I really hate bashing, I hate it when people just come and start off on all this stuff. I was going to walk off, which is what I normally do, but to be honest something did stop me.

June 19, 2017

P-day was pretty fun we got to do a lot, from shopping, to emailing, and to going down to Loch Ness and taking photos. We spent a bit of time at the church because Elder Ryan had to do some studying. We also had a great dinner over at the McKenzie’s. Great family those guys are really nice and make great food! Then when we got back we had a zone conference call and we were all fine but then our phone went all weird and we got dropped from the call. So we had to call our district again and then try to get back into the call, and at the time the Sisters from Elgin were talking to us and we got back into the call during another sisters devotional. So the Elgin Sisters started talking and it got all quiet and awkward. Then someone said something and it got more awkward and we just hear over the phone from some sister “what’s going on?” And Elder Crawley says “I just don’t know”. Elder Ryan and I were just dying and then the rest of the call was normal missionary stuff.


June 20, 2017

District meeting today was pretty alright. Not to exciting, but it was a good meeting. After the meeting we went around to go and see a member named Caroline Black. She hasn’t been to church in a while so we were over there to go and see how she has been doing. She is pretty busy almost all the time with Karate. She just became a black belt as well so that was pretty cool to hear about. She just passed and got the belt the other day. She said that at the start of the judging she was really going at it and giving it her all but then it turns out that was just the warm up. But she did pass so she was really happy about that. We went on just to go and street contact. We talked to a lot of interesting people but not too much success. We ended the night by going up to Invergordon for the Branch Council there. First time meeting the members there. We’ve been so busy down in Inverness that it’s been hard to get up there because of all the appointments we keep getting here. But we’ll be working on going up there more often.

June 21, 2017

We were going to have a lesson this morning but she didn’t show up. So we got strait to talking to people on the street. It was all going well nothing to bad, and we had a pretty good lunch. Went on to do some companion study and then we got a bit into the day and it got interesting. So we were walking around the town and trying to talk to people, and my companion goes to stop someone and says, “Hey what makes you happy?” and this guy just stops and yells “Why this?” as he points to the Book of Mormon in my companions hand. It then just turns into a bash between my companion and this guy. And I really hate bashing, I hate it when people just come and start off on all this stuff. I was going to walk off, which is what I normally do, but to be honest something did stop me. Well as they are arguing I ask him if he has ever read the Book of Mormon and he said parts of it but the answer is no. Well I invited him to meet with us to read the book and he agreed to meet up. I was actually pretty surprised. So we set up a time and a place to meet with him. Then we go on with our finding. We make our way over to the high street again and we are stopping people and trying to talk to people. Then as my companion and I are talking this old man comes up to us. “Hello Elders how are you?” Nice guy and we say a few words then he says, “You’re preaching a false Jesus”… wait what? Then this guy just starts going off about Mormons and the Book Mormon not being very nice language, well I again I asked if he has read the Book before. And he said parts. I then asked him to tell me about it, he could not. So I started to read to him and well he marched off and said we are going to a certain place. After that all these people that we tried to stop were just really mean, and nothing was going our way. But as I was just kind of standing there and not feeling too good, I say Hello to this man walking by and he comes up to me and starts to talk his name is Michel and he is from Saudi Arabia and his English isn’t the best, but from what I did understand he did want to meet and go see the church, because he was just recently baptized into the Catholic faith. So I got his number and he said he was going to come back. Didn’t seem too promising to be honest. So we keep street contacting and then this homeless man comes up to us and he is talking to us and he sits down. So we kneel down with him and he keeps asking us if we can go buy him a tent for him to sleep in. No idea what to say to that because we aren’t supposed to go out and use the mission money we have for anything than besides the things we are told to use it for. So we tried to explain it to him but he wouldn’t have it and got up and left saying stuff about us. So sitting there didn’t feel like being out so we head off and the Michel guy didn’t seem to be coming back. So we start to head off and low and behold I get a call from Michel. Telling me he is ready to meet up. So we meet up with him and head off to the church, and the guy is amazing and just funny. He is a comedian and he likens myself to Mr. Bean. He doesn’t speak English very well like I said before, so we use Google Translate and it works pretty well so far. We sat down and he was trying to figure out who we were and we were trying to explain and we did a pretty good job. We then give him the church website Mormon.org. Which he goes off back home. We’ll be seeing him tomorrow. Well we ended the night in a fun way. With a great Dinner appointment and then we had a scripture study class where one person showed up so not the best result, but it will get there.

June 22, 2017

Today was a day. This morning we were out talking to people along the river and we met this lady named Jennifer Hoffman, I think. She is some famous writer and spiritual leader. Never heard of her but she said that she had like 12 books or something and a lot of people know her. So yeah call to fame today, I think. We had some lunch and then we meet up with the guy from yesterday that we were arguing with named Scott. Scott is from Australia and loves to go camping and also knows his Bible very, very well. The lesson with him went pretty good. We did hit a few bumps where he didn’t agree with us but we were able to have a great conversation with him. We invited him to read the Book of Mormon and he agreed and he was okay with meeting up with us again. So we said tomorrow. He was a pretty cool guy. I hope to stay in contact with him in the near future he knows some really great places to go camping in Scotland. So after Scott we met up with our friend Michel. Google Translate was great. For the rest of the day yesterday he went and just google Mormons and watched tons of videos about Mormons. So he has heard a lot now about Mormons and he had a lot of questions about more than one wife, word of wisdom, and a few other things. It was just funny to be honest the guy is great but he is willing to try Mormons out to see if he likes it. He has gone around to a lot of other faiths because he has been wanting to get away from Islam. So it all went well we have a Book of Mormon in Arabic coming for him to read. So the rest of the night was just spent finding and doing some try byes.


June 23, 2017

Well we’ve been doing a lot of phone calls this morning. We were going through the Invergordon area book to try to find some people to teach because we are going to Invergordon on Saturday. Doing that all the way up to when Scott came around, the guy that knows his Bible. So today we had some fun, we taught him the plan of Salvation, and he didn’t agree with a Pre-Earth life which was interesting but he agreed with everything else. In fact what I found interesting was during the lesson we got to the point where you die and we were asking what happens after death, and he was explaining all this stuff and it made no sense. So I ask “Wait, tell me what is the state of the soul between death and the Resurrection?” and he started to like try to explain this place of rest and he couldn’t do it but he was trying. So I was like okay let’s turn to Alma 40, which answered that and he thought that was really cool, it was pretty interesting. We got into to a little conflict at the end but overcame it because he was just understanding it in a different way but it was pretty cool. Then sadly the rest of the day wasn’t as interesting. We had some meetings and what not but nothing to exciting.


June 24, 2017

Today wasn’t the most exciting but it was still good. We spent almost the whole day in Invergordon doing some try byes. So we were going to see Michel at 6 but then he couldn’t meet. We had the Book of Mormon for him in his language, and we really wanted to get it to him. So we went to him all the way to Muir of Ord. We called him for the address and he kept giving us an address that is in Inverness and it made no sense but we get to him and just outside of his flat is this housing place and that has their main office address on the building and he was giving us that address which was in Inverness. So we sat down with him and gave him the book, we learned a bit of Arabic and taught him a little bit. It was great and we got a ride for him tomorrow to church. Then later we met up with this girl and her friend. She is a former investigator and she is looking for something so hopefully we’ll be able to help her out.


June 25, 2017

Sunday! So church was pretty fun. Michel came and so did Stacey which was great and todays speakers were the Self Reliance Missionaries Elder and Sister Andrus. This lady named Mo also showed up. She had a really sad confusing story that she told me. During the talks she talked to the speakers, so it was pretty awkward. But then the rest of the day went pretty alright.

We then drove out to Elgin to do a baptismal interview with an investigator there. So I was just talking to the sisters while we were waiting for the interview to be done, and it went well and then afterwards we went to the mental Hospital to visit a man named Derik. He called us a few days ago and told us that he hit his head and he is a member and he needs his record and some copies of the Book of Mormon and for someone to come with us. It was crazy. So Brother Cummings from Elgin came with us, and we found him in Ward 4 in the hospital, it was interesting. Then we had a fun dinner appointment and a fireside with the ward and played a fun Book of Mormon trivia game. I won! Then we met up with a guy named Shawn and that was the night.


Today June 26, 2017

Well it sounds like it has been a fun week for everyone back home. The temple is a wonderful place to be and I miss it very much. The members here in Inverness are going to be heading down to the temple soon and I really want to go but sadly can’t for now. But that is great to hear all the wonderful things that has been happening back home. It’s also great to hear about mission call!  They will love their missions one of my friends from USU went to Cali for his mission Spanish speaking I can’t remember where but I know he was dead excited for it. Missions are just great.

So  D&C 88:78 “Teach ye diligently and my grace shall attend you, that you may be instructed more perfectly in theory, in principle, in all things that pertain unto the kingdom of God, that are expedient for you to understand.”  I would say this scripture means a lot to the point of just saying that we should and need to learn as much as we can. Knowledge is power and I’m sure the Lord knows that, so he wants us to have that power. It’s like the story of the Sons of Mosiah. In Alma 17 when Alma runs into them again he finds that they had become great men from much prayer and fasting and also searching the scriptures, because they put it all together they were given power from on high. And the power that they received was used for the perfecting of the people. When they came to the kings of the land they had such a knowledge of the gospel that they were able to teach the kings of this great joy that comes from repentance and they did it so that the kings would understand. If we want to be prepared in life for the hard times that come and the other difficulties that come we should read the scriptures, because the words of Christ will tell you all the things that you need to do. Any question can and will be answered by the Book of Mormon.

So I have yet to get the photo we’ve been all over the place and today we are going to Aberdeen and we will be in Aberdeen until Wed evening or Thurs morning. We are in Invergordon now just for about an hour or so but will be leaving straight to Aberdeen afterward. But the family history center in Invergordon is open on Wed afternoon and evening. So that’s a good time to go around.

Then I follow up on those people! Thank you so much.

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