that God has given.

So then the rest of the week was going by pretty normal. Then I had a pretty cool thing happen. We were able to teach a guy named Mark. Now Mark’s uncle Magnus was baptized just last year and is an amazing man. So we were able to bring him along to our lesson and we sat down with Mark.  We started to teach the Restoration and I thought it was just a great lesson, Mark really seemed to understand it all. During the lesson when seeing Mark learn about this, I had just a small moment were I didn’t see Mark as just another person, but saw him as a Son of God. Sometimes as missionaries we often say to imagine your investigator already in white twice and I felt like I really saw that when I was teaching Mark. It was just wonderful. So later that night we went out chapping and we were able to chap into a lovely little older lady that had just had a hip surgery and we’ll be going back in a few days to go and see her.  I’m looking forward to seeing her and being able to teach her because I know how much this Gospel could change her life and just bring a smile to her.

So the week goes on and we had a great BBQ with the branch and I loved it. The food was great and we got to talk to people and it was just a lot of fun. So then today was also really great and I really enjoyed my morning studies as well. So I was reading through the New Testament and I came across this scripture. 2 Cor 12: 2 which says in one part of it ‘Such an one caught up to the third heaven.’ Well to myself I’m like this is just basic gospel Doctrine, but it stood out to me that the Bible is teaching me that there is a third heaven, and of course this scripture linking over to 1 Cor 15: 40-42 talking about the different degrees of bodies AFTER the resurrection. The whole Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians is about the Resurrection and what happens after because I guess these people we were having a hard time with that doctrine. So I was thinking about what else can I learn that pertains to the Plan of Salvation. So I started to go backwards in the plan but only focusing on the Bible and its teachings. So I get to the Spirit world. Simple, so I know where it talks about Spirit Prison 1 Peter 3: 18-20. After the Death of Christ he taught those in spirit prison and the reasoning is found in the next chapter in verse 6. So we have the prison but how about the spirit Paradise? Well Christ teaches us about Paradise. On the cross he says to one of the thief’s that ‘To day shalt thou be with me in paradise’ Luke 23:43. So now we are told that Christ went to Paradise but then went to Prison to teach the Gospel to those that haven’t heard it before so that they might be judged in the judgement day? Well these two places have to be next to each other, and I was wondering how some people don’t know this mostly because I have found that there are a lot of people that just think that Christ went to Heaven for a few days before his was risen. However,  Heaven is where God dwells and Christ when he was risen and appeared to Mary said ‘Touch me not for I am not yet ascended to my Father’ SO… Christ did not go to Heaven after his death because he did not go to the place where his Father dwells. SO Christ went to a place of Paradise and Prison in the spirit before being resurrected. Christ’s example teaches us about the spirit world. I thought it was all really cool. And from there I was able to find more evidence for explaining Salvation and the Baptism for the Dead and a whole bunch more! it was just a great study this morning! So more of less this was just fun to think about for explaining the Spirit world with just the Bible mostly, because I usually turn to Alma 40 to explain it but it was fun to think about using the Bible. Then the rest of the day was great, Church was just a great time I really enjoyed it a lot. Then the rest of day was finding and helping a lady find a cat and having dinner. It was a good day.

Well I guess that’s my spiritual thought for you from my studies.

So I’m going to spend this next week reflecting on this past year and I guess my goals for this next year. To me it almost feels like at New Years Eve, so going to make some goals and hope they last longer than a week!

So Orkney is just great, I love the scenery and I love just being out on this island. Everywhere I go I just see the ocean and it’s pretty nice. Then the rolling green hills there is nothing really like it. I like it when I see how green it is as I often think of what Rey said in Star Wars “I never knew there was this much green in the whole universe” I hope I got that quote right. But it is great. So this morning I was listening to a talk about how the solar system and the universe goes together. Because there are a lot of us out there that seem to put a wedge called science between us and God. When to myself they go hand and hand. The sciences explain how something happens but the religion teaches us why something happens. So when I look out in this world and see tons of people walking past each other while there is this amazing landscape around them and they just don’t notice or give time to admire it. It is a bit upsetting. This world is beautiful and wonderful and is full and amazing things. I love to look at this world and look at the small things and see the evidence of God. I like it most when Alma is teaching Korihor the anti-Christ and very simply he says to him, “The scriptures are laid before thee, yea, and all things denote there is a God; yea even the earth, and all things that are upon the face of it, yea, and its motion, yea, and also all the planets which move in their regular form do witness that there is a Supreme Creator.”  Everything around us is here to help us see the beauty of the world and really it’s not till we all can stop and pause and admire it do we really see the great blessing of our home. A place of learning and growth. Scotland is an amazing place I love it very much.

So I can’t name all the members of the branch because I’m really bad with names and I’ve been able to see most of them on Sunday. But I can almost name them all. We do only have 3 priesthood holders and one of them lives out on one of the smaller islands so he doesn’t come out to church that often. But he was here this past Sunday and we did a combined priesthood/ Relief society lesson on family history and how to do it and about indexing it was really cool.

So the people here are interesting. They have a different accent. It’s Scottish but then it’s not Scottish. It sounds more like Norwegian or something. There are tons of tourist here every day because the cruise ships stop here in Orkney. So just a few days ago there was a cruise ship from Germany and it was just full of Germans, everyone around us was speaking German so we just went over to the next town where there was this festival going on in Stromness.

But over all just like the mainland Scots they are very stubborn and they enjoy their drink. But people up here are also really nice and friendly. It’s interesting because there are no beggars here at all. The council will house all homeless people. So it’s just like this nice little place where nothing to exciting goes on. Like in newspaper a member was telling us that the most exciting thing is a man trying to rob a bank with a banana and he got told to wait in line and so he did.

So I do believe that’s it for this week I don’t really have anything else that happened besides just got super busy in the evenings and what not, so this week should be better than the last because it’s my new year! And that means New Year goals! So I’ll tell you all about my thoughts of this past year next time.


So we do something called the Model Area

July 3, 2017

P-day was a pretty crazy day today. This morning we got up and just started to clean up and then we went out and did some shopping. The Elders from Thurso were coming down so we went to Invergordon to go and email. Following emailing we just went back to Inverness we got lunch at this Chinese buffet which wasn’t the best but it was okay. Then we spent the rest of the day just looking around in all the shops and man stuff here is really expense. So not going to be spending any money here. Then the rest of the day went by pretty fast. The Zone Leaders came up from Aberdeen and we spent the evening just street contacting around town and we talked to some good people but not too much came from it.

July 4, 2017

Well this morning we all got up super early and went out running and it was a lot of fun but I’m so out of shape. So going to be hitting the gym a lot when I go home.

After all the running exercise we had District meeting and it was a lot of fun. It was Elder Parsons last district meeting so we all had pie. Later Elder Wood and I went out and just got going on the day. We spent afternoon GQing didn’t find too much out of it but we did go and stop by a less active and talked to her and hopefully she will be coming around to Church this Sunday. Then the rest of the day went by really fast not really sure where it all went. But we did end the night with going around to go and see Stacey. We had a great talk about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I really enjoyed the lesson a lot. Elder Wood shared some really great stuff that I really liked. And then that was about it.

Also forgot that it was the 4th of July. There was no fireworks here…

July 6, 2017

Today was an alright day again nothing to exciting mostly because I’m forgetting about the day already. We did street contacting this morning and in the afternoon and it was alright we talked to a lot of good people. I ran into this guy from England who was up visiting the highlands with his son. And he told me about he was a really bad alcoholic and it wasn’t until he came back to church that things started to improve and that he was able to find a recovery program. It was really cool but then he told me he didn’t really agree with the churches in today’s world and in fact he didn’t even agree with his own church. So I was a bit curious and I asked him why not. He told me about he thinks the trinity is wrong and that he doesn’t think they are all the same person because he can’t find anywhere that really explains it. He also talked about how he doesn’t think God is talking to himself in the Garden of Eden in the Book Genesis. It was pretty interesting. So we had a great chat about that and I did end up giving him the Book of Mormon in my hand and he thanked me for it and said that he will for sure read it cause he wants to find out the truth out there. Then the rest of the day was going great then I had a Korihor moment. This man was talking to us and really trying to get us to say that God doesn’t exist it’s kind of weird because everything he said was everything that Korihor said in Alma 30. But he didn’t get struck dumb so yeah.

Then we saw Abi! Not Abby. She read my blog the other day and said that I spelled her name wrong so I’m fixing it just in case if she reads my blog again. But it was a great chat with her! She is really awesome and doing great to learn more! We talked about the plan of salvation and it was awesome. It’s one of my favorite things to share with people just because it answers so many questions about life. Then that was the night.


July 7, 2017

Today was the day I was attacked by flying rats. Seagull’s are just down right annoying. Well we get to the church this morning and this seagull is just going crazy and is flying at us over and over but it doesn’t really hit us it’s more just trying to scare us away. Because it turns out its baby or something is running around in the grass next to the church. So going in and out of the church was just having this Seagull come flying at us every time.

But the day went by really well nothing exciting happened at all. We were just mostly out finding Inverness before heading out to Invergordon to do some try byes.

The try byes were good, we got a lot of appointments set up for Sunday night. We ran into some Utah Mormons. They were on a cruise that was stopping in Invergordon. It was pretty funny, and we had some kebabs for Dinner because tomorrow is Moves call, so we’ll find out what happens. I think we are both staying but I honestly never know with moves. So should be exciting.




July 13, 2017

Well a lot has happened the last few days which has been really crazy. So pretty much Monday we drove down to Aberdeen stayed the night there. Tuesday we took the car into a garage to get serviced and that took like the whole day and we were going to take the ferry that day but we had to move it to Wednesday. So after we got the car back after hours of waiting we drove to Inverness and spent the night there. The next morning we picked up the Thurso Elders, Elder Wood and his Trainee. We then drove all the way to Thurso and that was a long drive and really great landscapes. So we got to Thurso and we dropped the Elders off at their flat and we then went and got the Ferry to Orkney. It was about an hour and half ride, we got to see a lot on that ride as well, it was really cool. So checking out the ferry and then we got to Orkney and we got to the flat and it is a nice flat. One of the nicest flats I’ve seen, super clean and just great. Then we got going on street contacting and talking to people. We meet a girl named Natilie and we are going to see her in the future hopefully. So we then had a dinner with the Smiths and they are awesome! So that was the first night, we also had to do some shopping.

DSC01561 (2)

So today! Woke up and had a killer work out and got ready for the day. Did a lot of planning for the next week and there are a lot of people to teach in this area which is crazy but we’ll do great! Had Dinner with the Smiths and Sister Flet (I hope I spelled that right) which was filling. Really great food up here in Orkney. After wards we went and did some service in a charity shop for the Red Cross here in Kirkwall. That was cool because we were able to talk to people and show them that we were missionaries and what not. It was a lot of fun. Then after that we had to do some studies and dinner. We were going to go and teach a lesson but that fell through so we went around to go and visit people. Trying to see everyone in the branch and meet all the investigators as soon as possible so that we can just get going and get people progressing.

So all this and I got a fun talk that I’m preparing for Sunday and I need to email a report to the home ward about my mission. I think. So got a lot to do.


Picture by Sister Juanita Smith, “Our missionaries are home. Ready for chapping after a nice dinner.”


July 14-16, 2017

Alright so the days have just gone by so fast the last couple of days of just figuring everything out. We’ve been all over the place. So yesterday it was raining a lot and we were just out talking to people and it was alright nothing to exciting we went around and tried by a few people but didn’t get to much success out of that so the day ended and nothing seemed to come from it. But today! The 16 was pretty awesome.

Today was church which we have in the high school here in Kirkwall. This is the smallest church meeting I’ve ever been to. It was a real eye opener. I was asked to conduct the music during the meeting and that was alight and I also gave a talk and my talk was about Matt 5:14 Let your light shine. Really Matt 5:14-16 is really good. I loved it and really enjoyed talking. Probably could have done a better job because only about 30 mins to prepare for a talk isn’t always enough time to sit and think about what to say, but it was good. So after church we went around to this lovely older women named Audrey. We were able to give her the sacrament and see her with the Smiths. Oh the Smiths are just amazing I love them both so much already! So after the visit we went around to go and see an Investigator named Roy. Roy is an interesting guy he doesn’t feel ready to really do anything he is a great guy but there is something that is holding him back so hopefully we will help him out so that he can feel better and more ready to come to church.

Then we went around,  here is the awesome part of the day so we do something called the Model Area. Where we cut up the area into small bits and we have the Bishop or Branch President pray about an area and we start chapping out that area and really do a lot of finding in that area and keep a record of it. So Pres Scollie prayed about an area and off we went and already we have 3 lessons planned for the next week! It was really cool, l I’m super excited to get all the work done.

So we email at the Library and the branch is very very little. Add we do get to Island hop every now and again. For P-day really. We were going to go today but we just have had a lot to do and won’t have enough time to get back from the other islands. Elder Chapple is a funny guy from West Jordan Utah. He has pretty much read every book ever, so he loves to read. That’s what he loves to talk about.  I got to get going here so talk to you next week!


Off to the Orkney Islands

Okay so I don’t have my keyboard because it’s all packed away! I am moving from Inverness to the Orkney Islands! To serve with Elder Chappel. So much has happened this past week. I’m not even sure where to start. So really this whole week has just flown by it almost seems like yesterday I was emailing, but to sum up the week (No worries when I email again I will send all the journal entries I did this past week).  We had a pretty great district meeting on Tuesday and we went on exchanges as well, so I went off with Elder Wood and we did a lot of finding that day and we got to see Stacey in the evening. Then the rest of the week just went by super-fast.  We were traveling around to Invergordon some evenings to go and do some finding there, and of course we were seeing our friends during the week as well. Abi is doing awesome! She is learning a lot and really doing her best to progress in the Gospel! She’s not very scared of baptism anymore which is awesome. I also told her this past week about your baptism and what happened and yeah I’ll send her that talk for her to read as I won’t be here anymore. Then as the days went by things just all blurred together now really. Sunday was just great, Stacey and Abi came along and I got to say good bye to the ward and what not. It was pretty good.

So I’ll print off those talks and read through them. So everything you’ve asked me about from last week is typed out but I don’t have it, so you’ll have to wait just one more week. We got moves call on Saturday night and all day Sunday we were pretty busy, so just running around.

I won’t get to my area till around Tuesday afternoon or evening. We are going to be driving up to Thurso and getting a ferry across to the islands. Going to be a long trip.

Oh sorry it’s Elder Chapple and he is from West Jordan Utah. Going to be a lot of fun. He just finished training so I’ll be his second companion and it should be great! I’ll be hitting my year mark with him this transfer! Elder Ryan will be staying in Inverness and don’t know too much about the area. It’s in the Aberdeen Zone still so I won’t be leaving the zone. I’ll have a car and it’s just the Orkney Islands.

Squire first year

Elder Ryan and I just wanted to like jump in the air and be like yeah spirit power!!

June 26, 2017

P-day we had the Thurso Elders come down because we were going off to Aberdeen for the day so we were in Invergordon and then right after we went off to Aberdeen. That was a long car drive, but not really. So we got to Aberdeen and there were a few other Elders that were at the church and we just kind of did a sport P-day with the zone. So we played a bit of basketball but then we played Football in the gym and it was a lot of fun. So when it came to the evening Elder Ryan and I went out to the streets of Aberdeen to go and street contact people. Talked to a few people, gave away a Book of Mormon and then we went to the Bridge of Don Elders flat for the night. There ended up being 10 Elders all in this little flat! I got to see Elder McDaniel again and a few other Elders as well it was just a really fun time.

June 27, 2017

Oh man so much happened today. The Conference went on for a while. Like a long while, but it was really good. We had some testimonies of incoming and departing missionaries and then there were some business. We received a lot of great instructions as well. STL’s talked about Christ’s original church. Then President and Sister Donaldson talked about the Great Apostasy and it was amazing. It reminded me of a talk that is called “Why 1820” amazing talk. Following them the AP’s gave instruction on the Book of Mormon. It was all really cool and I learned a lot. Then there was some lunch and then more instruction, but more for our Zone and what not, it was really great. So after the conference we were waiting for our interviews with President, Elder Ryan and I were the last ones and we didn’t get ours till late. So after interviews we had to go back to the Bridge of Don Elders flat.

June 28, 2017

So again in Aberdeen. I went off with Elder Wood for most of the day and we really just spent the day just street contacting around. Not to exciting, but it was really cool. Then we had some stuff to do in the city and then we were off back to Inverness. On the way back though, we drove through the National Park because it was just about the same time of travel. So I have a lot of photos from that.

So to be honest I didn’t get a chance to sit down and type up the rest of my journal for this week so I think I’m mostly going to tell you about one really cool experience from this past week. So Wednesday night Elder Ryan and I got back to the flat and we were just getting ready for bed, some nightly calls and so forth well I get a text. It was this random number saying that they talked to a friend that met us a while ago and that they would like to meet up with us and they said their name was AJ. So of course we were like yes let’s meet up. So we set up a time for the next day. Thursday now and it was a pretty alright day nothing to exciting and we are talking about this AJ and we are like is this a guy or a girl? Well we are waiting at the church and here comes this girl so I’m like oh it’s a girl. So we sit down with her and her name isn’t AJ its Abby. She doesn’t like to give out her full name to people. So we sit down and start to talk to her and it turns out that the guy from last week Shawn is her boyfriend, and she found us kind of interesting so she wanted to know more. It was pretty cool, we talked about a few things, answered a few questions and then set up a time to meet her the next day and to talk more about the Book of Mormon and so on. The next day comes around and in the morning we went off to Duncan McKay who lives out on the Black Isle. I didn’t get any photos sadly but we did some service for him. He pretty much owns a small ranch and at first we were picking up horse poop, but then we got to go and do a bunch of stuff for him and help him clean up his land a bit that was really cool. So the day goes on and we go and meet Abby at the church. By now she has read some of the missionary hand book and a few other things and we get talking to her about the restoration of the gospel and it was a really cool discussion. I really enjoyed it.  So we invited her to go and pray about the things we were sharing with her and so on. All went well. Later that evening we saw Calum an investigator of ours and we taught him the Plan of Salvation and that was a really great talk. We had a discussion mostly around the pre-mortal life and the atonement of Jesus Christ. So that ended the day and then the next day comes around Saturday. In the morning we meet up with a guy named Alec and this guy is really great. He has felt like he has been missing out on something his whole life and just the other week he ran into some missionaries in Aberdeen and was willing to meet up with us. So we sat down with him and taught the Restoration with him and talked about it and invited him to church (He came to church with his Wife!) Then that evening we went to a baptism over in Elgin it was really great to be a part of that. We and the Sisters did a musical item so that was fun. It was just so wonderful to see this man make such a wonderful promise in his life. To be clean and be able to start again. That ended the night and here goes to Sunday or yesterday. Church was starting and we were early and just waiting for people to come in and so on. Alec and his wife came which was awesome and so did Stacey! And it was fast and Testimony meeting. This was just great! It was just the moment as a missionary where you have your investigators at church and the whole ward is just being amazing and inviting such a strong spirit to the meeting! They’ll be back! So as the day went on we had some planning and studies to do. Then in the evening we got to sit down with Abby. So just the night before Abby sent us a text saying that she has something she would like to talk to us about, so we asked if we could get a spoiler. She texted back that she had cryptic dream, and so when we sat down with her we asked what is this dream? She told us that she did as we asked. After reading over a few things she prayed to ask God where now? What do I do? and then she had the same dream two nights in a row. In the dream, she told us that she was underwater (She also said that she has a fear of going under water) but she felt really peaceful and it was wonderful. When she woke up she also felt really peaceful. So we asked her what do you think it means? And she said this, “I need to get baptized.” Elder Ryan and I just wanted to like jump in the air and be like yeah spirit power!! But we didn’t jump and we controlled ourselves, we had a great talk with her about it. We were able to answer a few other questions regarding a few other things, but we’ll be seeing her soon again and she wants to keep learning so I’m really excited.

It sounds like you’ve had a fun week! I’ll write another email for him here. I have an extra name tag I think that I can send to Alex or I can just order another one they don’t cost much but it will be a wait. It’s great to hear how much Alex has grown! Getting big, tell him to email me.

Alright I’ll take on the challenge and I’ll write about them in my journal tonight as I think about them.  You will get a longer email this next week I’m out of time but I’ve written down the things to email you about the next week!


**This is a email that Elder Augustine sent to a young primary boy back in his home ward.

Hello there Kaiden G!

This is Elder Augustine all the way over in Scotland right now and I’ve been a missionary for the church for the past year! I love being a missionary I get to help others and share a wonderful gift with everyone! I’m so glad that you love missionary work and that you want to be a missionary one day. As a missionary we get to go out every day and talk to all kinds of people in the street and at their homes. We also get to sit down and teach them more about Heavenly Fathers plan for us and what they can do to find the truth. There are a lot of people in the world that don’t know where to go, so it’s up to us to show them the way and help them so that they can live with God again.
We do get to have a lot of fun on a mission as well. Just the other week I got to travel down to a big city where I got to meet other missionaries that are serving in other areas in Scotland. In this meeting we have a Mission President that talks to us and helps us to learn and grow, so that we can then turn around to help others do the same. We also get a lot of food! A mission is wonderful and special. You make a lot of new friends and they just become apart of your family, because we are all apart of Gods family. If you have any questions about Missionaries you can just let me know and I’ll tell you all about it!