We both squeezed this guy’s nose!

May 1, 2017

Today was P-day! I would say it was a pretty good day. It all started with some shopping in the morning and then we went to the church to go email. But before going to the church we went and got some haircuts. I don’t think the guys doing the haircuts spoke English. Well almost all the barber places they don’t speak English really. So we went to the church and I figured out how to use the keyboard and that was confusing at first but then I got it and it is pretty cool! Makes emailing really simple. Don’t worry I still read everyone’s email. So after the emailing Elder Peterson and I came back to the flat for some lunch. Then we were like well we have a few hours so we went to the beach, and we made a sandcastle! The sand was great and it all started off great. At first we really didn’t know what we were doing so it just kind of turned into a blob of sand. Then we stacked up the sand and we had a little mote around it. We got a bunch of shells and rocks and really turned it into a sandman. But then it fell over… So it was a blob again. Then we watched the ocean just flatten our sand blob. We named it Alfred. So we all came back to the flat and I cooked dinner, felt like a good American meal was needed so Burgers it was! We then made our way to Arbroath and we spent the rest of the night chapping on doors. While we were chapping there was a cat that was following us around so we named him Elder Stubs. It was pretty great till a dog chased him off, and that ended the night!

May 2, 2017

Today was district meeting in Montrose. It started off great till I was asked to speak about the front cover of our mission plan. There is one scripture on the front and a phrase that says “To Bring Us to Him”. So I had to think of something to teach everyone about that. I did a great job as always, then had a good instruction about being positive. After wards we had exchanges, So I was off with Elder Peterson today in Montrose and Elder Foster was off with Elder Firstbrook. Elder Peterson and I started off the day with some finding and we weren’t having too much luck. So as we were walking around we did stop this one lady that just crossed the street and we had a great chat with her! And she invited us to come over so that was great. Hopefully they’ll be able to meet up with her. Then shortly after that we were able to find another person. Also while we were walking around there was this swan along the path and as we walked passed it, it started to like hiss at us and kind of come after us. I was about to be attacked by a swan! Out of my whole mission so far no dog attacks but a swan attack! Well the good thing is that it didn’t attack so that was good. Had some companion study after that we were just kind of asking each other questions about the priesthood and what not so it turned into a pretty cool learning experience in the scriptures about the priesthood. Following that we went back out for some more finding and went around to try by so less actives but didn’t get anyone. Well people answered the door but they then shut them right when they saw us. So after some try byes we then came back again for some great food! We made some coconut chicken/ shrimp tacos. It was pretty good but not sure if the stomach agrees with that… So after dinner we went down to the church to go and meet up with the Bishop to talk to him for a few mins and get some stuff from him for us to do. Then we went by to the guy named Mike. Mike is great guy he just having a hard time with a few things and I really want to help him but he just all over the place I have no idea where to even to start but Elder Peterson and Elder Firstbrook will be working with him and trying to help him out. That pretty much ended the night!

May 3, 2017

So it was a pretty good day I would say so myself. This morning I was studying the topic of Charity. Pretty much if you don’t have charity you are nothing. So have charity so that you can be blessed and always find happiness in serving others! Then Elder Foster and I got out our map and made a list of some less actives for us to go and try by later. So we got the bus to Arbroath and the other day we found the funeral homes in Arbroath because one of the finding ideas for missionaries is to go and offer ourselves as a clergy someone who will talk to people having a hard time with the loss of loved ones. So we went around to the first funeral home and the lady was really nice and we had a pretty good chat about who we are and what we are doing and what and she took our names and number down. The second one was a lot more business-like but she took our names and what not so it’s all good. Shortly after we had lunch went down to Morrison’s for their lunch time deal. So after lunch we had planned to go to the high street and street contact people. But then there were all these charity people like down the whole street. So we went around to go and try by some less actives. The first door we got to we knocked and we hear this “come in!” and I was like no I’m not just walking in. So I shout back “It’s the missionaries we are just wondering if our friend still lives here” And well it wasn’t the member that lived there but this younger girl. So we talked to her and asked her if we could come back and share our message with her and she agreed so we’ll be going around there tomorrow to see where that goes. Then the other less actives we tried by no longer lived there either and the people weren’t real interested in having us around. But we did have a lesson with our investigator Fred! Fred is a real nice guy and he always gives the same answer “without Jesus where would we be?” and I’m like you’re right friend we wouldn’t be here without Jesus Christ. It’s a lot of fun going over there and seeing him. He has been trying really hard to keep the word of wisdom and to try to get to church. So we had a great lesson with him. He had a few questions about Joseph Smith so we watched a few videos about the prophet and talked about him. It went really well. So after that we had a pretty good companion study and went saw Lewis a young lad that will be getting baptized this Sunday. I’m pretty excited to see that. Following we went back to the flat for some dinner real fast. We made Tacos it was pretty good. Then we went back out for the night to do some chapping and like no one was home we chapped on a lot of doors and only like 3 people answered the door. We did see this crazy dog though that was like dancing or something it was pretty crazy. But that pretty much ended the night.

May the 4th be with you in 2017

Today was a weird and great day. So this morning we did some weekly planning and we talked about our goals for the next week and what we can do for finding new investigators. We’ve already started a few different things and today was a pretty cool because of these goals. So we got to Arbroath and we were just kind of talking people around on the streets and we got some lunch and everything was all normal and fine. So we started to wander around again just after lunch because we had a lesson planned for about half an hour after lunch. So we were walking and around coming pass the college that is here in Arbroath. And there was this guy putting on some Football (Soccer) cleats and I went up to him and was asking him about it and talking to him and of course that led into a conversation of who we are and we asked him he wanted to meet up tomorrow and he agreed so we have an appointment with him tomorrow which I’m pretty excited for. So we started off to the lady that we ran into yesterday. Her name is Paige and she is a younger lady and has a small daughter. But we sat down and it was pretty clear that she did not really expect want we were there to share with her but we talked to her and shared the Restoration lesson with her and it went great. She was able to ask a lot of good questions and to we were just able to talk about it all. So we invited her to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and we asked her if she wanted to find out if the Book was true. She told us that she did and that if it was true that would mean there is a true church and a place where she can put her faith into and say without a doubt that it is true. So that was really cool. She isn’t able to come to church this Sunday though sadly. Cause she is working but hopefully next week! So following this lesson we went out to go try by some less actives that live around in the area. So we started off down the road and as we go around to places I usually try to stop people and just talk to them. I saw this one woman a head and I just go “Hello how are you today?” and she kind of stops next to me and pokes her face at me and yells “NOT GOOD!” it made me jump a little but anyways the first house we went to we actually went to the wrong address but the lady that answered said that we can come back next week and we set up time to come and see her so we’ll see how that turns out. We did find the right address where the less active lives. They are moving to England soon so we invited them to come to church and told them that we would love to see them there. And after that we went around to another less active and he wasn’t in but we tried by next door to see if the know the guy and next door is a woman who is a former investigator and she told us to come back tomorrow! So we’ll be going back there tomorrow. Well it was about time for us to companion study now so we started off to the library and there were a group of kids in a garden of one of the homes, they were all calling us on and what not and one of the asked Elder Foster if they could marry him. So we are now heading to the library and probably one of the more awkward moments of the mission so far there was this woman and her kid walking down the street in front of us and the wind picked up and so did her skirt and it was really awkward. It was one of the classic moments of slapping your companions face so we wouldn’t see anything. Well after an awkward moment we got to the library and had a pretty great companion study we studied Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. We read a lot of Joseph Smith History and talked about it. So companion study ends and we go out and we start to street contact in the high street not much luck and we kind of have this little loop we do in the high street. And as we are walking back up there was this guy walking our way and he is just waving his hands everywhere in the air. And HE stops us. And he starts to tell us how that the old man further up the hill is crazy because he is trying to go up the hill and he is old and has to push a walker. Then he goes on to tell us how he respects us and what we do even though it is a hard job. But he is saying all this in like a poem or something. And he is just waving his hands everywhere. So we share with him a mormon.org card and ask him if he would want to look it up. And he kind of says yes and want not then he turns to me and says “If I was gay I would probably hit on you cause you have beautiful eyes” I wasn’t sure how to take that but he got Elder Foster to agree with him. So we are just kind of laughing at this point and I ask him where he is going and he is almost taken back and he asked why I want to know. Elder Foster responds “Oh we just like being nosey” and so this guy is like “Noses!” And he gets close to my face and is looking at my nose and then he does the same to Elder Foster and then he comes back to me and he is like look at my nose! So I look and it was a nose. And then he tells me to touch his nose… So I touch his nose because he kept asking me to. He then told me I was doing it wrong and he grabbed my hand and used my hand to squeeze his nose, and I tell you what his nose was still a normal nose. But I couldn’t keep it in I was just laughing at this point and the best part is that he does the same thing to Elder Foster! So we both squeezed this guy’s nose. So we ask for his name and it’s Brian and we shake hands and he goes on his way. Probably one of the more random moments in my mission. We then have a dinner appointment with the Rollo’s and that was great. We had some spaghetti and it was really good. We were able to share a really cool though afterwards about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and it all went well and that pretty much ended the night. So we get back to flat though to find Elder Peterson sick. He has now gone to bed to early and hopeful will be feeling better in the morning. Well may the 4th be with you!

May 5, 2017

Today was a pretty great day for myself! This morning though was not so good for Elder Foster and Elder Peterson they woke up feeling really sick so they stayed in the flat all day while I took Elder Firstbrook with me to Arbroath. Well morning studies were good I studied how to improve my teaching skills in the first appointment with investigators and what to focus a lot more on and what not to focus as much on. So we left the flat and walked down to the bus stop to get the bus to Arbroath like we do every morning and while we were standing there Brother and Sister Stronach pull up and ask us where we are going and we say Arbroath and they tell us to get in and they gave us a ride into Arbroath. It was very kind of them to do so. They were heading into Arbroath to get some gardening stuff. Well we get off in Arbroath and the very first person we talk to is inviting us over on Sunday so that was really cool. Then right after that we found another person who will be meeting us tomorrow. And then we had a few other people that we talked to that seemed promising. We then had some lunch from Morrison’s and we saw these really good looking doughnuts. SO of course we bought doughnuts they were really good. Well after that we around again finding around in the streets and we were able to find another person and set another appointment. I didn’t get a photo but we went up to this kind of cliff and had companion study at the top of it. We talked about the Book of Mormon and how to use it more in our missionary efforts. One of my favorite questions that we talked about was what Book of Mormon prophet or missionary would you like to be like and why? I said Alma the younger because he was someone who had made a lot of mistakes in his past but was able to find forgiveness and then just fully give himself to doing what the lord wanted him to do. I’m really trying at this moment to be like that and it’s not always easy but it is getting easier I would say. Well companion study ends and we go down to the college to wait for our lesson. He didn’t show up. So we went around trying by some less actives and we found one that invited us back for next Tuesday. The others have all moved off somewhere else and we don’t know where. We also had another lesson planned but that didn’t really hold. She just wasn’t it but we’ll be going back tomorrow. So we went around again street contacting we ran into another guy and we will be seeing him tomorrow should be an interesting visit. Well to end the night with an interesting story we went around to a less active/ Recent converts home for dinner. They are from Italy and they made us amazing pizza. They also know how to talk a lot it was all great and they had a super hyper dog and we ended up there longer than we wanted to. But I mostly wanted to see if there was any way we could get her to come back to church but that doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. But it was really great. The two kids were really funny and they are just really nice people. So we left and we had a few mins to go around but we had to get the bus back to Montrose and we got back and our companions are still sick. So we’ll see what tomorrow has in store for us.


May 6, 2017

So today was just another day. Elder Foster got a bit better. So we went to Arbroath in the morning and nothing pretty much happened. We were able to see Fred today and that was about it. We had a really great dinner with the Watsons and then we got back to Arbroath to go try by some people but none of them answered. So here we are back at the flat.

May 7, 2017

Sunday! So woke up this morning and did some studies in the New Testament. I’m probably going to start reading Jesus the Christ again. Study it more in depth now that I’ve read it all. So we got to church and it was fast and testimony meeting which was great. I love hearing the testimonies of others. Then Sunday school we had a really good talk about seeking revelation and how do we get it and what to do to really ask for it. We were mostly reading Moroni 7 in verses 6-10 it pretty much says if we pray without real intent meaning that we really didn’t mean any of it or we just said a quick prayer just say something because we are in a rush then it doesn’t even matter. Pray is a way of speaking to our father in heaven and it through pray that we can be guided to know what we are asking. So pray with heart and you will get an answer or be given the blessing. So we talked all about that. Then priesthood we had an amazing lesson about honoring our family names and the name of Christ. We also talked about bit about Captain Moroni as well. It was a really good lesson. And after we had the Baptism of Lewis, young lad we’ve been around to go and teach and help him get ready for his baptism for today. So that was after church and that really great. The even had the confirmation right after because he is 8. Lewis asked Elder Foster and I to help with that so that was great. I would have to say I always feel the spirit when I hear some receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost. It is just amazing and every time it always feels the same way. It is something that is so peaceful and powerful and at the same time. So after this we went on to Arbroath to go chap some doors and that was the night.

So facetiming I’ll probably be at the church and use either messenger or hangouts to do so. Hey that looks like a really good idea to try not sure about Scotland maybe some free Haggis for everyone and a Book of Mormon with it, but we’ll have to wait and see! It all seems like a pretty interesting week for you. Did you get the package that I sent to you with the book in it?

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