I know that when we do service for those around us, we can become who Heavenly Father wants us to be.

June 13, 2017

Today we had a great district meeting. We had the meeting over Skype so that was a first for myself. The other teams are so far away that it takes way to long for them to travel in. So the meeting was great we had a great chat about Christ like attributes. I gave an instruction about patience which was well done in my opinion. Then the rest of the day was pretty alright. After the meeting we were in town mostly finding till we got to meet up with an investigator Bethany. She was really nice but she did kind of leave us clueless of why she was meeting with the missionaries. She did not seem interested in it all. Nothing about it seemed to appeal to her. So we’ll have to pray a lot about that one. Then just after that our investigator from Invergordon came down and took us out to eat at Pizza Hut. He brought his friends kid who was 4. Cute kid it was a lot of fun and we got to talk to him and got to know him a lot better. Then that was pretty much the day.

June 14, 2017

So today was a really fun day. In the morning we were out in the street talking to people, and you always get some interesting people to talk to here. It makes every day a different day. We met with a former investigator Gabby. She has bright pink hair and is President of the student body at her University, so she is quite busy. Then we sat down with a girl that we spoke to yesterday named Emma. Nice girl and we were able to go through the Restoration with her. She just kind of listened so that was pretty nice and we’re hoping to see her again soon. Then the night ended with the YSA BBQ. There was going to be some non-members coming so that’s why we went along to see if we could get a teaching appointment out of it and find some new people. Well the majority of the non-members were from the UVU thing so we talked to a few of them, but they will be heading back home soon. However, Millie and her boyfriend who isn’t a member came along and we are seeing them on Tuesday. Going to go and get to know them better and have a fun talk with them, which will be great, I’m really excited. Millie’s boyfriend is from Argentina so he loves his football.

June 15, 2017

So this morning got up early to head down to Aberdeen. It’s like a 3 hour drive so that wasn’t too exciting, but road trips are fun on a mission and you get to see a lot of Scotland as you drive around which is pretty great. So I got a few photos of the drive. We got to Aberdeen and I went off with Elder Crawley for our exchange. We spent most of the day finding and got to talk to a lot of pretty cool people in the town. We were driving around Aberdeen a bit as well as some try byes. We also got some food from some members. Then dinner was pretty fun, we went to a place called Nandos and it’s like all chicken so we got a lot of food and that was really good. We then went to a meeting and I just kind of sat back and just listened because well it’s not my area. But it was fun to hear about the investigators that they are teaching. That ended the night.

June 16, 2017

So we had the awesome experience of driving all the way back to Inverness! It’s fun driving around but to be honest I do kind of miss the train. The Train is a lot of fun but I’m fine with the car. So the rest of the day was spent finding and talking to people but in the evening we sat down with Stacey and got to talk to her and have a fun discussion with her. We talked about the plan of salvation and we got talking a lot about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how every wrong can be made right though his Atoning sacrifice for us. All the problems with heart ache, fear, pain, and etc. All of these he has been through. I don’t know how he knows, I can’t tell you how he does, I just know he does it and he can and will heal us. More than anything this shows how much my Father in Heaven loves me. I don’t have to bleed for someone else. So whatever path we are on, we don’t have to walk it alone, none of us do because he has already walked that long thorny road. I love my Savior so much. I just love to share this with people and how they can find the peace along with happiness in their own life through Jesus Christ.

June 17, 2017

So this morning I had some pretty great studies and we went over to Stacey’s to help her with her garden. We were over there helping her weed and what not and it was a lot of fun. We got to have a fun time helping out and we talked about faith as well and what it is and how we obtain it. Then the rest of the day was spent finding and eating food and what not. So nothing to exciting happened today.

June 18, 2017

The Sabbath day! Today my companion gave a talk in church. He talked about looking to Christ. He used the talk from the last general conference, “Don’t look around look up!” Can’t remember the name of the speaker but the talk was just amazing. So Elder Ryan used along with the talk a few other scriptures and some personal stories and I thought it was great! Then the rest of church I was falling asleep, I was tired that I was just like nodding off the whole time, but it was good. Then we went out and did some try byes after church along with some planning for the next week, we got some awesome planning done. So hopefully the next week will be a great week. Always busy.

So it sounds like it has been an interesting week. It is wonderful to hear that Alex is doing service. The funny thing about service is that no matter where we are in life when we do service for others we are greatly affected by it. I can’t remember who the story was by but I do remember there was a story of a women who was diagnosed with cancer and she was talking to her bishop and the bishop (Oh I think it may have been President Eying) But he told her to go and do some service for others and she just could not believe it. Here she is dying from cancer and she is in pain and her bishop is telling her to go and do service for others. Well she ends up doing it, and she said that the first days weren’t too great but that after a few days of doing the service the pain started to go away and that she found more joy in helping others and reaching out to them. I’ll have to find the right story because I know I butchered that one but the point it is, that service is where we find our greatest happiness in life.  Lifting and building others will allow us to become Christ like. I know that when we do service for those around us, we can become who Heavenly Father wants us to be.


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