We’re handing out a ton of Family History cards

Thank you so much for the great email, it was wonderful to see what has been happening. Also to see the wonderful learning from General Conference. For us we were able to go and watch Conference in the church at the family history center. Yes I do have a family history center here in Montrose! Which is great because we’ve been going around and when I talk to all the older people on the street I ask if they are interested in family history and a lot of them are, so we’ve been handing out a ton of family history cards and telling people about the family history center here in Montrose so that is really cool. Well we had one lady that I guess didn’t like it. I tried to ask her if she likes family history and wanted to share the card with her, but then she started to go off on a bunch of other stuff, it was odd. But other than that the family history stuff has been great to get people to talk to us. So yeah old Scottish people like family history.


So I’ve learned a lot from General conference. Like a lot. I took notes on every talk. I would have to say some of them are for sure missionary talks like about the Godhead, Holy Ghost, and Goal setting which was all great. Then there others that were amazing about being kind, having charity and always making sure to read from the Book of Mormon. The talk given by Elder Hales about the Atonement and forgiveness through Jesus Christ was really good. To be honest I really enjoyed them all. Almost all of them I have seen a way to apply to myself and my missionary work. Over all I really took out of it was just being more a disciple of Christ, someone who is kind and loving to all. Sometimes as missionaries here you run into a lot of people from other faiths that want to prove you wrong and make you mad, and then we want to talk bad about them or just keep arguing with them. It is hard not to do that, but if I’m going to represent the Lord I should act like the lord. So that is something I’m grateful for.  I’m also thankful for having wonderful leaders that are called of God and know what to teach us, so that we may be better men and women. I’m thankful for everything I would have to say. There isn’t one thing I’m not thankful for because everything I’ve been through has helped to put me on the path of success and helped me to learn and grow.

So with all that nothing else really happened this week. We’ve been out in Arbroath every day and just out there talking to people on the street and at doors and so on. Tomorrow I’ll be going up to Aberdeen so that should be exciting. We are going to have a conference there and receive instruction on a lot of new things happening in the mission, because things are always changing in the mission… like every month. Nothing ever stays the same! I honestly don’t know what is ever going on here,  but what I do know is the work keeps going so that is good!

Can’t wait to hear from you and I hope all goes well!

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