Almost every day we have one or two moments where we’re being led by the Holy Ghost.


Oh wow that’s pretty great! It sounds like it has been a good week and a good day to spend with Grandma. As a missionary I would say almost every day we have one or two moments where we’re being led by the Holy Ghost.

This past week we were able to go back and teach a lady that we chapped into. It felt a lot like that funny missionary video of them singing Adele’s “Hello” when they get let in. That is how I felt getting let in to this house. It was pretty great, we got to sit down and teach her. The other two Elders came to help out because we needed them there as well. So we sat down and taught a pretty great lesson! We should be going back on Thursday. Then just earlier we were out chapping again and they let us in right from the door, so that was pretty great! They asked a lot of questions, but it was still fun to share the gospel.


So I don’t have any photos from this past week. The week has really gone by. Sorry forgot to get some photos along the way. Then the rest of the week was just a pretty normal week.

Oh then calling on Mother’s day not sure yet It’ll either be from the church or from a members home. I’ll figure it out this next week and let you know.


Hey it is also great to see that Ryan got baptized! That is so wonderful. I would love to hear how that happened.

Oh then could you send me Grandmas address then I’ll send her another letter when I can.

Well that is really much it for the week not too much. Today we’ll be going out with a member to tour the area and go see some more castles and what not, so it should be really fun!

I’ll write out a letter this week on the question about the Holy Ghost and mail it to you. I need to think about it.

Never mind I’ve got photos!

Today we held our own mini Highland Games


Well it’s been a week! I’ll be staying in Arbroath for another transfer and I’ll be staying with Elder Foster and the other two Elders are staying as well. So it should be a best friend party for the next 6 weeks!

It’s great to hear how Dad is doing better and how they were able to find his cancer so early on. It is really nice to hear that everyone came out and helped with the house and what not. It is great to serve others but from time to time we need some help as well, so that is great that everyone was able to come out and do that for you guys. Did you get any pictures of that? Well two best friends coming to the mission that is pretty funny.  There should be a lot of missionaries coming in this summer, because school gets out and everyone leaves. Also by the end of summer half of our mission will be going home anyways. So everyone in the mission will probably be training here this summer. So should be fun we’ll see what happens.

Alright well the last week challenge I don’t think we found anything to do. We did have some really cool success and hopefully that will hold this week. We went chapping and came to the last door and knocked on the door and we asked them what they are doing for Easter and what are their beliefs like. They told us they are getting sick of going to an old church where the minster thinks that he is God’s right hand man. They then told us that they want a modern church that is all about helping people and there for the youth, and so on. SO pretty much our church… they are looking for our church! So I was like well that’s pretty much us and then she invited us back to hear our message and the Easter message as well! So hopefully that goes well.

Prayers are a very important thing. I think I say at least 7-10 prayers every day because I’m going nowhere without the help of God. President Donaldson gave a really good talk once about prayers and he used the Brother of Jared as an example and it was amazing. So that would be a great story to read to try to understand how important prayer is in our on personal lives.

The last time I laughed with my companion would be today. We went out and did some “mini-ish Highland games”! And we smashed a guitar because no musical instruments. We found a cool cave and it was pretty great. What makes me laugh in the area is something not too sure? There are a lot crazy things that happen in Scotland and never sure what you’ll see today, or who you’ll run into. We have a few prophets that live here in Montrose so that is pretty cool. Staying light hearted would be just going out and doing the work. Time flies when you just go out and talk to people, and it’s pretty fun just to talk to people. I’ve been on a quest to find at least one person who can tell me about their beliefs and why. Most people just say I’m Church of Scotland and I really want to know why they are and what goes on at their church but no one will tell me.

So what do I like about my companion. I like that he is someone who asks a lot of questions. It’s fun to talk about different things and he does really care about the people. Just the other day there was a member in Montrose that passed away and Elder Foster really liked that member and he looked up to them so it was a bit hard for him to hear about the passing away. But it’s good because it shows that he cares about the people, and yeah we do pretty well together. The hardest thing about being the trainer is watching your trainee just fail at talking to people. Most of the time it’s just funny but he has gotten a lot better which is good!

Inside jokes are for the missionaries inside the mission…


The Avengers: The Hulk (Elder Firstbrook), Thor (Elder Foster, Captain America (Elder Peterson, Iron Man (Elder Augustine).

We don’t have a theme we have a Goal and a Plan and that’s a big plan…that I do not have memorized.

To be better missionaries at home just have the missionaries over for dinner and ask them what you can do for them. If they need a place to bring investigators or less actives over to teach or need help to teach. I have something here that I can mail to you with your book. Which I’m going to mail this week. It’s called 101 missionary finding ideas. And pretty much it’s for the members of the church. As far as I know we are the only mission that does this. But we ask the members to pick something that they can do this week and they do it. Then they cross it off, and pick another one and do that week, and then talk about it the next time we see them. So I’ll send that to you and you guys can look through that.

Then the members here. I only see them on Sundays really, and we have a weekly dinner appointment with a great family every Sunday. I’ve only been over to maybe two other members for dinner. The rest I don’t really know.

Then that’s it for the questions.

The week has been pretty great, to give a run-down I went on exchanges here in Montrose with Elder Peterson and that was a blast. Then had a normal day on Wednesday and then went on exchanges with the zone leaders on Thursday in Dundee. We went to Saint Andrews in the morning and that was full of college kids and then we went back to the city for the afternoon and the rest of the night. It was all fun stuff. Played a game of Frisbee in the morning with the city teams. Then went back to the area. Saturday was moves call, we are all staying. Sunday- Easter had church and we listened to thing called The Lamb of God at the church, it was fireside it was amazing! If you want to hear something amazing about the last few days of Christ listen to the Lamb of God.

Then that’s been about the week. I’m all good don’t need anything.

We’ve been playing a game as we street contact

It sounds like a fun week there, I’m glad that everything has been okay with Dad and they have it all figured out and that he is doing well.  Soccer will save lives, It is a proven fact! General Conference was also great I’ve been able to look over my notes and to think about everything that has been taught and I really enjoyed it all as well. General Conference is a lot more different on a mission, but I only have two more general conferences to listen to on my mission.

So the challenge to exercise the power of the priesthood and to serve someone I will put some thought into it and see what we can do. It’ll come up, so we’ll have to wait and see.

So this week for us we’ve been out finding a lot, and just Tuesday we had East Scotland Conference and President has enforced some rules because some Elders have been listening to much Disney music. So no more Disney Music. It was a great conference and President talked about giving more voice to Joseph. So reading more or using more of his own words when in a lesson because we want people to know that he was called of God so we are doing it.

Out of all our finding we had a referral and we were able to set up a time to sit down with him. So we were waiting for him and he was running late so we gave him and called and told us he was just down the main street. So we go to the spot where he said he would be, and there are these two guys just singing away and my first thought is oh man it’s the guy with the guitar singing. So Elder Foster and I were talking about what to do. Then this guy starts to walk up to us and he is this muscle rich looking guy. He has all the posh clothes on and then I think here is a guy that is going to try and make fun of us, but it turned out to be the referral Charlie! So we talked to him and he wasn’t what I expected at all. I really thought it was going to be this middle aged Scottish man that is going to carry around a bible and was going to bash with us, but nope. So we sat down on a bench in the high street and taught him the restoration. He loved it from what he said. He also knows everyone in Arbroath so everyone was trying to talk to him and he would tell them to all go away. Then during the lesson, this lady who we’ve been talking to on the street came up to us with her little kids and said Hi and everyone wanted to talk to us while we were teaching this guy so that was pretty cool. Hopefully we will see him again soon.

Then also we got an investigator at Church a guy named Fred. Fred is a bit slow, but we are visiting him because he has asked us to come over and see him and help him come to church. So we are just focusing on bringing him to church.


Other than that it has been a normal week in missionary work.

We’ve also been playing a game while we street contact. We’ll count our attempts to talk to people and how many conversations one of us will get. So the person who gets the less attempts and conversations will have to do the number of push-ups and sit ups of the person that got more. Been doing it to help Elder Foster talk to more people. It’s working! In the last 3 days I’ve attempted to talk to over 120 people and have had a few conversations. So Elder Foster has been doing a good work out lately. He did get more conversations than me the other day, so I had to do some sit ups for him. It’s been a good thing to help us talk to as many people as we can.

Then yeah, so I’m glad Dad is doing well and everything is alright. How is Alex doing?

I’ll look for ways of using priesthood power this week as well and I’ll get some pictures of the T-shirts today. So should be fun.

My emails are slowing a bit down so sorry. So send a bunch of questions so that I’ll be able to tell you more about what is happening here in Arbroath Scotland!


Elder Foster, Elder Augustine, Elder Peterson, and Elder Firstbrook enjoying Mexican food for dinner at the Stronach’s. Thank you to Sister Stronach for posting the picture and of mostly inviting the Elders to your home!

We’re handing out a ton of Family History cards

Thank you so much for the great email, it was wonderful to see what has been happening. Also to see the wonderful learning from General Conference. For us we were able to go and watch Conference in the church at the family history center. Yes I do have a family history center here in Montrose! Which is great because we’ve been going around and when I talk to all the older people on the street I ask if they are interested in family history and a lot of them are, so we’ve been handing out a ton of family history cards and telling people about the family history center here in Montrose so that is really cool. Well we had one lady that I guess didn’t like it. I tried to ask her if she likes family history and wanted to share the card with her, but then she started to go off on a bunch of other stuff, it was odd. But other than that the family history stuff has been great to get people to talk to us. So yeah old Scottish people like family history.


So I’ve learned a lot from General conference. Like a lot. I took notes on every talk. I would have to say some of them are for sure missionary talks like about the Godhead, Holy Ghost, and Goal setting which was all great. Then there others that were amazing about being kind, having charity and always making sure to read from the Book of Mormon. The talk given by Elder Hales about the Atonement and forgiveness through Jesus Christ was really good. To be honest I really enjoyed them all. Almost all of them I have seen a way to apply to myself and my missionary work. Over all I really took out of it was just being more a disciple of Christ, someone who is kind and loving to all. Sometimes as missionaries here you run into a lot of people from other faiths that want to prove you wrong and make you mad, and then we want to talk bad about them or just keep arguing with them. It is hard not to do that, but if I’m going to represent the Lord I should act like the lord. So that is something I’m grateful for.  I’m also thankful for having wonderful leaders that are called of God and know what to teach us, so that we may be better men and women. I’m thankful for everything I would have to say. There isn’t one thing I’m not thankful for because everything I’ve been through has helped to put me on the path of success and helped me to learn and grow.

So with all that nothing else really happened this week. We’ve been out in Arbroath every day and just out there talking to people on the street and at doors and so on. Tomorrow I’ll be going up to Aberdeen so that should be exciting. We are going to have a conference there and receive instruction on a lot of new things happening in the mission, because things are always changing in the mission… like every month. Nothing ever stays the same! I honestly don’t know what is ever going on here,  but what I do know is the work keeps going so that is good!

Can’t wait to hear from you and I hope all goes well!