If we had the members giving us referrals and bringing their friends to us, we could help the ward grow!

April 28, 2017

So today was a pretty great day for myself because I was finally able to get this keyboard thing that you sent like 3 months ago. Well Today I went on Exchanges with the Zone Leaders in Dundee. I went off with Elder Worley, great guy. Well we were out in the town center and then we ran into my companion who was with Elder Tolk. Elder Foster came up and was like guess who has your package? And Elder Donovan has had my package for the last few months. One of the office people gave it to him and he just hasn’t been able to get it to me till now. Well going on later into to the day we ran into him and a few other Elders and we had a pretty good laugh about it and I was able to get it later tonight. So Elder Worley and I spent most of the day finding around Dundee, we were able to talk to a lot of interesting people. Didn’t set very many appointments but we were able to get a lot of phone numbers and find some people that would be interested in meeting up again. We had lunch at KFC. KFC is not the same here as is it is in America. In the States it’s like a real good meal here it’s like a piece of chicken on a piece of bread. Nothing to exciting but oh well it was still good. So we were then in the Wellgate mall for our companion study and we got ready to teach our lesson for tonight. Then went out and did some more finding out in the city center. There was a few other Elders and sisters doing exchanges well so there were so many missionaries all in the city center it was pretty crazy but pretty funny at the same time as well. So we would try to stop someone and then they would tell us that they had already been stopped by some other missionaries. Well after a while of that we came back to the zone leader flat for dinner and had some pizza and watched a fun game of chess between my companion, Elder Foster, and Elder Tolk. Elder Tolk crushed Elder Foster and we all had a good laugh. So after dinner we went to go teach this lesson to two guys named Leslie and Dave. They were at a members home, Collin. So we had prepared to teach them the Plan of Salvation. We sat down in this small flat it was a bit dark but was a very nice home. Leslie and Dave were able to tell me what they had learned last time from Elder Worley and Elder Tolk, and that really led us into the lesson. We had to keep it really simple because there is so much going on in the plan of salvation lesson as a whole. But it was a really great lesson. In Arbroath we haven’t been teaching as many people as I was hoping to. We’ve been getting a lot of first appointments and a lot of potential with people, but haven’t been to successful. So it was a good change to sit down and to give a really good lesson. We were even able to give them a baptismal date at the end of the lesson and they both accepted. Which is wonderful and with some time they will be ready for baptism. So all that was really cool. This is all kind of goes into our weekly planning from yesterday. Mostly because I’m sick of having no investigators. So we are going to try a lot of new things this next week. Hopefully we will be able to do a fireside soon and play the movie Meet the Mormons and get members to bring their friends to that and ask us questions about the church and see if we can get new people that way. We are also going around and trying to find a few places where we can put our names down as someone to talk to people that are going through a hard time and might need some help and so. So we will see. Well that pretty much ends the night of typing this all out on my new key board thing!

April 29, 2017

So a lot has happened this morning on the way back to Arbroath. We woke up and we went out with the Zone Leaders to a field where we got to play some frisbee with the other Elders that was really fun. There was about 14 of us there. The sisters where there as well so that was just a fun game between all the Dundee missionaries. We then came back and got ready for the day and the Zone leaders dropped us off at the Bus station. On the ride back I was thinking a lot about everything I had learned over the exchange as well as a few other things that came to mind. I am a very prideful person and I was thinking of the scripture Ether 12:27-28, 37. So this scripture has had a big impact on how I’ve been thinking and I’m really striving to love everyone that I can to really have that love to be the reason of my missionary work.

Also another thought. Don’t send any more stuff I have so much stuff and my bags are getting heavy!

So after a great lunch we went out and we had a lesson with this guy at the library at 1. So we get there and there he was. We were able to sit down and he had some interesting views on the world it was pretty cool. So we shared the restoration lesson with him and he took it really well. Just got to sit down in the library and go through it all. I would have to say my teaching skills have improved a lot from the time I first came out. So it feels pretty great when you are teaching and you just know where to go for a scripture so you can share about a certain point. So we asked him to be baptized and he said he would if he gets an answer and hopefully will be coming to church! So after that we went out to go finding and didn’t find anyone but had some really great conversations with people. Just walking around and talking to as many people as we can. Then just coming back to the flat for some dinner. Then going out again to go chap some more doors. Elder Peterson really likes the captain Moroni socks. They go great with the Temple socks that I got. So it’s about 9:30 and Elder Foster and I got back to the flat about half an hour ago from our time out chapping. We spent the whole time chapping just one street. We didn’t get anyone, more than anything just a got a bunch of not interested people, but we still had a few good conversations. There was about two guys that had a really nice conversation with us then that was about it. So on our way back we stopped into Morrison’s and I got a jar of Black Olives because I saw them and I thought they would taste good. Well Scottish Olives do not taste the same. So that was a bit disappointing but not much I can do there to improve the Olive world in Scotland.

April 30, 2017

Well it’s Sunday! This morning Daniel, the guy we taught yesterday, called and said that he doesn’t want to come to church because he wants to learn more about it before coming. So we’ll have to try to find a way to get him to feel comfortable coming because coming to church is the best way to learn about it. So we got to church and got all ready for sacrament and I can’t remember the names of the other two speakers but one talk was about family history and temple work, the other was about Jesus Christ is some way, and Elder Peterson talked about the Book of Mormon and the reasons why we have it. I thought it was a really good talk. Then Sunday school we didn’t have for the investigator class so Elder Peterson and I stayed in the room while Elder Foster and Elder Firstbrook went to the other Sunday school class. I guess something went down in there and it was awkward but not sure what. Well Elder Peterson and I had a great time! Elder Peterson showed me this really cool comparisons between the Plan of Salvation and the time line for the Book of Mormon. We then wrote out the history of the Jaredites,and we pretty much explained the whole history in Ether. It was really exciting to really talk about it and to understand it better. There is so much history that is given in the book of Ether I really wish we had all of it but that would be a lot. So after this we all got back together and it was a combined meeting for the last hour. Bishop played 3 videos. The first is the parable of Debtor and something I really can’t remember the name of it right now (I will find out). But that was about a young man who wanted something so he went into a lot of debt but he couldn’t get the money back to the man when the debt was due. So the man came to place in prison because he had signed a contract and that was that. So the man came back and just as he was about to take him the debtors friend came along and payed the debt for him and told the boy that he would pay him back and everything will be okay. So that was really cool. The next one was a talk by President Uchtdorf about doing our priesthood duties and to stand close together and lift where we stand. The last one was the talk from President Monson just this las General Conference, about reading the Book of Mormon daily. That if we are not we need to. I really got out of it how we need to be reading it daily because if we don’t then how do we expect the blessing it promises to come? Why only read it once then expect the heaven just open for the rest of our lives and that’s it? We need to read it because then it teaches us how we need to be and what we need to stand up for. If anyone is not reading it daily I would have to say there is a problem. It is a commandment and it help us if we read it.

So that was church and after there was a food and mingle thing. Never had one of those before or maybe I have just don’t remember. So that was great we got to go around and talk to everyone. Got a few appointments set up going to go around and visit some of the members hopefully. I would love to see the members more but there only seems to be a few that are interested in having us over. I would love to do any kind of service for them but nothing. As a missionary I would say this is one of the most upsetting parts where members don’t have any service for us to do, because here in Scotland it’s really through the members that the work is able to go forward. There are 4 missionaries between Montrose and Arbroath, and if we had the members giving us referrals and bringing their friends to us we could help the ward grow, I know we can! So that’s why we have now put together a study group for the members to come to and hopefully get some firesides going by the missionaries where we could show the members how to invite their friends along and help them do missionary work in their own lives. So fingers cross that this will all get going.

Well after all this we went down to Arbroath and went to some streets and started chapping. Not much success but we are getting there. Had a few good conversations but nothing too much. So we’ll see. Then just came back to the flat to end the night with some dinner and companion study.

So look at that! It works! Pretty great! So it sounds like you have had a pretty interesting week! I’ll give a read to Elder Rasbands talk again and tell you what I think about it and what not. It’s also great to hear that you went out with Annukkah! And getting ready for summer already? That’s this month! I still feel like I just got to the mission yesterday. Time is flying by for sure.

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