I am moving! Going to Inverness!

Alright so this might be a short email not sure, but I am moving! I’m going to Inverness! So I’m going more North! Should be an exciting time! I’ll be white washing in with Elder Ryan who is from England. So right now I’m in Dundee emailing, waiting for my train at 3:48 to head up to Aberdeen.

Eder Peterson has gone home, Elder Foster is off to Ireland to Mullingar, and Elder Firstbrook is staying in Montrose and will be serving with Elder Watson (Who was just in Inverness).

I have most of the past week all typed up, but I can’t get it all out because it’s somewhere in my bags.

Oh but don’t worry about the whole money thing it’s all fine. I won’t be buying anything besides a train ticket. So it’s all fine. I had to get a new jacket this past week for the summer rain coming in! It’s been hot here which is great.

So this past week has flown by, we’ve been nervous about moves and unsure what was going to happen with the area. So it’s been a bit stressful but not too much. We were able to get a lot done and go out every day and do some good things.

But everything back home sounds like it has been going great, newspapers and school ending. I’ll have to do the whole photo guessing next week when I have a bit more time to sit down and email. But you will need to get Alex to be an extra in the star wars film that would be amazing. Then I’ll be able to watch it when I get home next year.

So funniest, weirdest, admiring, and stuff learn from the other Elders?

Well each one was unique and funny in his own way. They all just knew how to have a good laugh. The English always have their sass so that’s pretty funny sometimes. Then each one had different things about them that made them pretty great. I have learned a lot from my time in Arbroath/ Montrose it has been a big help for me and getting me to a point where I know better what to do in missionary work. I don’t always know, but now I feel more prepared for the random things that are thrown at me in my mission.

I’ve really enjoyed my time in Arbroath. The past week may have been a bit crazy with everything building up to moves, but it has been great. I have a lot of photos from this past week so you’ll have to wait till next week to see them all.

*Thank you to all the wonderful members in the Montrose ward who have served Elder Augustine during his time with you. We have been so grateful as his family to receive pictures of him. We love you and thank you!


Photo courtesy from Christina Craib, “Lunch out at the town house in Arbroath with Elder Peterson and Elder Augustine both Elders doing well.”

18767095_10211831338554364_1688910434_o (3)

Photo courtesy of Martin Henderson, “Last Sunday together, love that they all wear tartan ties together.”


Inverness Chapel along the River Ness. Photo courtesy of Martin Henderson

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