Today we held our own mini Highland Games


Well it’s been a week! I’ll be staying in Arbroath for another transfer and I’ll be staying with Elder Foster and the other two Elders are staying as well. So it should be a best friend party for the next 6 weeks!

It’s great to hear how Dad is doing better and how they were able to find his cancer so early on. It is really nice to hear that everyone came out and helped with the house and what not. It is great to serve others but from time to time we need some help as well, so that is great that everyone was able to come out and do that for you guys. Did you get any pictures of that? Well two best friends coming to the mission that is pretty funny.  There should be a lot of missionaries coming in this summer, because school gets out and everyone leaves. Also by the end of summer half of our mission will be going home anyways. So everyone in the mission will probably be training here this summer. So should be fun we’ll see what happens.

Alright well the last week challenge I don’t think we found anything to do. We did have some really cool success and hopefully that will hold this week. We went chapping and came to the last door and knocked on the door and we asked them what they are doing for Easter and what are their beliefs like. They told us they are getting sick of going to an old church where the minster thinks that he is God’s right hand man. They then told us that they want a modern church that is all about helping people and there for the youth, and so on. SO pretty much our church… they are looking for our church! So I was like well that’s pretty much us and then she invited us back to hear our message and the Easter message as well! So hopefully that goes well.

Prayers are a very important thing. I think I say at least 7-10 prayers every day because I’m going nowhere without the help of God. President Donaldson gave a really good talk once about prayers and he used the Brother of Jared as an example and it was amazing. So that would be a great story to read to try to understand how important prayer is in our on personal lives.

The last time I laughed with my companion would be today. We went out and did some “mini-ish Highland games”! And we smashed a guitar because no musical instruments. We found a cool cave and it was pretty great. What makes me laugh in the area is something not too sure? There are a lot crazy things that happen in Scotland and never sure what you’ll see today, or who you’ll run into. We have a few prophets that live here in Montrose so that is pretty cool. Staying light hearted would be just going out and doing the work. Time flies when you just go out and talk to people, and it’s pretty fun just to talk to people. I’ve been on a quest to find at least one person who can tell me about their beliefs and why. Most people just say I’m Church of Scotland and I really want to know why they are and what goes on at their church but no one will tell me.

So what do I like about my companion. I like that he is someone who asks a lot of questions. It’s fun to talk about different things and he does really care about the people. Just the other day there was a member in Montrose that passed away and Elder Foster really liked that member and he looked up to them so it was a bit hard for him to hear about the passing away. But it’s good because it shows that he cares about the people, and yeah we do pretty well together. The hardest thing about being the trainer is watching your trainee just fail at talking to people. Most of the time it’s just funny but he has gotten a lot better which is good!

Inside jokes are for the missionaries inside the mission…


The Avengers: The Hulk (Elder Firstbrook), Thor (Elder Foster, Captain America (Elder Peterson, Iron Man (Elder Augustine).

We don’t have a theme we have a Goal and a Plan and that’s a big plan…that I do not have memorized.

To be better missionaries at home just have the missionaries over for dinner and ask them what you can do for them. If they need a place to bring investigators or less actives over to teach or need help to teach. I have something here that I can mail to you with your book. Which I’m going to mail this week. It’s called 101 missionary finding ideas. And pretty much it’s for the members of the church. As far as I know we are the only mission that does this. But we ask the members to pick something that they can do this week and they do it. Then they cross it off, and pick another one and do that week, and then talk about it the next time we see them. So I’ll send that to you and you guys can look through that.

Then the members here. I only see them on Sundays really, and we have a weekly dinner appointment with a great family every Sunday. I’ve only been over to maybe two other members for dinner. The rest I don’t really know.

Then that’s it for the questions.

The week has been pretty great, to give a run-down I went on exchanges here in Montrose with Elder Peterson and that was a blast. Then had a normal day on Wednesday and then went on exchanges with the zone leaders on Thursday in Dundee. We went to Saint Andrews in the morning and that was full of college kids and then we went back to the city for the afternoon and the rest of the night. It was all fun stuff. Played a game of Frisbee in the morning with the city teams. Then went back to the area. Saturday was moves call, we are all staying. Sunday- Easter had church and we listened to thing called The Lamb of God at the church, it was fireside it was amazing! If you want to hear something amazing about the last few days of Christ listen to the Lamb of God.

Then that’s been about the week. I’m all good don’t need anything.

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