One thing that I tend to miss out is what we really learn from the 1st chapter of 1 Nephi.

May 15, 2017

So today was P-day! I was able to email and I heard a wonderful testimony from my mother! I am so thankful for her and everything that she has done for me and still does for me. She is a blessing in my life and to my siblings. So today we pretty much just went shopping and then just really relaxed the whole day. We’ve been running around the past few P-days so we took this one easy so nothing really happened. To end the P-day we did our Book of Mormon study group with some members. We’ve started that and Bishop has suggested to do it on Monday night for all those members that are single and don’t have any family around to do a family home evening. So we’ve been doing that as kind of a family home evening and hopefully get some members in the habit of doing FHE’s more often in their home. The goal is to get members to understand the importance of growing the gospel in their homes so that they can then have a foundation to then to reach out to others and invite them along with them. So today was the second time meeting and last time we read all the testimonies and the introduction to the book of Mormon. Then today we read the first 4 chapters in 1 Nephi and we were able to talk a lot about what was going on in those chapters. And there was some things that I learned as well. One thing that I tend to miss out is what we really learn from the 1st chapter of 1 Nephi. Lehi has a vision that tells him about the end of Jerusalem and as he’s out teaching this, the young Nephi wants to know if his father is telling the truth because Lehi is saying a lot of bold things. But simple Nephi goes and prays and asks God about the teachings of his father, and the Spirit of the Lord comes to Nephi and very simply comforts him and he knows that what his father is teaching is true. Nephi didn’t get a vision or a dream, he simply got the testifying feeling from the Spirit that the teachings of his father is true, and he stuck to it. So we had a great discussion all about those chapters. Then after we were around the church because we were putting together a poster to hand out. The poster is for our fireside that we will be doing here soon. We are going to play the movie Meet the Mormons at the church and we are asking all the members to come and to invite all their friends and family and just everyone. So we’ll see what happens with that!

May 16, 2017

Today was the Scotland East Conference up in Aberdeen. So we woke up about 6ish this morning and got ready for the day. We then got a bus at 7 up to Aberdeen for the conference. The ride was pretty simple nothing to crazy happened. Got up there just fine and we head over to the train station cause that is where there are other missionaries with cars picking everyone up and driving them over to the church. And there were cars for everyone but us. So we had to wait for someone to come around and pick us up. And I do believe that we were the last ones to get to the conference. So the meeting was great. Heard a lot on giving it our all and we talked a lot about a general conference talk from Elder Sabin’s talk this past general conference. We then had a really great instruction from President and Sister Donaldson about charity. Heard some incoming testimonies and heard some departing ones. And guess who I got to see for the last time? Elder Magby! He is back in Scotland so I got to see him for the last time before he goes home in two weeks. That was pretty great to see him. He is a wonderful guy and one of my favorite companions. So then there was some more talks about a few different things. It was all really good. So then we had some food and got to stick around and mingle with some of the other Elders and Sisters. Then we all went back to our areas. We of course got the bus back and that took a while but we got back in time for a quick dinner and then went off to Arbroath to go chapping. There was a lot of mean people out tonight. It was kind of weird, but the last house was a nice lady and she talked to us for a few minutes, and that was the day!


Elder Augustine with Elder Magby at the East Scotland Conference. Elder Magby was Elder Augustine’s trainer when he first arrived in the mission. There is also a photo-bomber in the background 🙂

May 17, 2017

Alright so this morning started off with a great workout from Insanity! I was so dead at the end, but it was pretty great. So today was just kind of an odd day. We planned and I spent my studies in the Book of Mormon still in 1 Nephi. Then we went and got the bus to Arbroath. We’ve been trying to put together a poster for a little fireside but we still need to make a few changes to it tomorrow. Don’t have a lot of time to work on it. So we went around street contacting and we were planning on seeing an investigator but she had to cancel on us so plans kind of changed. She took a bit of an early lunch and went on street contacting. We were walking around and I saw this girl and her shirt had a big mustache on it so I went up to her and I said “Hey I mustache you a question” she then put her finger up to her lip and she had a mustache tattoo on her finger it was pretty funny. So were able to talk to her and we set up a time to sit down with her so we’ll see where that goes.  We were then able to go and see our friend Fred. Fred has been having a hard time with a few different things but we are really pushing to get him ready for Baptism. Hopefully we’ll get him ready. So after Fred we go and sit down at a bench for companion study, and we get a text from the other Elders saying that President is interviewing them at the flat. We were supposed to be doing interviews tomorrow but that didn’t happen. So it was just a surprise. So after President was done with the other two, we got a call from them and they told us that President will be meeting with us in half an hour at the train station. So we made our way up there and we stop people along the way. President was up there waiting for us and we get there and he and Sister Donaldson took us around Arbroath telling us all about the different places he lived and the people that he taught there. He then took us over to the cliffs were we had our interviews and we talked about the area and different things. He then took us out to dinner! We had a great time with him and Sister Donaldson just the most amazing people ever, they are so lovely and funny. We didn’t stay for desert, but he took us over to McDonalds and we got ice cream there. Then he dropped us off after showing us some more places. Where we went out and did some more missionary work for the rest of the night.

May 18, 2017

Alright so today was probably not the greatest but it was alright. So this morning we had an appointment with this guy and we had his address, we went around but he wasn’t in so we went back to the town center to do street contacting, but nothing was really coming from that. So we had lunch and this seagull was like ready to attack and take our lunch. We then had another lesson but then that canceled so that was a bummer because I was really looking forward to going around and seeing that person. We had a great lesson planned but didn’t get to do it. So we went back to street contacting and going around to some different areas in Arbroath. We’ll probably just try chapping most of the time now because we aren’t really finding that many people. So we had companion study which we studied charity. So that was really fun, and we went back out and did some work. We went and got a milkshake for like 5mins because we were just getting tired and no one was talking to us today. Elder Fosters levels went pretty high so he got all tired and stuff, but he had his medicine and we went on with the day. We came back to Arbroath and had a great dinner with the Aluds and then we went out chapping and using door hangers. So we’ll see and that really was the whole day, nothing really exciting.


May 19-21

So not much has really happened the past few days. We’ve been just going out and trying to find people hasn’t been too exciting.

So Sunday was Mom’s and Annukkah’s birthday! So Happy Birthday you guys! I loved the videos and all the photos very much. Sunday was pretty great we had a great dinner with the Stronach’s and Sister Stronach made the best steak pie and she also had homemade sticky pudding, it was so good! So the rest of the time has been all normal. This week is going to be a pretty fun week, we’ll see what happens. It sounds like you are going to have a fun week with summer coming up. Can’t wait to hear more thank you!

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