Do we only almost…?


Elder Augustine on splits with Elder Firstbrook in Arbroath

May 9, 2017

So today we had district meeting and that was a pretty great meeting. We talked a lot about being a successful missionary and really what it means to us to be a missionary. Also just our visions for how we do the work and what not. So then after District meeting we went on exchanges and I was with Elder Firstbrook. We went to Arbroath and did some street contacting and what not. Didn’t find anyone,l we had some really good conversations but didn’t really go anywhere. So we moved on and dinner was all good. So in the evening we went out chapping and at first nothing was really coming from it till one door. We knocked and this older lady answered the door and she told us to come in and talk to her and her husband so we went in and talked to them. She asked a lot of questions. She told us that she has been a church goer for her whole life and has been going to St. Andrews here in Arbroath, and we were able to leave a Book of Mormon and we will be coming back next Wednesday to talk more about it and see if she read any of it. She said she would so we’ll see. It was a pretty cool experience.

May 10, 2017

Today was an alight day. Wasn’t feeling too good throughout the day but we did our best. We were able to set up about 3 appointments throughout the day so that was really good. One for tomorrow so we’ll see if that holds and it should be good! We’ve been really pushing to try different things to find more people. And it’s kind of working so far. So that’s pretty cool. We had dinner later that night with Sister Craib that was really good and then we just kind of made our way back to the flat.

May 11-14, 2017

To be honest. I’ve been so tired coming back to the flat that I’ve forgotten to type up my days. So don’t worry here it is.

So pretty much the biggest highlight of the week was going back to this one home that told us to come back the next day. So we did and we came back and we meet up with Becky. Becky is a lovely lady she has a 3yr old son and is just kind of curious about life. We were able to sit down with her and talk about a few things then share the restoration lesson with her which she said made sense. We were able to get her with a baptism date and I’m really excited! So we’ll see how she does and I pray that she will be able to meet with us again.

Then the rest of the days was mostly out finding and looking for people.

And that kind of brings us to today!

So yesterday after some long time finding. Oh real fast we did kind of meet up with a guy but only for a few mins and talked about a few things and this guy is named David. And David is really more than anything just curious about religions. So he has been going around and going to all the different churches and what not and seeing what they are about. He came to our church a long time ago but hasn’t come back at all. So a few days ago we saw him and we were able to set a time to meet up with him and that was yesterday. So we talked about us and what not and he is looking for then invited him to meet up with us again on Wednesday. So we’ll see if that holds. So then later we got a bus all the way to Dundee and we spent the night with the Zone leaders in their flat, and wasn’t that bad. So got up in the morning and it was stake conference here in Dundee! So we all just kind of slowly got ready for the day because it’s the day of rest. We get ready and we head out the door and Elder Foster goes with Elder Tolk to a ward meeting and I go with Elder Worley to go and pick up some other Elders for the meetings and head to the church.

So after a while everyone is at the church and the meeting starts. It was a great meeting I really loved it a lot. I think they were replacing the stake presidency or something to be honest I couldn’t really understand the one guy that was talking. But it all goes great and I really loved the talks. I really enjoyed President and Sister Donaldson’s talks the most. Sister Donaldson talked about the Holy Ghost and really what it does for us and the really if we want to know anything from God then we have to go where God is. Now this doesn’t mean go to like Heaven but go to the Temple, go to church, read the scriptures, go to him in prayer, and so on. I guess it’s kind of like if revelation is a waterfall and you really wanted to know you aren’t just going to go up to the waterfall and reach and just barely touch it. You are going to want to go all the way under and get as much as you can. It was a really great talk. Then President got up and he talked about Paul going in front of King Agrippa and giving his testimony of Christ. Then King Agrippa saying to Paul “you almost convinced me to be a Christian”. President Donaldson asked the question “do you almost do something” to become closer to God? And then it was just a bunch of questions like “do we almost read the scriptures, do we almost do our home teaching. Do we almost pray every night?” It was pretty good questions to make you think about things. Then the stake president gave a great talk on a few things that could just over all improve our lives. 1. Get rid of all negative feeling 2. Pray and read scripture 3. Serve others. The reasons that come from all of those are amazing and improve our whole lives so much.


Elder Augustine online talking to his family for Mother’s Day

So then we came back to Montrose and I called home and talked to everyone! It was a great time to talk to everyone! And that was just about the day!

Thank you so much for the talk and the testimony! I loved it very much. This week should be a really good week for Elder Foster and me. We’ll be having a few more lessons so we’ll be able to share all these wonderful things with everyone that we are seeing.

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