Almost every day we have one or two moments where we’re being led by the Holy Ghost.


Oh wow that’s pretty great! It sounds like it has been a good week and a good day to spend with Grandma. As a missionary I would say almost every day we have one or two moments where we’re being led by the Holy Ghost.

This past week we were able to go back and teach a lady that we chapped into. It felt a lot like that funny missionary video of them singing Adele’s “Hello” when they get let in. That is how I felt getting let in to this house. It was pretty great, we got to sit down and teach her. The other two Elders came to help out because we needed them there as well. So we sat down and taught a pretty great lesson! We should be going back on Thursday. Then just earlier we were out chapping again and they let us in right from the door, so that was pretty great! They asked a lot of questions, but it was still fun to share the gospel.


So I don’t have any photos from this past week. The week has really gone by. Sorry forgot to get some photos along the way. Then the rest of the week was just a pretty normal week.

Oh then calling on Mother’s day not sure yet It’ll either be from the church or from a members home. I’ll figure it out this next week and let you know.


Hey it is also great to see that Ryan got baptized! That is so wonderful. I would love to hear how that happened.

Oh then could you send me Grandmas address then I’ll send her another letter when I can.

Well that is really much it for the week not too much. Today we’ll be going out with a member to tour the area and go see some more castles and what not, so it should be really fun!

I’ll write out a letter this week on the question about the Holy Ghost and mail it to you. I need to think about it.

Never mind I’ve got photos!

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